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Stormy Weather

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#18742
Fun:*** (2.54)
Difficulty:** (1.7)
Submitted By:mosoh*****




What do these five have in common?

Betsy (1965)
Agnes (1972)
Hugo (1989)
Andrew (1992)
Mitch (1998)


They are retired names of Atlantic hurricanes. (If a hurricane does extensive damage the name may be retired at the request of the damaged state or country)

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Sep 03, 2004

I remember the last three, so this was fairly easy. You can add Juan (2003) as well, I'll never forget that one!
Sep 05, 2004

that was really really easy
Sep 12, 2004

They all have a date from the 1900's? lol
Sep 13, 2004

You could have just given the answer with the title...too easy. Add Charley, Frances, and soon Ivan...2004.
Sep 26, 2004

EASY! if that was easy im an idiot
Oct 16, 2004

Excellent idea for a teaser, but I'm afraid that the title and dates gave it away...
Oct 30, 2004

I did not think it was easy, and I evern looked up the first three on Google!
Nov 29, 2004

I got it when I saw Andrew and Charley.
Dec 19, 2004

So easy 'cause I grew up in West Palm Beach and lived thru the 1st 4 on the list. Andrew was wicked Looked like an atomic bomb hit Homestead. Then I moved to tornado alley! Go figure!
Jan 22, 2005

i got the hurricane part but not the retired in the heartland i didn\'t know they retired names based on destruction level.i thought this was a good one.
Jan 23, 2005

I knew they were hurricanes but, I never knew they retire ...I liked it...thanks for sumitting!
Jan 28, 2005

Also, don't forget Frederick, Camille, Danny, Opal, Elaina.
Feb 16, 2005

u almost stumped me whith this one becouse i gused major huricains then continued the proses of a major huricain
Feb 16, 2005

well it made sence to me
Mar 09, 2005

felt the same as nunya i'm up in Illinois and was unaware. I was proud that i at least got the hurricane part WISH WE HAD MORE SMILIES TO CHOOSE FROM
Apr 02, 2005

Easy but fun just the same. Sure glad we don't have hurricanes where I live. However, I did grow up with Tornados and the damage they do is also amazing.
Apr 04, 2005

Apr 04, 2005

Sorry, First time Interesting bit of trivia. Living only 90 miles inland from the GA. coast i knew they were Alantic hurricanes, but i didn't know about the retirement part.
May 15, 2005

I also knew they were alantic hurricanes but did not know about the retirement part. So I have to say it was hard
Jun 15, 2005

yeah i guessed they were hurricanes (well actually tropical cyclones 'coz that's all i've ever really heard about living in Australia), but i had no idea that names got used more than once...
Oct 01, 2005

I never heard of these but, did a google search on each of them. Made me a bit sad to read about them but, this was a great piece of tivia. Keep them coming.
Oct 01, 2005

Coulda added Katrina...I don't know who reeked mor havoc Katrina, or Andrew? I'm just a few years too young to know about some of the other first hand. A few HA YEAH RIGHT who am I trying to kid? I think 11 years is more than a few. Despite being easy it was a good teaser with the extra added info about the retirement of the names.

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