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Double 21

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#14573
Fun:*** (3)
Difficulty:**** (3.11)
Submitted By:snaps*au****




My first is double twenty-one but twice of twenty-two,
Decipher it and you will see that statement is quite true.

My next two are just three apart, or, looking at the link,
You'll have the answer easily and will not have to think.

My fourth is so more ways than one, so long as you can spell,
While my fifth splits first and second, so what is it? Can you tell?

It may seem like these words of rhyme are nonsense things to say,
Though the five together are right here (two ways) so what are they?


The answer that you seek to find, in words, is now shown here,
To understand the clues read on, I'll try to make it clear.

The twenty-first of letters is U in the alphabet,
Double it, W is the letter you would then get.

Now the twenty-second letter of the alphabet is V,
When written twice together a W it could be.

I hope I've explained the clues to give W as letter one,
Now let's move on, there's four more letters to be done.

The second and third letters are three from each other,
But to scour the alphabet to find them, you needn't bother.

If you were looking carefully you'd have seen in the third line,
The linking word, OR, fits this criteria just fine.

This makes the second O, and R would be the third,
Which gives us W, O and R as letters of this word.

The fourth letter in the alphabet is fourth in the answer too,
Which makes the fourth one D, only one more left to do!

Finally the fifth lies between the first and second,
In the alphabet, S splits W and O, that's what I reckoned.

Combine the five, see that they've been used here a lot?
And in the seventh line, sixth word, the answer even got a spot!

So now you know the answer and those clues are less absurd,
It's amazing what you can do with a word, oops, I mean WORDS!


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Sep 03, 2003

very clever- thumbs up whoever thought of it!
Sep 04, 2003

I have to thank nickadeemus for this teaser actually. It was in a chat I had with him on msn that I developed this idea. So thanks nick!
Sep 12, 2003

That's a great teaser!!!! :-D
Sep 18, 2003

Stumped me... I'm not that great with words and all... Great!
Sep 30, 2003

That was brilliant! My hat's off to you snaps.
Sep 30, 2004

nice one~
Sep 30, 2004

That was a cool riddle! Hope you'll do more!
Sep 30, 2004

that was interesting...a lot of rhymes lol
Dec 02, 2004

Jan 25, 2005

Amazing...and well written! Great riddle!
Oct 02, 2005

great teaser!

however that particular style of writing... looks rather familiar...
Oct 02, 2005

What's that supposed to mean spookboy?
Oct 02, 2005

everything was a riddle in this teaser.great teaser though.stumped me.
Oct 02, 2005

Oct 02, 2005

i mean words
Oct 02, 2005

Thank you for this one, briliant! And, teaser of the day as well. Congrats.
Oct 02, 2005

I did'nt get it at first but it was relly good, keep it up!
Oct 02, 2005

i was completely clueless throughout the whole are so clever to think this up and to keep the rhymes going...maybe I shouldn't try these as soon as I get up in the morning
Oct 02, 2005

never did figure it out, had fun trying
Oct 02, 2005

wow. i didnt want to read it all at first but then when i read how fun your answer looked i immedietly read the riddle. hehe it was still too hard for me tho
Oct 02, 2005

that was genius!
nice rhyming and i really liked the whole teaser!...

p.s wouldnt it be hard to do all that rhyming?
Oct 02, 2005

wow this is my morning wake up call and you stumpped me thanks
Oct 02, 2005

Great Teaser. I was thinking mathmatical wise tho.
o well, even tho i didnt get it...

Oct 02, 2005

really good stumped me but what does the comment about the familar writing style mean you made the comment so why not explain
Oct 02, 2005

that was directed to spook boy
Oct 02, 2005

Great job, I actually wrote out the alphabet and still didnt understand anything that was said. . AWSOME teaser. Now my head hurts
Oct 02, 2005

Beautiful play with words!!! You are a genius and a poet. Keep it up. It was really fun and hard because I did not get it. Anyway, great job. Give us more please.
Oct 02, 2005

Well, I got the W, so i figured i am not too bad
Oct 02, 2005

wow that was the hardest teaser i've ever done

nice one
Oct 02, 2005

Oct 02, 2005

It was a joke referring to the fact that this particular style is also how I write most of my riddles.
Oct 02, 2005

I thought it was pretty dumb.
Oct 02, 2005

it is a very good teaser.....a little lengthy for my taste, but otherwise good
Oct 02, 2005

i liked it! i didn't get it.....but I still liked it!
Oct 02, 2005

Cool!!! Reeeeeeeeeeeeal fun doin

I got into d groove wit d ridle answr. (did i mention it was fun) 1ce i saw d 1st line &c how 2go about it, I figured it out b4 d nd.

Absolutely 1drfl!!!!
Oct 02, 2005

I kept adding numbers.. oh well maybe next time. Keep them coming
Oct 02, 2005

u should of said it was about the alphabet
Oct 02, 2005

u should of said it was about the alphabet
Oct 02, 2005

Like jimmyb, it was also a little long for me. Maybe I have ADHD! Ohmygoodness, I've written a poem myself!
Oct 02, 2005

Oops! It was jimmym ... sorry ...
Oct 02, 2005

More contrived than clever, your riddle is a mess. You're asssigning numbers to the alphabet so- "My fourth is so much more than one" would be variations on "A" and "my fifth splits 1st and 2nd" would be A+.
Misleading at best.
Oct 02, 2005

More contrived than clever, your riddle is a mess. You're asssigning numbers to the alphabet so- "My fourth is so much more than one" would be variations on "A" and "my fifth splits 1st and 2nd" would be A+.
Misleading at best.
Oct 02, 2005

Wow...I have a smile from the clever artistry of your poem, and a headache from trying to figure it out!

Really good job, saved in my faves;
don't listen to the critics
Since you mostly got raves!
Oct 02, 2005

That was really a though one, I gave up after about 5 minutes.
Oct 02, 2005

I liked it. It was hard enough to mak eme give up, but if I was in a better frame of mind I think I would have had fun working on it. Good job!
Oct 02, 2005

Once I read the hint, I was able to get the first four letters, but the final letter stumped me. I figured it had to be "s", but couldn't fathom how it could be, since I was thinking '"a" and "b" for the first two letters, rather than "w" and "o".

I loved the rhyming of the riddle's clue. It was very clever. Well done!
Oct 02, 2005

Seems like a lot of work, to rhyme all the llines - well done - well done.
Oct 02, 2005

THIS IS dEFINIteLY One OF mY FaVoriTes !!!! I liked the rhyming and the clues even the the hint rhymed. Excellent work !!! Please send in another one!!!
Oct 02, 2005

Great job, snaps! I really enjoyed this one!
Oct 02, 2005

it was great!!! i loved it!!! how u came up w that, i have no idea i didnt get it although might have if i was more patient. it was just a little to confusing for me but o well i still loved it!!!
Oct 02, 2005

Wow that was incredibly difficult. I still don't get the S splits W and O part...
Oct 03, 2005

Diabolical! You rhymed, sliced, diced and served up a great stumper. Words will not convey my admiration of your skills!
Oct 03, 2005

Bravo! Bravo! Your wit was only surpassed by your cleverness!
Oct 03, 2005

Zonahobo is correct. You are a poet in the true sence of the word. You are second only to the great bard himself. I refere to Mr W Shakespeare. You should write a book of these buddy. I remain blown away!!
Oct 03, 2005

How can you ryhme so much?
I could NEVER do that. Nice!
Mabe you should put the answer in Engish for us ea oh forget it
Oct 03, 2005

If the teaser is real, a real riddle then it is more like a math equations, not because it was so difficult. No, it sounds like an equations that the math community agrees on for funding. It can be universally wrong. The teaser closes the mind as soon as you start reading. Sorry, I hated it.
Oct 03, 2005

people too much. It is universally so , the human mind fails to understand difficulty, even the greatest mathematicians had difficulty with the world b/c of their study is this a teaser, or a poetry lesson??????? I was harsh, the teaser was difficult, and angered me. I've been correct for the last few teasers
Oct 04, 2005

wow thats meen
Oct 05, 2005

WWWWWOOOOWWWW@ that was amazing! the best I gave seen yet. I looked at it from a mathmatical POV and missed. Probably b/c i'm a math freak but I am also a poet and know talent/ humorous potential of skill when I see it. what a display! Oh and you may never see it but to you know who... no one gives a sh** about your universal philosophy! Therefore, you should keep your negativity to yourself. maybe you could come up with a universal theory about this comment...Snaps your riddle/teaser was magnificent...good show chap. I give it two thumbs up!
Oct 05, 2005

blink wow
Oct 10, 2005

*wow*...that was AWESOME!!!
(user deleted)
Oct 23, 2005

I used the clue but got it done,
A challenge and a treasure,
If grades were code, you'd get a 1,
For universal pleasure!
Nov 03, 2005

A little too long for me LOL
Oct 02, 2006

Very nicely done and it stumped me. Even with the clue all I got was D. Even your answer was in rhyme. Good job.
Oct 02, 2006

My word, how truly awesome! Hurray for you, snaps!!
Oct 02, 2006

A little complicated, but good.
Oct 02, 2006

Loved it!

Best riddle/teaser I've come across to date. This one was really well-written --- very cleverly worded.

I got it, eventually. After I realized that the letter U is the 21st of the alphabet, it came quite easily from there. But WOW! LOVED IT!
Oct 02, 2006

U did good with this one.
Oct 02, 2006

congrats on teaser of the day
and very deserving indeed
you portrayed (WORDS) in such a way
that it satisfied my need

as riddles go
it was sublime
a worthy use
of precious time

when all is said and done
this could be number one
many may earn my vote
inspired by what was wrote
but this could best the rest
by how we all were stressed

Oct 02, 2006

Even after reading the answer, I'm still shaking my head. What a great teaser. Much thought and effort went into the creating of this one. Great job Snaps. Sure hope you come back with more.
Oct 02, 2006

Bravo! Kupdos to Snap...enjoyed working on it...didn't get any part of it...but loved the answer.
Oct 02, 2006

I must be in an aggravated mood with myself. Because the answer just suddenly popped into my head, (after glancing at the clue, of course) and I am not proud that it took me this long to solve it. Excellant teaser, to get tensed up minds to relax.
Oct 02, 2006

LOVED this teaser! Unique, well written and quite entertaining. Kept me going for quite a while!

Interesting comment just above mine from Schmedley9.
Oct 02, 2006

Good one Schmedley (Buddhist Texan)! My regards to your Buddhist Grandparents in Colorado! I almost blasted you yesterday, but got busy... and thought your comment was too bizarre to be anything but a joke.

Loved the teaser. A few twists and turns along the way, and I normally don't like having to count up to 26, but was glad I stuck with it for a few minutes.

PS: No more teasers about dragons (I don't believe in them and they offend me), no more US Presidents or neutral countries that make chocolate, and definitely nothing that mentions gender in any way! Sorry, had to be said!
Oct 02, 2006

Extremely well done teaser!
Oct 02, 2006

Very fun! I couldn't figure it out! As far as I am concerned, This was an Awesome teaser!
Oct 02, 2006

I liked the teaser,but didn't like reading the answer. I like teasers that are short and sweet!
Oct 02, 2006

Oct 02, 2006

Wow, amazing
Oct 02, 2006

I got the answer, but I still don't see how "D" is the answer to "so more ways than one".
Oct 02, 2006

Oct 02, 2006

This is a fantastic teaser, and I could crack it, once I got the hang of the first clue! The verse of the teaser and its answer was also amazing! How long did you take to compose the verse? Thanks for an entertaining teaser. A great effort. This goes into my favourites too. Keep up the good work.
Oct 02, 2006

wow this was really hard. there wasnt even a chance that i would get it. i was so confused. i mean i liked it and all but i like the easier ones better. sorry! but you are a FANTASTIC poet i ADMIRE your skills!
Oct 02, 2006

You are pretty much my hero!
Oct 02, 2006

This teaser so cleverly written down. I was lost but now I found that It was fun. Thanks
Oct 02, 2006

Oooooohhhh that was awesome. Keep up the good work!
Oct 02, 2006

like I said before this was very HARD! and i agree with michael: you are my hero too! great work that ryming seems hard! im not worthy! haha so cool
Oct 02, 2006

That was definately one of the best written riddles on the site! Into the favs. I love it!
Oct 02, 2006

There were enough hints in the riddle that what was being spoken about was letters and not numbers.

Also the use of numbers to cross reference letters is a very old and accepted concept in cryptology so I dont know what the fuss about it being an equation not a riddle is.

I thought it was a nice combination of word play and mathematical problem solving. As for it being too long not all brain teasers need be short if that offends your sensibilities move on, but I like to get something that takes a bit longer and a bit more focus and concentration every now and then.

Very well done!
Oct 02, 2006

mcband - D is "fourth" in more ways than one. Fourth is the antecedent of so. The letter d is fourth in the puzzle and also in the alphabet
Oct 02, 2006

Excellent! Many extra points for rhyming the hint and the solution also!! As a slightly wrong answer I got- for the 5th letter splitting 1 and 2 I thought of a letter shaped like a line splitting two ways, and came up with WORDY- though that didn't fit so well with the line about how it's been used...
Oct 02, 2006

after i read the hint i got letters then zilch. very well written teaser. keep up the good work. this is one of the best. i just wish i was half as smart as you.
Oct 03, 2006

Awesome teaser--very well written I got some of it but I reall enoyed it. Thx.
Oct 03, 2006

Oct 03, 2006

Wow!!! That was very clever...I didn't get it...but still, I liked it. I especially like the way it was written, and the fact that both the answer and the teaser, as well as the hint, all were written so well!! Fantastic!! Great job!
Oct 03, 2006

I loved this, really loved it. I puzzled over it for awhile though, and got the answer from just having W _ _ D _ and guessing from the last stanza... then I checked that O and R fit, but I wasn't quite sure how the S fit... After reading the awesome solution, I get it!

Excellent, excellent, excellent job.
I fav'd it!
Oct 03, 2007

was so confused, lol.. bt the explaining was to long to read..
Nov 13, 2007

Super outstanding teaser! Great verses too!
Nov 29, 2007

100th comment, awesome teaser!
Oct 02, 2009

Loved it!
Great teaser, good fun.
Very nice rhythmic answer, too.
Oct 02, 2009

Just too long for me this morning. Very well done, but I didn't have a clue.
Oct 02, 2009

With the help of the hint, I figured out the letters referred to in line 1 were both W's, but I couldn't figure why we would want 2 W's. Turns out, we didn't, but I didn't know that and was off the track from then on.
Oct 02, 2009

Very impressive! I figured out the W but was lost after that Great job!
Oct 02, 2009

Fantastic! Took me some time, but well worth it.
Oct 02, 2009

The first line sent me down the completely wrong path...2 *21 = 42 or four twos -> 2222 -> 22 22 -> twice 22
Oct 02, 2009

i got W and D after the hint, but as for OR and S, I was clueless. I am sure you put a lot of effort into this and it was worth it. Amazing!
Oct 02, 2009

Jan 02, 2010

OWWWWW My Head!!!!!
loved it though, I really enjoy rhyming riddles; just not very good at them
Nov 14, 2010

Wonderful teaser, snaps! I love how you made it all rhyme.
Oct 02, 2012

No comment!
Oct 02, 2012

To many things on my agenda today for this teaser.
Oct 02, 2012

Too complicated for me today!
Oct 02, 2012

Fantastic job! Easily among the best on this site.
Oct 02, 2012

very clever through out the riddle and the answer. I did get it before I looked.
that in itself is amazing
Oct 02, 2015

Waay too deep for me. Now I have a headache.

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