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The Three Musketeers

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#27601
Fun:*** (2.56)
Difficulty:* (0.94)
Submitted By:peppamintp*us****
Corrected By:peppamintp




One Saturday morning, Veya saw the three musketeers in the mall. Three friends, Pep, Asia, and Fe-Fe call themselves by that name because they are always together.

"I've been shopping for sandals," Pep told Veya. "But I have such a wide foot, nothing seems to fit. We've been looking everywhere."

"And it's been slow going," Fe-Fe added. "because of Asia's injury."

"I know." Veya said, looking at Asia. "I heard you sprained your ankle in gym yesterday. Does it still hurt a lot?"

"It's okay as long as I move really slowly," Asia told her. "We're going to get ice cream at the Just Desserts Shop now. Want to join us?"

"I had better not. Lee is meeting me at home. See you all later."

Veya was taking a short cut through Washington Park when she saw Mr. King kneeling beside a new sidewalk. The city maintenance man frowned as she drew closer. "Somebody jumped right in the middle here while the cement was still wet." He said as he pointed at two narrow footprints embedded in the concrete. "Now I'll have to rip out this section and re-do it. I Sure can't leave the sidewalk looking like this!"

"Do you have any idea of who did it?" Veya asked.

"A kid over there on the slide said that three girls named Pep, Asia, and Fe-Fe were the only ones near here, but he doesn't know which one ruined my sidewalk."

"I know who did it," Veya said.

Who was it and how did Veya figure it out?


The footprints in the cement were narrow. Pep had wide feet and, because of her sprained ankle, Asia would not have jumped. Since Fe-Fe was the only one left, she had to be the guilty one.


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