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Anagram Power II

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#27308
Fun:*** (3.04)
Difficulty:*** (2.23)
Submitted By:peppamintp*us****
Corrected By:Dave




Find an anagram for each word in Group A. Each anagram will answer one of the clues in Group B.

Group A
1. Sharp
2. Snaky
3. Toner
4. Agree
5. Optic
6. Neigh
7. Rosin

Group B
1. Singing voice
2. Golf clubs
3. Subject
4. Stringed instruments
5. Jointed device
6. Type of beaver
7. Americans overseas


1. Harps (4)
2. Yanks (7)
3. Tenor (1)
4. Eager (6)
5. Topic (3)
6. Hinge (5)
7. Irons (2)


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Dec 07, 2005

This is the type of teaser that I love. It was delightful. Thank you!
Dec 10, 2005

Nicely done! Very cleverly put with just the right amount of difficulty to solve it! Cool one!
Dec 13, 2005

That was fun!!
Apr 13, 2006

that was pretty good
Aug 06, 2007

A mighty fine teaser!
Aug 06, 2007

Especially b/c I got them all.
Keep up the good work.
Aug 06, 2007

Fun and easy...Good one !!
Aug 06, 2007

American's overseas? American's WHAT overseas? WHAT American's WHAT overseas?

Or do you perhaps mean:
Americans overseas?

What on earth is that apostrophe doing there? How can we expect people to get this sort of thing right if people like you don't!?
Aug 06, 2007

Aug 06, 2007

i dont know pepp.... i got them all except beaver..... it kept trying to think of an animal type characteristic of a beaver , IE wild or dam-building ....since the only clue left waws 'AGREE" I thought maybe "enraged" beaver but it didnt fit.... then I saw EAGER BEAVER.... ok that works......thanks for a good brain work out today, keep em coming
Aug 06, 2007

Aug 06, 2007

Good teaser for the most part. I was confused by the American's overseas also, so didn't get that one. Otherwise, good teaser.
Aug 06, 2007

I sadly have no brain teaser talent. But it was pretty creative of you to think of it like that. Keep up the good work.
Aug 06, 2007

Good teaser, very creative. Thank you for a brain workout. Also didn't think the American's overseas was a good clue, I'm sure you could have gone after a description such as 'pulls sharply', or something of that nature. But still clever.
Aug 06, 2007

Mine did not have one about American Overseas - I had one about Beaver and got It - Eager-
Love The Quizes.
Aug 06, 2007

Great teaser, smiled the whole time.
Aug 06, 2007

That was a fun brain teaser! I really enjoyed it!
Aug 06, 2007

Excellent Teaser - well done
Aug 06, 2007

Whoa-- Good one.. I got lost real quick!
Aug 06, 2007

That was good

I see Anagrams and find them
difficult (for Me) so I didn't really try. It's a hodiday here 2day do I took an anagram vacation.

Kudos to everbody who got the answers.
Aug 06, 2007

I gree with Brainster - just right!
Aug 06, 2007

I only couldn't unscramble the beaver thing. That apostrophe in number 6 threw me off, too.
Aug 06, 2007

Also was thrown off by
American's overseas...
Aug 06, 2007

I loved this teaser. It took me a minute to try and solve it while at work. But I got them all. Eager beaver made me chuckle. I too was originally thinking of the animal. Thanks for the fun!!!
Aug 06, 2007

Thanks for a great one! Really keeps the neurons exercised.

It may sound picky to point out the misused apostrophe, but it did matter to a lot of us old-fashioned grammaticians...
Aug 06, 2007

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful! I'm not even an anagram person and I loved this teaser!
Aug 06, 2007

nicely done. I found it somewhat challenging since it was my first time with this type of puzzle.
Aug 07, 2007

Really enjoy this type of teaser
Got them with just the right amount of figuring, but beaver had me thinking of the animal . Again-loved it THX
Aug 07, 2007

I Liked It
Aug 07, 2007

I liked it alooooot. Thanks for the wonderful post. I got all of them for a change.

Aug 08, 2007

I really liked this. It was fun and a little challenging.
Aug 17, 2007

Great teaser, just got stuck on the beaver one!
Aug 07, 2010

I loved that one, too! Thanks
Hate to admit I missed 2 because that's
the type I like to do!
More, please!
Aug 07, 2010

Enjoyed it again. With my terrible memory the reruns seem new to me.
Aug 07, 2010

The first time around, I didn't like this teaser because I hadn't had my coffee yet and was in a grumpy mood, so didn't even try to solve it. Just rated it difficult and went on. But this time, I was more willing to apply a little brain power and got them all after some cogitation. Thanks for a good teaser.
Aug 08, 2010

perfect amopunt of difficulty for my mondya brain! awesome work!
Sep 05, 2010

Eager Beaver? Really? -.-
Aug 07, 2013

That took a bit of doing, but it sure was fun and I got them all. I guess you have to be older and through some wars to have gotten Americans overseas. That came to me right away. I remember the "Yanks" Thanks for a very good teaser.
Aug 07, 2013

A big hand for BABE. She amazes me. HIP HIP HOORAY !!!
Aug 07, 2013

Great teaser! Thanks for posting.
Aug 07, 2013

Very fun, I got them all, and "eager beaver" was the last one I figured out, so it was kind of a surprise ending because the whole time I kept seeing "type of beaver" and thinking "I don't think I even know any species of beavers..."
Aug 12, 2013

I gave up on hinge, but got the rest. I think I sometimes give up too easily, but I still enjoyed this very much!
Aug 07, 2016

Nice one. Got most of them

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