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Puzzle ID:#26170
Fun:*** (3.06)
Difficulty:** (1.59)
Submitted By:tjm531*****




As part of a lesson the Middle Ages, a ninth-grade teacher spent a day teaching about medieval heraldry. To spice things up, he offered extra credit to any student who took the time to research his or her family history. The students' enthusiasm made the lesson a success. From the information provided, can you determine the crest and motto belonging to the family of each student?

First Names: Fiona, Howard, Missy, Paul, Shannon

Last Names: Cole, Killman, Nathanson, Ruff, Zeigler

Crest: griffin, helmet, mastiff, rising sun, three stars

Motto: Ad Finem Fidelis, Ex Merito, In Veritate Victoria, Omnia Pro Bono, Te Ipsum Nosce

1. The family crest of the student surnamed Nathanson (who isn't Shannon) depicts three stars.

2. Fiona Kilmann's family crest depicts a rising sun, but isn't the one inscribed with the motto "Ex Merito" (which means "With Merit").

3. Shannon's family's motto is "In Veritate Victoria" (which means "Victory in Truth").

4. Missy's family's motto is "Omnia Pro Bono" (which means "All Things for Good").

5. The student surnamed Zeigler isn't the one whose family crest is a helmet.

6. Howard Cole's family crest depicts a griffin.

7. The crest depicting a mastiff is inscribed with the motto "Ad Finem Fidelis" (which means "Faithful to the End").

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Fiona Killman, rising sun, Te Ipsum Nosce
Howard Cole, griffin, Ex Merito
Missy Nathanson, three stars, Omnia Pro Bono
Paul Zeigler, mastiff, Ad Finem Fidelis
Shannon Ruff, helmet, In Veritate Victoria


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