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Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#14538
Fun:**** (3.12)
Difficulty:*** (2.56)
Submitted By:AuroraSturgeon*****




I have a common English phrase. I feed this phrase into a computer translation program. This translates it into a foreign language then back into English again. Unfortunately, because computers do not understand idiom and sarcasm, the phrase has been changed. It now reads:


What was the original phrase?


Out of sight, out of mind.

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Sep 02, 2003

Very clever!
Nov 18, 2003

I like it alot!!
Nov 18, 2003

How about "I'm so mad, I can't see". That also fits your hint.
Nov 18, 2003

that wouldn't work because blind comes before insanity.
Nov 18, 2003

also i've never heard of "i'm so mad in can't see" before
Nov 18, 2003

This will be one of my favorites. Thanks.
Nov 18, 2003

Now that one I like.
Nov 30, 2003

That was real good. Got anymore?
Dec 30, 2003

Very Good, well thought out.
Nov 18, 2004

To what language has it been changed to before it was changed back into english? I cannot think of any language that has a phrase with both 'out of mind' and 'insanity' as meaning.
Nov 18, 2004

Very clever I could've never thought of that but keep 'em comin'
Nov 18, 2004

this was pretty good.. it was kinda easy..
Nov 18, 2004

Yeah ok Step.. we all know you wish you'd got it...

I thought it might be "Don't be religious, you'll go insane." :-)

Great teaser.. wish I'd thought of it lol...
Nov 18, 2004

great one, one of my favorites...
Nov 19, 2004

I think the answer is actually one word:

Blind Insanity = MARRIAGE!
Oct 09, 2005

Very clever.
Jan 18, 2006

I heard this years (25) ago, where translating this to Russian and back to English resulted in "invisible idiot"
Nov 18, 2007

This was a good one. I didn't get it, but it was very clever.
Nov 18, 2007

Fun teaser. Only way I got it was by using the hint.
Nov 18, 2007

Fun teaser. Only way I got it was by using the hint.
Nov 18, 2007

After a little thought it popped in to my head.Good teaser
Nov 18, 2007

Very clever indeed. I like this one, didn't get it, but find it fun anyways.
Nov 18, 2007

Loved this one, it is really clever, and cute.
Nov 18, 2007

That was really good!
Nov 18, 2007

That one made me laugh out loud, my husband thought I was crazy. It's one of the better ones I've seen lately. Thanks so much for posting.

(user deleted)
Nov 18, 2007

Bad. First, it's mixing and adjective (blind) before the comma with a noun (insanity), after it, when the original structures are the same ("out of..."). A correct answer should be "blind, insane" or "blindness, insanity." Both should preserve the comma since nothing in the formulation of the quiz tells you to get rid of it. Second, the supposed foreign language translation makes no sense. In any translation, the "out of" structure would be preserved. Can I give it zero stars?
Nov 19, 2007

Wow, someone above me has had too much coffee, relax, it's a quiz!
Nov 19, 2007

liked it... when I send an email to our 'helpdesk', the sofware suggest 'Helpless' which is sometimes very appropriate...I think I will give some cheese to this mouse on my desk !
Nov 19, 2007

Sorry, I have to agree with Roboso. The prepositions of a phrase still hold weight in a computerized translation. This happens way too often on Braingle; people need to do some research before they think they've come up with a clever teaser, when in fact it's really obscure.
Nov 19, 2007

I first heard this gag in 1978, and I didn't like it then. It ahsn't improved.
Nov 21, 2007

good teaser... took me a couple minutes but i got it with ease (once my coffee woke me up a little bit)...
Nov 21, 2007

Ah ha ha! I loved it!
Nov 26, 2007

I probably would've had trouble with this if I hadn't heard the answer somewhere else recently...

Great teaser, though!
Nov 18, 2010

Out of Sight Out of Mind, fails to imply Blind Insanity. The phase don't imply blindness or insanity. The phase implies, Not around, less thought of or don't think about. I liked the Teaser, but it doesn't apply to this phase at all. I believe it has a relational meaning or tends to lean towards your loved one is gone, so I will think less of them or not think of them at all. But that is just one of the more familiar meanings -
Nov 18, 2010

As a matter of Fact, this Teaser is Not a good teaser. This Teaser is a lie. And as I read the comments, I see how many people were taken in by this bogus saying. I am sorry, Out of Sight, Out of Mind is such a widely used idiom that seeing it in this guise lets me know just how people change the meaning of things without consideration for the true creator. This is why Copyrights are so important....
Nov 18, 2010

Yeah, I didn't get the answer either
Nov 18, 2010

If the computer does not recognize idiom, it would not know that "out of mind" is an idiom for insane, so it would not translate it that way.
Nov 18, 2010

Thank you, Kwelchans. Precious obviously has no idea what an idiom is. By definition it does not translate word for word from language to language, not even WITHIN a language! It's the expression as a whole that has the meaning, not the individual words. Understanding that, I got the answer immediately, no hint, no thinking needed. (and no coffee yet!) And thanks to the submitter!
Nov 18, 2010

What was Precious babbling about in her follow-up post???
Nov 18, 2010

I liked that! That was awesome! I'd love to see more like this :-)
Nov 18, 2010

I thought we are not supposed to suggest spelling or grammar corrections. To those who are quibbling about blind being a being an adjective and insanity a noun--O.K. maybe "blind; insane" would be more grammatically correct, but I believe the teaser makes sense anyway and some comments are quite petty.
Nov 18, 2010

I think this was a great teaser...even though I didn't get it! Good job!
Nov 18, 2010

good!! you could also have used unseen idiot.
Nov 18, 2013

I did not get it, but I liked it. Picky, picky people always got something to correct. They just can't let a teaser be fun and let it go at that. Mr. Vain is wrong also. I was married for 42 happy wonderful years of married life. So sad for him!
Nov 18, 2013

Got it because I've seen it before. Still a great teaser. Hi GW.
Nov 18, 2013

I agree with Babe, some folks are being entirely too critical. Brain Teasers are supposed to be fun - hence, "teaser". The creator wasn't trying to win any contests here, but I thought it was just fine all the same.
Nov 18, 2013

I think most of the people being critical don't understand what the teaser is saying. They seem to be thinking that the teaser amounts to: "What common English phrase means 'Blind Insanity'"? It's totally over their heads. But anyways, I really liked this one. But is there any language that you could truly translate this to, and back, to get "Blind, Insanity"?
Nov 20, 2016

absolutely excellent!! Very simple!!
Nov 20, 2016

This was a very clever teaser. I liked it.
I'd like to apologize to doehead. Yesterday I left a sarcastic message to him/her and it was rude. So I am sorry.
I don't like the critical messages I sometimes see her in the comments. It won't happen again!
Nov 20, 2016

"her" should read "here"

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