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Sugar, on My Tongue!

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#23893
Fun:*** (2.29)
Difficulty:* (0.97)
Submitted By:sexyxxl05*us***
Corrected By:boodler




Kenya, a renowned daredevil, was dared to eat 10 grams of sugar for $5 by her friend, Keisha. "You'll ruin your diet, Kenya! All that fat!" said her friend, Asia. "No, I won't. It'll just raise my blood sugar a little bit." Kenya replied. Who was correct?


Kenya was correct. Raw or powdered sugar does not contain fat, no matter how much you eat of it.

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Jun 21, 2005

i dont see how u could have come up with this unless it really happened to u but w/e i got it any way hooray
Jun 21, 2005

He would still ruin his diet. Try an all sugar no fat diet. You will not lose any weight.

Who doesn't know sugar has no fat.
Jun 21, 2005

how was this accepted?
Jun 21, 2005

that is SOOOOOooo easy
Jun 21, 2005

interesting.....well at least i learned something today
Jun 22, 2005

Pretty Easy but hay! Congratulations on getting one accepted. Pretty cool!
Jun 22, 2005

Pretty Easy but hay! Congratulations on getting one accepted. Pretty cool!
Jun 22, 2005

Pretty Easy but hay! Congratulations on getting one accepted. Pretty cool!
Jun 22, 2005

hey canstanz, did u know Kenya was a girl?
Jun 22, 2005

It was allright, but maybe next time u should try to make it funner or wittier. I liked it though
Jun 24, 2005

I got it, but there was no trick to it
Jun 27, 2005

2 easy and boring.
Jun 29, 2005

It could have still destroyed her diet if it was a crazy no carb diet.
Jul 31, 2005 was too easy, but I am glad you got one accepted,too.
Keep 'em coming!
(user deleted)
Aug 01, 2005

im gonna b hyper to nite
Aug 06, 2005

true, sugar contains no fat, but is is a type of carbohydrate that provides quick energy for the body; if the energy is not used, it will turn into body fat anyways..
Aug 18, 2005

10 grams of sugar is not all that much when you think about the fact that one can of coke has 39 grams of sugar in it.
Aug 22, 2005

sugar's sweet is 2nd only to that which is sweeter yet . . .
Aug 25, 2005

I like sugar! Hoorah for aspartame! Hoorah for saccharine! Hoorah for skiny cancer patients! That's totally gonna be me when i'm 40... yay!
Sep 01, 2005

Its pretty obvius...
Nov 06, 2005

Although sugar is a simple carbohydrate that is stored in the body as fat if it is not utilized, if one were to walk around briskly for a small amount of time, the energy from the 10 grams of sugar would be utilized unless it was preceded by a large dose of carbs. Good teaser, but you might want to amp it up a bit.
Dec 10, 2005

I liked it, and I am sure a lot of people have learned a lot from the comments!
May 26, 2006

Didn't really care for this one.
Jun 01, 2006

Sugar is not stored as fat if unused (as suggested by a couple of people). Insulin is released as blood sugar levels rise leading to glycolysis, a complex process where the sugar is broken down into simpler structures that can be used for intracellular energy or restored to glucose if blood sugar levels fall too low by the release of glucagon. The reason sugar is not advised in a calorie-controlled diet is it is an easy energy source for the body to use, much more easily used than all the fat in my spare tyre, anyway. Wow, that was way more complicated than the teaser deserved, but it is correct.
Aug 19, 2006

I knew that!
Jun 14, 2007

You realize 10 grams is less than a quarter of the sugar in a can of coke. And no 'duh' there is no fat in's sugar. But that doesn't mean "no matter how much of it you eat" is ok because that will raise your blood sugar "more than a little bit" if you eat a lot. But again 10 grams is extremely minscule (do you know that word?) and would not call someone eating that for $5 a "daredevil." However, I would call the one paying the $5 an idiot.

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