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The Spookyville Potion Hunt

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#26923
Fun:*** (2.96)
Difficulty:*** (2.8)
Submitted By:cdrockAus*****!




It is Halloween down in Spookyville and the residents are getting ready to do their annual potion finding contest. In this contest, each of 5 people are assigned an ingredient of the special potion that they are to find. The first one back with their ingredient is the winner. With the clues listed can you figure out who, what kind of monster they are, which ingredient they were assigned, and how long it took them to find it?

Names: Mr. Jack, Mrs. Greenskin, Mr. Redeye, Ms. Trans, and Mr. Blood
Monsters: skeleton, witch/warlock, vampire, ghost, and zombie
Ingredients: werewolf hair, vampire tooth, zombie blood, mummy bandage, and potion vial
Time: 20 minutes, 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, and 3 minutes

1. The skeleton, vampire, and ghost are: the monster that took 3 minutes to find their ingredient, Mr. Jack, and the monster that found the vampire tooth.

2. The monster that took 20 minutes to find their ingredient wasn't Mr. Jack or Mr. Redeye.

3. The skeleton either found the vampire tooth or the zombie blood.

4. Ms. Trans and Mrs. Greenskin are: the vampire, and monster that took 3 minutes to find their ingredient.

5. The zombie did not find the werewolf hair, which took 15 minutes to find.

6. Mr. Blood took twice as long as the zombie.

7. The zombie is either the monster that found the zombie blood, or the monster that took 10 minutes to find their ingredient.

8. The mummy bandage wasn't found by Mrs. Greenskin (who did not find the blood) nor the ghost.

9. The vampire either took 5 minutes to find its ingredient or found the zombie blood.

10. The monster that took 5 minutes either found the vampire tooth or the mummy bandage.

11. The vampire did not take 3 minutes to find its ingredient.

12. Redeye did not find the mummy bandage

Open Grid Solver


Mr. Jack - ghost - 15 - werewolf hair
Mrs. Greenskin - vampire - 5 - vampire tooth
Mr. Redeye - zombie - 10 - potion vial
Ms. Trans - skeleton - 3 - zombie blood
Mr. Blood - warlock - 20 - mummy bandage


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Nov 15, 2005

Its a good teaser although poorly worded in parts
Nov 15, 2005

I think it's worded well - every answer is findable with the clues. But I admit, it took me awhlie, and I definitely had to to it on paper.

Hard, but fun. Thanks.

P.S. to cdrock - that other game? OMG, it really is wicked. I could play it all day.
Nov 15, 2005

#11 is redundant, it simply restates what #3 already said
Nov 15, 2005

I mean #11 repeats #4 not #3
Nov 15, 2005

Really Good Job!!!!!!!!!! I thought for a long time that this was impossible but I finally started to make some connections and then it all just fell in place
Nov 15, 2005

Really great logic grid CD, it was a lot of fun solving it.
Nov 15, 2005

too much thinking for me--good job on the clues. I was going crazy with the "this or this" ones.
Nov 15, 2005

fun teaser CD
Nov 15, 2005

Great fun with this one, cd. Keep them coming!
Nov 15, 2005

i really liked this one! It wasn't too hard, and NOT to easy! Keep them coming!
Nov 16, 2005

This is going in my favorites!!! And I'm so excited that I actually solved it! YIPPEE!!!
Nov 16, 2005

logical ha?!
Nov 16, 2005

I liked this one you really had to read the clues and while #11 was pointless maybe it is there for a reason I do not know but this was a good one - good job
Nov 17, 2005

I had alot of trouble with this one. I didn't care for alot of the wording. Like line #9 refering to the vampire, "his ingredient" when I already had the vampire as a woman. That confused me a bit and made me think I had made a mistake.
Nov 17, 2005

Nice!!! I actually had to think on this one...
Nov 19, 2005

I quit when in clue 4 it states that the vampire is a woman and then later on it declares the vampire as "his"
Nov 22, 2005

Wait.... did someone correct #9, because I recall it said "its" referring to the vampire.
Nov 25, 2005

I guess all the pronouns were fixed by the time It ried this one. I liked it a lot! It took an extra set of paper to write the sets and subsets and eliminate who couldn't be what and then do the either/ors, but I got it! And now I feel very proud of myself. 3++ stars for you!
Nov 27, 2005

You really need to reword that better.
Dec 07, 2005

you'd think the monsters that were looking for things that were part of themselves (vampire looknig for vampire teeth, etc) wouldnt have to look very hard...
Jan 25, 2006

Good Teaser! Had to put on a serious thinking cap.
Jan 31, 2006

What a challenge!!! Took me quite awhile. Thanks for the teaser!!!
Feb 02, 2006

The wording is fine (tricky maybe, but that's the point) so either some mistakes were present and fixed before I got here, or some of you just confused yourselves. (Put an X for mistakes + confustion ...these things have taken over my life .) Tough puzzle, and I enjoyed the horror theme. Thanks.
May 24, 2006

I was worried when I saw the Difficulty Rating, but I managed to get it right on the first go-round! Plus, I enjoyed the writing! Thanks for a great teaser!
Nov 14, 2006

Not was fun, but not very tough, once I made 1 connection with clue #6 and clue #7 it was cake from there.
Jan 11, 2007

Thanks for a very fun teaser to do!
Jan 25, 2007

I liked how everything was an either-or/negative clue. It made it harder.
Mar 15, 2008

fun little teaser with an entertaining theme.
Mar 22, 2008

Jun 25, 2008

Excellent job! I appreciated it very much. We need more that make us THINK!
Sep 07, 2008

way too hard for my lil brain
Jun 22, 2009

Jun 23, 2009

its really cool and it sounds enjoyable and fun
Nov 02, 2013

This teaser was fun, thank you for making it!
For those having trouble, you might want to try following this:
[you can look at these one at a time, then finish the rest yourself, I hope ]

1.) Between clues 1 and 4, you can deduce that Mr. J and the two women are the skeleton, vampire and ghost, and also that the vampire found the tooth.

2.) This identifies the skeleton as the finder of the zombie blood (cl.3)

3.) The zombie took 10 mins. (cl.7), and Mr. B. took 20 mins. (cl.6)

4.) Mrs. G. is not the ghost (cl. or the skeleton (cl.3), so she must be the vampire (cl.1) who found the tooth.

5.) Mrs. G. took 5 mins. (cl.9), leaving Ms.T. to be the one who took 3 mins., and Mr. J. (who is now identified as the ghost [cls. 3 and 5]) as 15 mins. (cls.1,4, and 5)

6.) The grid should do the rest, clues 10 and 11 are not needed, but clue 12 reveals the final choice. If you can not use the grid for some reason: Mr. R. must be the zombie (cls.1 and 6) who found the vial (cl.12)

Hope this helps anyone who needed some!

Summary: Ms. T., skeleton, blood, 3 mins.; Mrs. G., vampire, tooth, 5 mins.; Mr. R., zombie, vial, 10 mins.; Mr. J., ghost, hair, 15 mins.; Mr. B., warlock, bandage, 20 mins.

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