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The Dealership, Part 2

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#29824
Fun:*** (3.03)
Difficulty:*** (2.99)
Submitted By:thompson1Aus******




You will need the answers from "The Dealership: Part 1" to complete this.

"Car"-l (Carl) Smith is back, and he has another crisis on his hands. The 5 cars he bought a couple weeks ago were sold last week. He was walking across the street from his favorite fast food restaurant with the papers from the sales, when a car pulled out right in front of him. He dropped the papers and couldn't get them back because the wind blew them all away. Help Carl figure out each customer's first and last names, what car they bought, how much money they paid, and on what day they bought the cars.

First Names - Fred, Jill, Calvin, Hannah, Katie
Last Names - Jenkins, Chapman, Kendrick, Felton, Hampton
Car - Mini, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Ford
$$ - $16,000, $24,000, $32,000, $38,000, $40,000
Day of the week - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

1. The 5 people are: Fred, Mr. Chapman, the one who bought a car on Thursday, the one who bought a car for $38,000, and the one who bought a Ford.

2. The 5 cars are: The BMW, the one bought by Hannah, the one bought by Mrs. Hampton, the one bought on Friday, and the one bought for $32,000.

3. Carl made a profit on each car.

4. The person who bought a car 2 days after Felton did bought her car for $8,000 less than the person who bought the car that was sold to Carl on Thursday.

5. No car was bought and sold on the same day of the week.

6. The Mini, which was not bought on Monday, was bought 1 day after the Ford.

7. Jill paid $8,000 less for her car than the person who bought a car on Saturday.

8. Kendrick bought his car before Felton did.

Open Grid Solver


Fred Kendrick bought his BMW for $40,000 on Monday.
Jill Hampton bought her Jaguar for $24,000 on Thursday.
Calvin Chapman bought his Mini for $32,000 on Saturday.
Hannah Felton bought her Mercedes for $38,000 on Tuesday.
Katie Jenkins bought her Ford for $16,000 on Friday.

If you couldn't get it, this might help:

Because of clues 5 and 6, you know that the Mini must not be bought on Monday or Thursday, and the Ford cannot be sold on Monday (5), Tuesday (not 1 day before anything), or Thursday (1). This means the Ford and the Mini must be sold on Friday and Saturday, respectively.
In clue 7, It says that Jill payed $8,000 less than the car on Saturday, which you know is the Mini. Also, in clue 4, the person payed $8,000 less than the car sold to Carl on Thursday, which is the Mini. You now know that the person in that clue has to be Jill.


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Apr 17, 2006

Great teaser...I also had enjoyed part 1. Thanks for the fun!!
Apr 17, 2006

Good Job! Had to think a couple of times. Good use of #1's answers.
Apr 18, 2006

This took me forever... I completely missed the fact that wednesday wasnt listed so the two days later clue kept messing me up. Once I realized that it made a lot more sense.
Apr 20, 2006

THIS IS GREAT!!! The most challenging grid I have seen in a while...It's definitely going to my favs!!!!!

Is there going to be a part 3?
Apr 20, 2006

No, there will not be a Part 3, but I am making a series of new ones (that don't require past answers to do.)
I am glad you guys liked it!
Apr 28, 2006

Good one, and hard. I sat forever trying to do it! Then, when I got too lost, I walked away, and tried again later Well, I got it. Whew! Good job!
May 11, 2006

had to be careful about what was sold and what was bought, but the nice thing was no redundancy in clues.
Jun 17, 2006

This was definitely a challenge!!!! I just thought it was a bit confusing. Maybe if some commas were added that would have helped me out.
Dec 02, 2006

That was a great teaser, tough and fun! I'll be on the lookout for more.
Dec 30, 2006

A great teaser! You had me going between logic and the reality of what you could actually sell the mini for. Logic finally won out.
Jan 19, 2008

I couldn't wait till tomorrow to try this one after doing #1. Another good one. This one seemed a bit easier than part 1 to me. But still challenging!
Mar 19, 2008

Having just completed Part 1 must have helped, because I completed this one in my first attempt. Nice wording of the clues to make one think!
Apr 20, 2010

Logic failed me. Only Carl the Crook could mark up and sell the Jag for only 14% more than he paid and yet the Mini he could mark up and sell for 220% more. I guess you can't use too much logic in a logic teaser. Maybe that's why it is called a teaser?? Or, is this a trick-logic-teaser??
Jun 18, 2013

For the commenter above me, there's a difference between logical and sensible . To the author, really really fun, and a bit of a brain stretcher, which makes it better, of course Thanks SO much!!
May 11, 2015

I failed miserably! on part 2 after completing part 1 correctly. I kept tripping over the convoluted logic of clue 4. I'll give it another go when my one remaining brain cell has cooled down a bit.

Clever, but tortuous.

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