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The War Of The Worlds - Part II

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#25171
Fun:*** (3.05)
Difficulty:** (1.5)
Submitted By:smarty_blondy*ro****
Corrected By:smarty_blondy




After choosing three of his most worthy Myrmidons, Lord Zyron sent a message from The World Beneath to the surface, announcing his immediate attack. Not to worry though, for humanity is safe while King Solimyr is ruling. With his witty mind, he quickly called for a court scholar to bring him the files of the five bravest army leaders and most powerful ladies, from which he would secretly choose two to destroy the enemy forces. But young as he was, the distraught scholar dropped the valuable files in the mud, and much of the important information to help King Solimyr decide was lost. Can you find out the details of each army leader or lady, by the few clues left, before it's too late?

Names: Sir Christian, Sir Loynis, Sir Edric, Lady Adelaide, Lady Caitlin;
Occupations: Knight, Cleric, Wizard, Sorceress, High Court Priestess;
Experience: 24 years, 5 years, 19 years, 37 years, 48 years;
Area of Expertise: Estates, Diplomacy, Leadership, Scholarship, Air Magic;
Magical artifact: Sword of Judgment, Boots of Levitation, Ring of the Magi, Collar of Conjuring, Ambassador's Sash;

1. Lady Caitlin is not the High Court Priestess, but she is the possessor of the Boots of Levitation.

2. Sir Christian the Knight has twice as much experience as Sir Loynis the Wizard.

3. The Sorceress is the only one that can fly, and has been an expert in her area for 19 years.

4. The High Court Priestess, an expert in Scholarship for 37 years, is not the possessor of the Ring of the Magi.

5. The possessor of the Sword of Judgment has been an expert in Leadership for 48 years now.

6. The possessor of the Boots of Levitation can fly, and therefore is an expert in Air Magic.

7. Sir Edric is the possessor of the Ambassador's Sash; therefore he is an expert in diplomacy.

8. The Wizard is an expert in Estates.

Open Grid Solver


1. Sir Christian the Knight is the possessor of the Sword of Judgment, and has been an expert in Leadership for 48 years.

2. Sir Loynis the Wizard is the possessor of the Ring of the Magi, and has been an expert in Estates for 24 years.

3. Sir Edric the Cleric is the possessor of the Ambassador's Sash, and has been an expert in Diplomacy for 5 years.

4. Lady Adelaide the High Court Priestess is the possessor of the Collar of Conjuring, and has been an expert in Scholar for 37 years.

5. Lady Caitlin the Sorceress is the possessor of the Boots of Levitation, and has been an expert in Air Magic for 19 years.

King Solimyr is pleased with your results, and will now make his pick. The War of the Worlds has begun, and nothing can stop it now!


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