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Ballroom Dancing

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Puzzle ID:#23985
Fun:**** (3.2)
Difficulty:*** (2.51)
Submitted By:tjm531*****
Corrected By:Gizzer




Once a year, a ballroom dancing extravaganza at the local country club is the social event of the season. Each of five distinguished pairs stole the spotlight in a different dance, earning them not only the admiration of all those present but also a romantic dinner for two at the club on an evening of their choice. From the information provided, determine the husband and wife who comprise each couple and their shared surname, as well as the type of dance in which each couple excelled.

Husbands: Andrew, Bradley, Logan, Nathan, Stewart
Wives: Audrey, Lorraine, Margaret, Phyllis, Vanessa
Surname: Kavanaugh, Levy, Moylan, Northrop, Powell
Dance: Fox Trot, Jitterbug, Mambo, Tango, Waltz

1. Bradley (who didn't do the jitterbug) isn't Mr. Northrop.

2. Phyllis's surname is Moylan

3. Neither Margaret (who isn't Ms. Northrop) nor Audrey is either the woman who danced the jitterbug with Mr. Levy (who isn't Nathan) or the one who danced the tango with her companion.

4. Stewart (who isn't surnamed Levy) isn't the man who danced the fox trot and Vanessa wasn't his partner.

5. Neither Audrey nor the woman who danced a stunning waltz is married to Mr. Powell (who isn't Bradley).

6. Lorraine didn't dance the tango.

7. Audrey isn't Ms. Northrop and Margaret isn't the woman who danced the mambo with her husband.

8. Andrew's last name is Kavanaugh.

Open Grid Solver


Andrew & Audrey Kavanaugh; mambo
Bradley & Phyllis Moylan; tango
Logan & Vanessa Levy; jitterbug
Nathan & Margaret Powell; fox trot
Stewart & Lorraine Northrop; waltz


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Jun 27, 2005

That was a fun one. Not too easy. I didn't need the hint, which was just as well, because I didn't get the hint anyway (or maybe i did, maybe it was obvious).

Thanks for a good one!
Jun 27, 2005

I agree that the hint was a little confusing. Does it just mean that Audrey didn't dance the waltz? If so, that was kind obvious. Still, it was a great teaser, deceptively difficult.
Jun 28, 2005

Thanks! I threw the hint in there to be a little confusing, but not so confusing that you still couldn't get to the final result. It does simply mean that Audry isn't the woman who danced the waltz.
Jun 28, 2005

I thought I was getting pretty good at these, but this one stumped me.
Jun 28, 2005

That was a lot of fun! Not too difficult, not too easy. Just right. Great Job!!
Jul 04, 2005

I enjoyed this dancing in my old age; this was a lot of fun! Thanks.
Jul 16, 2005

I (mis)understood the hint. Northrop provides military hardware which I linked to "stunning"!
Jul 21, 2005

Good Job...
Aug 02, 2005

Yeah the hint wasn't needed, but if it had been it would not have been helpful. Fun one! Liked it a lot.. hint= Audrey couldn't have danced the waltz or been Mrs. Powell nor could anyone named Powell have danced the waltz. It is the key clue, but they still all have to be worked out together.
Nov 12, 2005

I liked this one but I do not understand why it is rated so difficult
Nov 14, 2005

I agree with the above poster. I think the teaser was overrated in difficulty. I rated it a moderate...usually the ones that are rated very difficult I can't get. But I liked this one, cause I got it right, and that makes it fun.
Dec 31, 2005

Hot Dang I'm Good!
Jan 28, 2006

I agree that it is rated too diff. I think there should be 5 stairs in the rating - super,fine,middle,ok and easy.
Feb 25, 2006

For some reason this one stumped me... I had to try it several time before getting it right. I kept missing something somewhere!
Jun 24, 2006

couldn't get it. not even after reading all the comments. I know no one named Powell danced the waltz, but it doesn't even matter with what I have on the grid. Oh well. Good job stumping me.
Feb 15, 2007

A fun and enjoyable teaser! Thanks!
Aug 24, 2007

this one was a lot of fun, and was solveable yet not too easy. Great job!!!

and I too agree that there should be a 5-star rating system.
Sep 02, 2007

way too hard for me
Sep 30, 2007

Good job! this one stumped me for awhile. Suddenly I saw what I was missing and it all fell into place...duhh!! Had fun doing it though.
Jan 30, 2009

took me awhile but i got it
Dec 30, 2014

This one stumped me on 3 attempts, I'll let it rest and try again.

Logic is a funny thing, to one person a set of clues is as obscure as a Victorian London fog, while to another person the same set of clues is as obvious as a turnip on a tablecloth. The discussions here about degree of difficulty don't reflect that, the difficulty rating is an indication of the difficulty experienced by the majority of users.

If you find this one easy, good luck and find something more challenging, someone who finds this one hard, may find another easy.
Sep 23, 2015

Confusing at first, took me multiple tries
Dec 16, 2016

Good one! It had me stumped for a while, but eventually I managed to untangle it once I transcribed the puzzle in an Excel sheet (somehow I just can't seem to be able to solve them with the grid solver alone, I know that it's probably my method at fault).

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