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Five Presidents

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#14600
Fun:*** (2.81)
Difficulty:** (1.69)
Submitted By:mathemagicianus****
Corrected By:shenqiang




What replaces the ??? in the puzzle below?

1 Lincoln
+ 2 Jeffersons
+ 3 Roosevelts
+ 4 Washingtons
+ 5 Kennedys


$ 3.91

Lincoln is on the penny, Jefferson is on the nickel, Roosevelt is on the dime, Washington is on the quarter, and Kennedy is on the half dollar.

1 Lincoln = $.01
2 Jeffersons = .10
3 Roosevelts = .30
4 Washingtons = 1.00
5 Kennedys = 2.50
Total = $3.91


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Sep 13, 2003

lincoln is also on the 5 dollar bill
Oct 03, 2003

I don't see money very often, but isn't Washington on the dollar bill?
Oct 25, 2003

Bad teaser for anyone outside the US, and if the other 2 comments are true then it is doubly difficult due to it being incorrect
Nov 13, 2003

not an incorrect teaser. while jefferson, lincoln, and washington appear on both paper and coin currency, kennedy and FDR, to my knowledge, were never on any paper currency. given these clues, there should be no confusion and the teaser is absolutely correct.
Dec 08, 2003

Bluetwo is right. Also, the hint said U.S. COINS, so any paper currency is irrelevant.
Dec 08, 2003

I think that was a very nice teaser I could not solve it to save my life keep up the good work.
Dec 22, 2003

A snoozer and I'm from the US
Jan 19, 2004

even though i am an indian who has never stepped outside india, it was a good teaser for me because i have read a lot about us presidents, father-son pairs, assassinations.........and currencies.

good one!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 29, 2004

I knew it had to do with money, I just couldn't think of what had Roosevelt on it.
Dec 08, 2004

Dec 08, 2004

Hey, c'mon how am I s'posed to do figure out that. I'm Greek and I live in Australia.
Dec 08, 2004

man that ones stupid im a kiwi (from new zealand) and how am i going to what coins you have there
Dec 08, 2004

im not from u.s. and i dont have any paper bill from it thats y i dont have any idea and one thing more I hate math! sorry!
Dec 08, 2004

Ach. I immediately thought of currency.. but I was thinking dollar bills. I was like... ok... Washington is $1.... Lincoln is $5... Jefferson is $2... eh, Rosevelt? Kennedy!?

Didn't think of change
Dec 08, 2004

Oh.. and as for those complaints about it being from the US... so what?? There are quite a number of teasers I have read that, unless you're from the UK/England, you really won't know the answer, because you won't have heard the idiom or recognize the reference.... soooo....
Dec 08, 2004

I'm feeling like a total idiot, because all I knew is that they were all presidents and if I even put the currency idea together I still would've gotten it wrong because I don't know who's on what coin. And the sad thing is I'm from the U.S.
Dec 08, 2004

Back off, this is a great teaser!
Dec 08, 2004

pretty different but im a dummy so its all good!
Dec 08, 2004

It was apparent Mathemagician was talking about coins, since there is no paper currency with Roosevelt or Kennedy. Nice puzzle, even if very easy.
Dec 08, 2004

easy thats all im sayin...
Dec 08, 2004

Next time, use canadian money instead!!
Dec 09, 2004

Pretty difficult if you don't live in the US but not impossible if you're willing to do a little research.
Dec 09, 2004

this was a very easy brainteaser and whoever thinks it was not fair for people outside of the us you much have not seen money because money transends all nations maybe different but spends the same everywhere
Dec 09, 2004

this was a very easy branteaser and whoever thinks it wasn't fair for people outside the us must have not seen money because money transends all nations it spends the same everywhere.
Dec 09, 2004

No, it doesn't spend the same everywhere. Try paying your grocery bill with pesos and you'll see what I mean. Most people convert their country's currency to another's when they travel.
Dec 09, 2004

That was a great one....
Dec 09, 2004

I thought the answer was 6 Eisenhower's since the numbers were just increasing by 1 and the presidents were on cosecutively larger coins. Eisenhower is on the silver dollar.
Dec 15, 2004

who is the current Australian Prime Minister and who appears on our 20 cent piece? This was to prove a point - i love the brainteasers, although am getting a bit sick of the US ones - you're not the only country in the world and not eveyone knows everything about your country,... alhtough we know a lot more than you would know about ours!
Apr 28, 2005

WHOA! I sence some tension!!! If people are tired of US trivia, then come up with your own. (If you aren't from the US that is) All it means is that there must be more USers who submit teasers. I got the idea of the answer but I didn't figure it out completely. GREAT JOB...KEEP IT UP!!!
Apr 28, 2005

kclef is right. u need to simmer down.
Jun 22, 2005

gwshark44 - john howard and queen elizabeth II (and i think a platypus is on the back)...but then again, i'm from Australia

my plan is just to submit a whole load of aussie based trivia, that way there's stuff that we'll actually understand
Oct 01, 2005

Aweosme teaser. Got me stumped but i loved it. Keep them rollin'.
Dec 14, 2006

Great teaser. Stumped me.

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