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Hurry, Said the Joker.

Rebus brain teasers use words or letters in interesting orientations to represent common phrases.


Puzzle ID:#27203
Fun:*** (2.92)
Difficulty:*** (2.1)
Submitted By:sweetime*****




What does the following rebus represent?

"Hurry, let me in," said the Jester.
"No, me first!" said the Joker.
"Perhaps we should be careful about walking there," said Gabriel.
"A wiser course may be to avoid stepping on the area," said Uziel.


Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

The joker and jester are other words for the court "fool", and Gabriel and Uziel are two well known angels.


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Nov 28, 2005

That was very well put!
Nov 29, 2005

Dec 05, 2005

One of my favorite songs! Can't help falling in love by Elvis. Loved it even though I didn't get it!
Dec 17, 2005

I really enjoyed this teaser and I was glad I could answer it. Fun
Dec 28, 2005

good one
Dec 30, 2005

ii've never heard that before.
Dec 30, 2005

I haven't heard of the saying before. But well written!
Dec 30, 2005

I won't be stepping there! Great one sweet........
Dec 30, 2005

Very nice. A good one for me, for so early in the morning.
Dec 30, 2005

Wil's rush in, where Sassi, fears to tread
Dec 30, 2005

I got it! That was a good one! Thanks!
Dec 30, 2005

didn't get it, but cute
Dec 30, 2005

Well done.
Dec 30, 2005

I got it!!! Good one!!!
Dec 30, 2005

That was the bomb! keep'em coming!!!
Dec 30, 2005

that was soooooooo hard i didn`t really get it either
Dec 30, 2005

Cute, easy, and fun. Nice teaser
Dec 30, 2005

the two wierd guys at the end are angels!!!!!!!!!!?????????
Dec 30, 2005

Perfect way to start a snowy day. Thanx!
Dec 30, 2005

Sorry to say I completely bombed this one. I guess it was too early this a.m. Enjoyed it a lot tho after I read the answer and felt completely dumb. Keep up the good work
Dec 30, 2005

I have never heard that saying before! so didnt get it at all but nice job anyway!
Dec 30, 2005

Dec 30, 2005

I didn't get it... btw, I thought it was Uriel, and not Uziel? I could be wrong though... as I rush into things again!
Dec 30, 2005

im with just about everyone else on this, i've never heard of the freakin saying
Dec 30, 2005

very nice teaser... i got the andel and the fool but i didn't know that saying nicely put though... really something to think about too
Dec 30, 2005

Oooh, got it right away Thanks for the ego boost
Dec 30, 2005

I'm terrible at these things!
Dec 30, 2005

Hehe cute. Im slow so I didnt get it though
Dec 30, 2005

I think the baby boomers who are familiar with Elvis songs are the ones who got this teaser. I loved it. Thanks so much.
Dec 30, 2005

i do not know if it was on this site or another one, but i have heard this before.
good work anyways!!
Dec 30, 2005

Dang, I HAVE heard this before, so I should have gotten it. And, no, I am not a baby boomer! As it was, I only got half of the saying, "fools rush in." Good one!
Dec 30, 2005

this is a cute word of wisdom. Love it.
Dec 30, 2005

Nice one! I know the saying, but didn't get the answer. Keep 'em comin!
Dec 30, 2005

Who's Uziel (yes, I know he's an angel but I've never heard of him)
Dec 30, 2005

How Cute!!!
Dec 30, 2005

i did not get this one, but it was a good one.
Dec 30, 2005

I got the first part, but not the angels part. I only have heard of 'fools rush in' because of the movie
Dec 30, 2005

I agree with windancir, it's Uriel, as far as I can remember- when it comes to christian upbringing. Uziel just doesn't ring a bell.
Dec 30, 2005

Anybody here ever heard of Alexander Pope?
Dec 30, 2005

I got it right away. Did Elvis originate the saying? I know he did a song about it, but it seems to me I heard it way before he became popular--'Whoops--I'm dating myself!
Dec 31, 2005

i'm neither a baby boomer nor an elvis fan - i guess different saying are just known in different places by different people.

thanks to everyone who said they liked it
Jan 01, 2006

Whoa... I've never even heard that saying Anywho, rather good!
Jan 01, 2006

i almost had it but just had brainfreeze on the wording of the phrase
Jan 13, 2006

I was pretty stumped on this one , even when I GOT the answer hehehe
Feb 17, 2006

Very good, and, apparently, very popular. Well done!
May 28, 2006

VERY nicely done!
Dec 30, 2008

I thought it was "ONLY FOOLS RUSH IN" as I missed the reference to angels.
Fun teaser.

Dec 30, 2008

"Fools Rush In" (1940) is a popular song. The lyrics were written by Johnny Mercer with music by Rube Bloom. [1]

The major hits at the time of introduction were Glenn Miller with Ray Eberle and Tommy Dorsey with Frank Sinatra. The song proved popular with 1960's pop and rhythm and blues artists, resulting in charted remakes in 1960-61 (Brook Benton), 1962 (Etta James),and Rick Nelson (1963).[citation needed] The Rick Nelson version was a notable hit, reaching #12 in the Billboard pop charts. It was also recorded by Doris Day and André Previn in their 1962 album 'Duet'
(user deleted)
Dec 30, 2008

ugh, I thought the angel's name was Uriel? meaning light of God. . .
Dec 30, 2008

Not bad. I didn't get it. I guess I could have googled to find out who the names were.

Maybe the second line of the answer would be better as a hint.
Dec 30, 2008

simple, but pretty cool
Dec 30, 2008

Oooh, that was good!
Dec 30, 2008

Nice one! And how did people post many things on one day
Dec 30, 2008

Nice one Sweetime. Fun way to start the day!
Dec 30, 2008

I recognized Gabriel, even if I didn't recognize Uziel, and the rest fell into place. Awesome!

Whoever said something about Elvis, the book of Proverbs was around longer.
Dec 30, 2008

Very nicely written. Thanks for posting.
Dec 30, 2008

Easy, soooooooo, Easy, I got it on the first read, it usually takes me two or three readings before I have a clue. Not the exact wording, nor word for word, but close enough.
Dec 30, 2008

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations traces the English phrase "For fools rush in where angels fear to tread" back to Alexander Pope's long poem, An Essay on Criticism, dated 1711.
Dec 30, 2008

I got "Only fools rush in"
Dec 30, 2008

I would have thought everyone knew the old saying. Thanks goodness I did; and it was fairly easy! Good one!
Dec 30, 2008

I have no idea wat this was, and I am TERRIBLE at rebuses.
Jan 02, 2009

I got the fools rush in part. I was not aware of the entire quote. Thanks.
Dec 30, 2011

I did not get it, but it was a good one. I should have tried harder because the clues were all there. Some are correct in that the older ones will get it better.
Dec 30, 2011

Well, winddancir, there is a Uriel, an archangel, but there's also Uziel, or Uzziel, or Usiel, the angel of mercy, who is subordinate to Uriel and all the other archangels. It's all mythology, but kinda fun.
Dec 30, 2011

Interesting saying! This year is winding down. Happy, healthy New Year, everyone!

Hi to my new mysterious friend!
Dec 30, 2011

I was lost on that one. And I will say Hi to my old friend Gayle
Dec 30, 2011

If you are familiar with the phrase (I am) it was an easy puzzle.
Dec 30, 2011

I didn't get it, but I don't think you need to be old to be familiar with the saying. I know it, and I don't think I'm old. Older than a lot on the site yes - but not old!
Dec 30, 2011

Not too difficult but fun. Haven't been around in a while and something. Is Bugging me...where is doehead? Laying low? Haven't even seen one of those Cute little"AROB" things.
Dec 30, 2011

It seems we have lost doehead, and he is sadly missed.

But we have cutebug to fill in the empty spot. Welcome, cutebug.
I didn't get the puzzle, shame on me.
Dec 30, 2011

That sounds a little like my sister. Too bust to do something without realizing the danger or the consequence that will follow. And lots of other things.
I have a friend names Gabriel.
I wonder what he would think if I told him his name was a popular angel name. L.O.L.
Dec 30, 2014

The stumper for me was Uziel.
Dec 30, 2014

Excellent! I believe there was some guy named Elvis that sang 'I can't help falling in love with you'
Dec 30, 2014

Excellent contribution for a "narrative" rebus.

That means it has nothing to do with the "arrangement" of words or phrases but achieves the "rebus" deduction through a short story, anecdote, or riddle.

It is mid-afternoon USA/CST and there are only 16 Brainglers signed on.

There are TWO comments on this TOTD and ZERO comments on the last teaser posted.

As some of you have posted, here, I guess people are "busy" doing other things.

Hmmmm ... that seems to be what we (Dad, my Big Bo, and I) have been saying, all along .....

People seem too "busy" to do Braingle any longer.

And nobody else (here) seems to mind that.

Too bad ... too sad .... but ....


(still laughable for a VERY good reason !!)
Dec 30, 2014

Still a fun teaser.Are you trying to be annoying Lgm?there are good people on this site and you and your kin keep being annoying to the point that no one wants to comment any more. Please use the forum pages for a thread instead of pissing people off.Sorry for the bad language but if you'll print it I'll take the bad karma points.
Dec 31, 2014

Very easy but I liked it!

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