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Citrella's Citrus City!


Puzzle ID:#29958
Fun:*** (3.04)
Difficulty:** (2.08)
Submitted By:brainsterAin******




Citrella is the Queen of Citrus City. You and your friends have won a free holiday to Citrus City in a Grand Raffle Draw! Congratulations!

All is fun until you reach Citrus City and are granted an audience with Queen Citrella to thank her for this wonderful gift. Her court is fragrant with smells of all the possible citrus fruits you can imagine! It's a heady fragrance, and you all are thrilled to be there!

Queen Citrella gazes down upon you all and starts laughing ominously! She says, "Oh, another batch of labourers for my Citrus City!". You are all shell-shocked! She goes on to explain that the "free" holiday is actually Queen Citrella's way of getting free labour to pick all the citrus fruits in her kingdom.

"But I am not sour-hearted", she says. "If you can decipher the Da Citrus code, you will not only enjoy your holiday here, but even get knighthood!"

Each of you is then given a chit. There are eight chits with eight different sentences on them. Can you find them out before you are given baskets and aprons to pick fruit? Hurry! Time waits for none and Citrella is not a patient Queen to wait!

Here are the sentences on each chit. Do you have it in you to decipher the code?

1. Other reasons are not given ever.

2. Let's eat maize or nuts.

3. Gray rats are petrifying, even frightening, run under if threatened!

4. Look, I made eggs.

5. There among nine goats, eating rolls in new egg-flavour!

6. Cannot let every minister, every non-minister to interfere, never ever!

7. Mend away not darn away, rags into nightgowns!

8. Please open my envelope, lost one!


After carefully looking through your chits, you all look at each other and smile, and thank your stars that you come from Crypto City, and you are none other than the eight advisors to the court of King Cryptoknite! You rapidly rattle off the code one by one, and Queen Citrella is forced to keep her end of the bargain, which turned out quite sour for her in the end!

The answer? Take the first letter of each word of the sentences. They form the name of a citrus fruit! These are none other than the citrus fruits that Citrus City is famous for -

1. Other Reasons Are Not Given Ever. - ORANGE

2. Lets Eat Maize Or Nuts. - LEMON

3. Gray Rats Are Petrifying, Even Frightening, Run Under If Threatened! - GRAPEFRUIT

4. Look, I Made Eggs. - LIME

5. There Among Nine Goats, Eating Rolls In New Egg-flavour! - TANGERINE

6. Cannot Let Every Minister, Every Non-minister To Interfere, Never Ever! = CLEMENTINE

7. Mend Away Not Darn Away, Rags Into Nightgowns! - MANDARIN

8. Please Open My Envelope, Lost One! - POMELO

As for the eight of you, you enjoy a great holiday and return back to Crypto City where you are further honoured as Knights of the Crypto Order!


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May 07, 2006

A really creative approach! Well done.
May 07, 2006

Thanks, barrom, I am glad you liked it!
May 17, 2006

Really good, something and original!
May 21, 2006

How joyful! Really banged my head on the wall to find out how easy it was. Gosh... the story totally threw me off. Nice job.
May 21, 2006

Thanks you guys!
May 31, 2006

What an enjoyable riddle; terrific work as usual, Brainster!
May 31, 2006

Thanks AwwwSweet!
Jun 01, 2006

Extra Zesty! But fun.
Jun 03, 2006

Most excellent! Creative!! Loved it!!!
Jul 05, 2006

That was very clever!
Jul 06, 2006

Thanks for your kind comments people!
Jul 13, 2006

got too wrapped up in the story
Dec 12, 2012

Great story! I got it after thinking about how strange the sentences were, and the commas were misplaced...and there's a similar teaser in the book The Gollywhopper Games. Really made me smile!

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