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The Trouble With Evil Tribbles

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#16453
Fun:*** (2.84)
Difficulty:** (1.34)
Submitted By:shadowx8m****
Corrected By:mufffin09




Evil Tribbles may look cute, but they can really make a loud noise when they ROAR!!!

A 1-foot tall Green Evil Tribble can register 10 GSU (Galactic Sound Units) on a sound-measuring device that is 5 feet away. Yellow Evil Tribbles are twice as loud, and Red Tribbles... THREE times as loud as their yellow counterparts!

So anyway, one day Spork the Vulcan was out doing a bit of maintenance on the exterior of the Space Station, and before him he saw, to his fright, the biggest Evil Tribble he had ever seen. It was 5 feet high, 10 feet away and red! It looked straight at Spork, and gave the loudest ROAR it could!!!

How many GSU did Spork's sound-measuring device register?


0. The Tribble is on the outside of the Space Station and, because of the vacuum of space and the lack of air molecules to carry the sound, the GSU will not register a sound from 10 feet away.

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Feb 10, 2004

you know, sound would be conducted through the Station itself, if the tribble was touching it.
Feb 11, 2004

Forget the roar! These must be nasty beasties because they can live in a vacuum. I'd be much more concerned with their death ray vision, which DOES work in a vacuum.
Fun Teaser I liked it.
Feb 11, 2004

Fun teaser and good story. Mr Spork
Feb 11, 2004

Engaging and enterprising
Feb 12, 2004

It could go both ways. He could have been working on the space station on Earth, which then he could ear the roar.
Feb 15, 2004

Feb 17, 2004

shadowx8m copied this from another site and altered it. a friend told me this one from NEOPETS.COM
Nov 11, 2005

hehe good one. although i thought tribbles hummed. ha few will know what im talking about, but if you know james blish or william shatner, you might.
Nov 21, 2005

can anyone say turn the evil trekkie tribble into a soccerbal, and kick it into space?l
Aug 20, 2006


(after the hint, anyway)
Mar 01, 2008

awsome! but ezy... and can't get us this time little pipsqueak!!!
May 18, 2011

Thanks for sharing this shadow. Live long and prospect.
May 18, 2011

May 18, 2011

Nicely done quiz! A bit of severe nit picking is that the ROAR sound would likely resonate throughout the Red tribble's body, conduct through the shell of the station, conduct through Spork's body in contact with the station, and (if Spork is holding the recording device at the time) register some GSU value based on the vibrations conducted to the device. Turn the station into one with a non-sound-conducting outer shell, and the sound does measure 0.0 GSUs as stated.
May 18, 2011

I was all set to do some math, when the answer popped into my head. Really cute, but too easy.
May 18, 2014

Superb teaser with a good balance of favorable, unfavorable, and so-so comments.

And I hope everyone voted.

And I hope those who "cruised" by (read but did not comment nor vote) give some serious thought to helping us maintain the high quality and growth pattern of Braingle by commenting and voting more.

Thanks for reading.

May 18, 2014

Fun teaser, but could have been made a little better by including the color of the new, giant Tribble, an inclusion that might have tricked many into running down the wrong path of trying to do complex math computations to determine the GSU rating of the Tribble's roar.
May 18, 2014

Very good teaser I missed it. But, I was picturing the vehicle landed on a planet -- which could likely have an atmosphere -- somewhere, not flying through space at the very moment.
May 18, 2014

I voted, but I have to admit that this teaser was waaay over my head.
May 18, 2014

Tribbles hate Klingons (and Klingons hate Tribbles)
May 18, 2014

... catmom ...thanks for the effort and the vote.

I hope you, as I have often, discovered I've learned from having a go at something that was difficult.

Doing that, and benefitting from it, is the mark of a true learner.


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