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Code Grid

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#25526
Fun:*** (2.88)
Difficulty:*** (2.66)
Submitted By:haldir***




Can you break this code?

Shift three. Caps lock one. Shift six.

Tab six. Tab nine. Tab seven.

Tab four. Tab three. Caps lock one. Caps lock three.

Tab five. Caps lock six. Tab eight. Caps lock two. Shift 10.


It spells out "Can you read this?"

Use your keyboard like a grid. Tab, caps lock and shift are the vertical side of the grid and one through nine are the horizontal side of the grid. For example shift five would be B.


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Aug 24, 2005

i dont get it
Aug 24, 2005

now i get it! its on a type writer key pad thing!
Aug 24, 2005

BRILLIANT!! That was great. i did not get it but it was very smart.
Aug 24, 2005

Thank you.
Aug 24, 2005

That was awesome! Very creative!! Of course, I didn't get it, but I loved it!
Aug 25, 2005

OK one more time you take the key on the key board and go in the number it's by each row is a word.
Aug 25, 2005

Excuse me it's one more time,
Aug 25, 2005

Uhhhhh, too bad there are 2 shifts
Aug 25, 2005

Well in that case just go down from the number three.
Aug 25, 2005

Or any other number specified.
Aug 26, 2005

Awesome. Tough but awesome. Bet you played a lot of Battleship in your days...
Aug 26, 2005

The only Braingle teaser for which I did not have a clue. Glad I did not spend much time on it. Had a feeling I would not get it. I will label this one a learning teaser. Hope it helps expand my thinking and approaches to future problems. Excellent.
Aug 26, 2005

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang hard
Aug 26, 2005

very easy
Aug 26, 2005

Thank you gallenbe, You seem to be one of the few who immediatly understand it.
Aug 26, 2005

Ouch! It just occurred to me while working another logic teaser that the title of this one included the word "grid." That should have given it away -- at least in retrospect. In fact, I initially questioned why this teaser was in the logic category, when it appeared to be better suited for cryptography.
Aug 27, 2005

Yes apparently the editors thought it should go in logic for some reason(but at least it got exepted)
Aug 28, 2005

Too cool!!!!! I also wondered why it was in logic and not cryptography ....but I am glad it was ACCEPTED, because I added it to my favorites! (Had to include a correction for your spelling error...comes with being a teacher!)
Sep 03, 2005

Toooooooooo cooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got it!!! but....only after reading the hint... oh well. Goin into my be honest I wouldn't have liked it as much if I hadn't gotten it, but then it would be a challenge. either ways fun! okay I'll stop rambling on and on and on and on, oops almost did it again!
Sep 03, 2005

REALLY FUN. I really liked this teaser alot. I did figure it out pretty easily but it was fun!!
Sep 09, 2005

I didn't get it, but that was a great teaser!
Nov 21, 2005

Nov 21, 2005

. You know, I tried the keyboard and it just wouldn't work with me! , must have been a brainf..t . This was a good one "haldir", keep them poppin. .............
Nov 21, 2005

had me stumped for about 10 mins. New to this kind of thing, but truly enjoyed realigning my braincells for a bit. keep them coming
Nov 21, 2005

glad i, didn't spend much time on it, was thinking it was some kind of haxor lingo. made since once the answer was revealed
Nov 21, 2005

easy but quite fun..ty
Nov 21, 2005

Okay I must be a moron because it took me forever to figure out what you were talking about in the answer...I finally realized...Clever puzzle
Nov 21, 2005

Nov 21, 2005

Gosh!!! I was thinking "This was waaaay too easy, you should have made it harder somehow...", until I read the other comments! To me, cap lock was all I had to see, because where else is there a caplock? Also, I admit, there was a harder(for me) teaser a while back that made riddles out of the symbols on the number keys, so I was familiar with the idea of using the keyboard for a code. But good work, apparently this was hard for most of us. Thanks!
Nov 21, 2005

hehehe Good one
Nov 21, 2005

Excellent. I didn't find it easy at all but I enjoyed this one a great deal.
Nov 21, 2005

Heh, well I got it right away, but I suspect it's because I've done another puzzle involving the keyboard before...

Also, the question mark isn't placed the same place on my keyboard (Norwegian laptop keyboard), but since the rest of the sentence is still correct, it wasn't that much of a problem.
Nov 21, 2005

Wow...I could'nt even get my locker combanition at school... anyway that was wicked hard and fun all at the same time Great one haldir!!! Snaps for you (snap snap)
Nov 21, 2005

Well when i read the title (after i looked at the answer)then i thought it would have been easier
great one but what about shift 10?
how would 10 work?!?!?!
Nov 21, 2005

I didn't get it, just did not understand
Nov 21, 2005

Wow, I'm really surprised by most of the comments here. I thought this was very easy.
(user deleted)
Nov 21, 2005

I thought that one was stupid. You have too much time on your hands.
Nov 21, 2005

haldir, this was a nice teaser. I got it right was because all I do is sit in front of a computer all day and I get bored and make up things and this was something I had done a long time ago. I liked it and hope to see more like them.
Nov 21, 2005

huh? sorry, i'm lost....
Nov 21, 2005

ummm........I don't get it??!?! But good one!!!..... I guess??!?
Nov 21, 2005

um, I'm confused? I knew when it said logic that I would be lost! I will put this in my favorites and continue to remain lost! Good teaser tho...I think?
Nov 21, 2005

I got it really quickly!

First I looked at my keyboard and hit shift and caps the number of times, then thought that was dumb and started counting keys!!

Nice one though, I appreciate having a few I actually get once in a while...
Nov 21, 2005

This is the first Braingle that I have felt compelled to comment on: Very nicely done!
Nov 21, 2005

You are assuming that the viewers have the same keyboard as you do. On my laptop, I found 4 definate letters. Otherwise, it lined up between two letters, or no letter at all. Also, the Shift 10 clue is not possible as there are no keyboards with the number 10 on them.
Try being a little more versatile next teaser.
Nov 21, 2005

I definitely like the idea of it, but none of my letters matched up the same way yours did. I must have a very different keyboard?
Nov 21, 2005

You don't push shift then "10". You start at shift then count over 10 keys to get to the ?. This is pretty clever...of course I couldn't get it without looking at the answer....
Nov 21, 2005

I thought this was cute. I was stumped. Its amazing how people react, some think others should get it because they did, and others are amazed how others got Oh well, for whatever reason people leave the negative comments is beyond me. Most likely because they didnt get it, and probably still dont. Anyway, I thought it was very good, I tried for once and still didnt get it....I had fun with this one. Great job!
Nov 21, 2005

Brilliant, which a glitch. This only works when regarding a QWERTY keyboard. All in all i love it, very good concept.
Nov 21, 2005

Didn't even come close to getting it; never occurred to me to use the keyboard as a grid. The hint made no sense at all. Even after I saw the answer, I still was lost for a while. Shift 10 made no sense at all; should have been shift 0. Need better clues for us dummies.
Nov 21, 2005

I don't get it??????
Nov 21, 2005

Very easy to me
cool though great job
Nov 21, 2005

Hey jimbo, someone already told those who did not understand about the shift 10, you look at the shift button then count over ten when you do that you will get to the key that has the(?) on it which completes the sentence CAN YOU READ THIS?
Nov 21, 2005

And for those who say that there are 2 shift keys that is true, but do you read from left to right or right to left? When you read anything you always start from the left then go right. So when doing teaser such as this one keep that in mind and the answer should come to you with out a problem.
Nov 21, 2005

didn't get it. don't get it. probably never will get it.
Nov 21, 2005

2 thumbs up
Nov 21, 2005

Very clever, and also creative 3 thumbs up...
Nov 21, 2005

Funny how different people think in such vastly different ways. I thought this puzzle was the easiest I had seen until I started reading the comments and realized it stumped a bunch of people. But then, there have been hundreds of times when I couldn't come close to solving one and all the comments said "too easy." Good one! Thanks!
Nov 21, 2005

it wasnt that hard...... suprising though, cus its the fitrst one ive ever gotten!!!! (though ive only been doin them for a few days... ) o well..... keep em' comming!
Nov 21, 2005

I'm just glad you stopped responding to every message Haldir. Makes you look a bit
self-conscious. You shouldn't be because you did well.
Nov 21, 2005

Yes I can spell this. T. H. I. S. just kidding. This is difficult for me to do because my keyboard is not a standard keyboard. It is fit to fit your wrist and is almost kinda split. Sorry if I don't make sense. But cool teaser.
Nov 21, 2005

Well smart one, there are two shift keys!
Nov 21, 2005

I got this one quickly too. I'm surprised so many of us didn't manage to work it out sooner though. It Just goes to show that what one member finds difficult, another finds easy!! Thats the beauty of Teasers i guess.........and keeps us coming back for more. I loved it.
Nov 21, 2005

Did not work with my keyboard????? The idea was good
Nov 21, 2005

This does NOT use the keyboard as a GRID! That's why some of you are either confused or say it doesn't work right. You simply count over the number of keys from the first key, that's all. I don't know why anyone called it a grid, that just made it too confusing.
Nov 21, 2005

and the key was right there to. But it was fun.
Nov 21, 2005

it does NOT work if u keyboard is not straight. my keyboard is offset
Nov 21, 2005

that was sweet! of course i didn't get it but thats the fun of it!!!!!!!!!
Nov 21, 2005

shawneeo....the answer clearly states "Use your keyboard like a grid." I think the confusion is due the the difference in the types of keyboards and not due to the reference of using it as a grid.
Nov 21, 2005

I thought this was fun. It's the first one like it since I became a visitor to this site. I had to get the hint first, but then I knew what to do right away.
Nov 21, 2005

I didn't get this till i started to read the other comments.
Nov 21, 2005

wow, this 1 wuz great! luved it! hard at first, but you had all you needed right in front of you (the keyboard that is)... i got it, but not after thinking about it--- not 2 easy, not 2 hard= PERFECT!
Nov 21, 2005

wow, cool one. i got it right away when i read the hint. keep em coming!!!
Nov 21, 2005

Kim: I know the answer says that, but what Im trying to say is, that's not necessary to think of it as a grid, and it causes more confusion than its worth. Because the keys arent lined up straight. All you have to do is count from the first key over the given number of spaces. OK?
Nov 21, 2005

very clever! I understood the teaser from the first sentece. Awesome job.
Nov 21, 2005

i had to look at the hint first then i got i but that's pretty awesome. i think u should have had a better message. now that would have been awesome
Nov 21, 2005

Ingenius. I opened up a Notepad document first time... but that didn't make a whole lot of sense.
Nov 21, 2005

that was hard but awesome more like that would be fun
Nov 22, 2005

Good Heavens, I'd need ten gallons of coffee just to think on your level, and I STILL wouldn't have gotten it!!

Lookit the brain on that one!!
Nov 22, 2005

An excellent teaser. What amazes me is the number of people who say that they don't get it EVEN AFTER READING THE ANSWER AND THE EXPLANATION!!! Unbelievable.....
Nov 22, 2005

I actually got this one! Great teaser!
Nov 22, 2005

I liked this one, it was a little tricky but i got it
Nov 22, 2005

it was hard at first but i got it
Nov 26, 2005

Yay this is one of the few teasers that I've figured out really quickly.
Nov 27, 2005

That waz cool 1ce i understood it!! I had 2 look at the answer 2 undersatnd it ! 1ce i looked i waz cool! Keep going with those! that goes n my favorites!!!!
Dec 02, 2005

I'm w/ dddlite! Didn't get it but absolutely loved it once I read the answer!!
Dec 02, 2005

i' sorry but this teaser was boring and just way too hard
Dec 05, 2005

I needed the hint but it was awesome!
Jan 16, 2006

I figured it had something to do with the keyboard but I couldn't figure out what. Using the word Grid in the title should have clued me in but alas, I'm not that bright today. lol
Nov 27, 2006

Hehehe - absolutely excellent. I looked at it a moment, and then it was like the method just... came to me. IT was wierd, but it let me get it

Fabulous teaser, one of my all time favourites!
Jul 10, 2007

Piece of cake!
Jan 01, 2008

You got me! But some people don't use the QWERTY keyboard, they go in alphebetical order, unlike me!
Dec 29, 2008

That was very creative! At first it stumped me, but then I figured that I'd just try matching each phrase with the corresponding spaces on the keyboard. It worked!
Good one
Dec 29, 2008

I'm sorry but this one has been repeated too many times.
Dec 29, 2008

that was good but really hard for me!
Dec 29, 2008

Doehead, don't you realize that not everyone was on this site three years ago? For those, it's 'first time', not 'so many times'. When it's repetitious for you, why don't you just move on???!
Dec 29, 2008

Sorry, TOO many times.
Dec 29, 2008

Great teaser! I love stuff like this.
Dec 29, 2008

Totally lost on this one. Sorry, but thanks for posting.
Dec 29, 2008

Huh ? I didn't get it at all.
Dec 29, 2008

Dec 29, 2008

Nice simple teaser! It's the best one I've seen this morning. Thanks for submitting!

I wonder why everyone thought it was hard . . . Maybe I'm just TOO addicted to encryption techniques of all kinds . . .
Dec 29, 2008

Nice teaser.
Dec 29, 2008

Dec 29, 2008

This Teaser was absolutely brilliant, beautiful, exceptional. Awesome. I am glad I came across this teaser. I did not get the answer, but for those who took the time to think it through, congrads is in order. And for the Creator of this Teaser, keep them coming, I'd like to view others from you. AWESOmmmme
Dec 30, 2008

this is for auntiesis - if you come back and look at the comments.
first one: Shift 3 -
look at the shift line - count over 3 = letter C
next, CapsLock 1 = a,

and so one

It was a terrific teaser, I didn't get it either. But I'd love to see another one because I love a challenge!
Dec 31, 2008

That was fantastic! I didn't get it at all Now that I know how to do it, it was fun. Thanks!
Jun 08, 2009

Jan 01, 2012

No clue.
Happy New Years everyone!
Jan 01, 2012

I thought this one was very easy. Happy New Year to all.
Jan 01, 2012

Brilliant! Going to my faves.

Happy New Year!
Jan 01, 2012

It was really easy, but I loved it.
HAPPY 2012 to all!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 01, 2012

I couldn't solve this one because my keyboard curves.
Jan 01, 2012

I got it right! Happy new year! Finishing 2011resalution tommorrow
Jan 01, 2012

It took thinking though cause I don't see my keyboard I'm on my iPad.
Jan 02, 2012

Dang,that's really hard!
Happy New Year everyone!
2012! Yahoo! (.com) L.O.L.
New Year's resolution: Stop being mean
(kidding. never works)
Real New Year's Resolution: Prove people wrong about the world ending in 2012
that my real resolution

Nice teaser!
I didn't get the part about the grid, so I got a bunch or numbers spaced out and random symbols.
Jan 02, 2012

didn't get it then, ... DID! Great teaser. Counting makes logical?of
Jan 03, 2012

I guess the old mind remembered Gayle's explaination, because I gotr it with no trouble this time. Thanks Gayle. Happy New Year to everybody.
Jan 01, 2015

Okay, I finally figured it out, but it takes some time to go through them all. Patience is a virtue though!
Jan 01, 2015

Interesting concept for a teaser. However, as others have pointed out, being able to solve it is depends on your keyboard layout. One of my computers has the keyboard laid out as a French keyboard and one Ihave set up with a DVORAK eyboard.
I do have one set up as an English QWERTY too though. Maybe had I been using that computer, I would have solved the teaser.
Jan 01, 2015

Very interesting, very creative, and very challenging (unless, of course, one quickly recognizes the "standard" keyboard layout).

There are a variety of keyboards, of course, and - as some have pointed out - the key layout wouldn't work with the specified code.

The Mandarin keyboard, for example, with the computer my brother picked up last Summer in Australia obviously wouldn't and the Osage Indian (phonetic grunts) keyboard my Dad was first to use wouldn't either.

It would be nice if other Brainglers (with other oddity-keyboards) would report here then we could get an interesting - if not necessarily relevant to the riddle - list.

Oh ... please note that this TOTD got 10 comments when it was last "on board" in 2012 and - thus far - has three.

Do we wonder how many this time ??

The last posted teaser (50486) is still limping along with only ONE !!!


(lots to laugh about here in the New Year !!)
Jan 01, 2015

Absolutely excellent!! Got my brain off to a good start for the year!! It looked difficult at first, but after my brain unfuzzed due to my hangover, it was rather easy. Thanks for this one
Jan 01, 2015

Many people don't leave a comment because they commented the first time they saw a teaser, and have nothing else to say about it. I did not get it the first 2 times I saw it, but I got it this time, so that is an improvement. I don't always leave a comment if I have nothing new to say.
Jan 01, 2015

That's five.

Not too bad.


(hmm ... it's FUNNY that some people have no difficulty "thinking of something to say" - when it's obvious !!)
Jan 03, 2015

I got this one right away - I needed something easy right about now! - Thanks for the teaser.

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