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Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#25202
Fun:*** (2.48)
Difficulty:*** (2.88)
Submitted By:phrebh*us****




This is not the object of vice,
But merely a flavorful spice.
It comes from the bark of a tree
And is ground for food, savory.
It is the color of rust, tan.
For pumpkin pie, it's a must, man.
Even a dumb automaton
Knows that it's not cinnamon.



Cinnamonum cassia is sold in the United States as "cinnamon", but it is not true cinnamon (Cinnamonum verum). Cassia does have a similar flavor, but isn't as aromatic. Also, the bark from the cinnamon tree curls in from both sides when dried, but cassia only curls from one side.

Most Europeans prefer cinnamon, but in Southern Europe, cassia is preferred.


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Aug 09, 2005

Aug 11, 2005

worthless information to be sure, but my sources say that the cassia bark rolls in from both sides, like a scroll.
Aug 12, 2005

shouldn't this be under riddle?
Aug 17, 2005

fun and difficult enough to be worthy of my time, but should be under riddles
Aug 17, 2005

Once again, vikingboy, your sources are wrong. Cassia only rolls from one side naturally.

As to riddle, this fits in Trivia because it is not something people are generally aware of.
Aug 17, 2005

phreb, dude, lighten up...not only do you come off sounding like a jerk, but you're wrong.
And I quote from the encyclopedia of spices (yeah, who knew there was such a web site) "when buying as sticks, cinnamon rolls up into a single quill, while cassia is rolled up from both sides toward the center, so it ends up looking like a scroll"

I don't have the time to make up crap about cassia.

As to being wrong again, the last time you referred to too many archaic terms, my more modern
(as in less than 100 years old) medical dictionary didn't list those spellings. sorry.
Aug 21, 2005

Aug 21, 2005

Let's not argue about spices,hmmm.
This is a very pretty teaser and I would have loved the answer{ I like learning something new} But
the arguing kinda ruined it for me...Beautifully written...This would be great artwork for the kitchen!!! You could sell it!!
Aug 21, 2005

I just reread it...maybe I would'nt hang it in my
little brother would...he's all about
Aug 24, 2005

Okay kuel teaser. Vikingboy and whatev the other ones name is, chill out. omg.
Aug 27, 2005

Don't we all have time to make up stuff about Cassia?? I think I've had a student in class with that name before. Nice trivia info. I rated it well no matter how it rolls.
Aug 29, 2005

I never would have known. After you said it was not cimmanon (sp?), I thought it was nutmeg.
Sep 06, 2005

great teaser phrebh, but did you *have* to put one of the spice girls songs in my head with that title
Sep 24, 2005

vikingboy, "dude", lighten up... If this kind of teasers don't apeal to you, and neither does the "worthless information", I would suggest restraining yourself from making these kind of comments. If you "don't have the time to make up crap about cassia", then don't. I really don't see the place of your "you come off sounding like a jerk" comment as it's rude and completely uncalled for. Or maybe your "more modern dictionary" ony contains remarks like the one above?

As to the teaser itself, i like it very much. Not only that it's informative and i actually learned something new but, it's also very creative and well written. Keep it up as i really had fun with this one.
Nov 07, 2005

i didnt get. not ashamed to say im dumb.
May 03, 2006

I thought it was nutmeg too -- but I suppose that would have been too easy. I liked the teaser - nice job!
Feb 28, 2007

nutmeg came tomy mind too, I wish the blah-blah flaming comments would be deleted of the page. Its no fun when ppl choose to poke fun and find faults in everything.
Good teaser, i like to learn something new. Now I have learned about cassia. (who cares?? I do! )

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