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The Mysterious Singer

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#24386
Fun:*** (2.75)
Difficulty:* (0.95)
Submitted By:Javian*****




I am thin and hollow,
I look like a tube,
But all over me there are holes.
Without these holes I could not sing,
Which is one of my few roles.
I have a head, a body, and tail,
Yet I can easily be twisted apart.
I can't lose my keys,
They're attached to me,
And I need them more than a heart.
I do not live and I can not die,
...Now can you guess: What am I?


A flute.
Flutes need keys and holes to make music. Their three parts are called a head, body, and tail, and these can be put together and pulled apart easily.


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Jul 11, 2005

good one / I gussed it was a flute but I also yhought It might be a recorder
Jul 11, 2005

Jul 11, 2005

Nice one!! It was easy but fun!I also thought of flute and recorder.
Jul 11, 2005

Good one! that's a fun one!
Jul 11, 2005

Where are you from?

Where I am from, we call the parts of the Flute Head, Body and Foot......

Great teaser though, I like it because I am a Flute player!
Jul 11, 2005

lol thanks; I play the flute too.
Jul 12, 2005

I got this one right away, becasue I play the flute! Good job!
Jul 13, 2005

Very good one. I used to play flute so I knew it right away, but I liked it all the same.
Jul 16, 2005

nice very good one
Jul 28, 2005

I am also a flute player.Great One!
Aug 13, 2005

i used to play the flute so i shouldve known that
i said recorder
Nov 30, 2005

Very easy, but fun. Got it, even though I do not play the flute or any other instrument. I wish I could though...
Dec 02, 2006

I had it by the first line, strangely Nice riddle

I don't play the flute, though I can make it make noise that doesn't sound so bad!

But then that's not terribly hard. Oh well, good riddle
Nov 01, 2007

I got it on the first try!!!!

(that's amazing for me...)

Great teaser!!!!
Nov 18, 2007

that was easy. i knew the answer by the third line. great teaser though! i give it full stars.

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