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Will There Ever Be Such Thing As a Time Machine?

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#28116
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Submitted By:mufffin09Aus*******
Corrected By:Rurouniseishi




Megan was showing her friend Sarah around her laboratory. She took her for a tour around and stopped at the ''Time Machine''. She lectured Sarah, '' I have a fully capable time machine here, capable of going back to the Big Bang!'' Sarah was quite smart and had a lot of knowledge about history and science. She inspected the machine. It looked capable of time travel. Megan continued on with her story. ''I've even tried it once! I went back to the 1540's and met a man going north from Mexico. I asked him in Spanish what his name was. He said his name was Juan Ponce de Leon. I went north with him up to where Kansas might be today, and then returned to Mexico. Then, I came back home to 2006.'' Sarah replied ''Meg, what a convincing story, but not convincing enough! I know you're an actress, but today is not your day to act!'' How did Megan go wrong?


Megan had stated that the man said his name was Juan Ponce De Leon, and he was going north from Mexico. Sarah, knowing her history, knew that this man's name was Francisco Vazquez de Coronado. He travelled north from Mexico in 1540, and went up to Quivira, in present day Kansas, and finding little wealth, went back to Mexico.

Meg had used the name Juan Ponce de Leon. Ponce de Leon is the explorer credited with the discovery of Florida while searching for the fabled ''Fountain of Youth'', in 1513.

Although both came from Spain, they did not explore during the same time, nor did they explore the same area of the present day United States.


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