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Table Tennis Challenge

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#30069
Fun:*** (2.5)
Difficulty:*** (2.95)
Submitted By:cinnamon30Aca****!!




Patrice and seven of her friends organized the Ultimate Table Tennis Challenge to determine who the best Ping-Pong player among them was. The challenge consisted of three rounds of singles matches (two players competing per match). In each round, the first player to win FIVE games won the match and eliminated the opponent from the competition. The winners of the four first round matches advanced to the second round and the two second round winners advanced to the championship match. Each match was played at a different location, including the Beachcomber Swim Club. All first round matches were played on outdoor tables, both second round locations were indoor tables and the final round was played in the table tennis stadium at the New York Athletic Club. No two people won the same number of games, so players eliminated in the same round were ranked by the total number of games won. Identify each competitor's final ranking (first through eighth), full name (one last name is Chang), and the total number of games he or she won. In addition, figure out each location of each match, the competitors and their scores.

1. The winner of the match at the Southville YMCA lost at least three games on the indoor table in Uncle Phil's basement before meeting McNeilly in the finals.

2. The first round opponent of the eventual champion was neither Fitzroy (who lost in the first round) nor the person who lost at the Brooklyn Table Tennis Academy.

3. The championship round took the maximum possible number of games in a match.

4. The seven matches, in some order, were: Jamie's first round victory, the match in which White won exactly 2 games, the match at Eastlake Municipal Park, the match that Lottie lost, the only match Diaz played, the match Toskhaya lost and the match in which somebody won exactly one game.

5. Bill never played Dave.

6. Averson didn't play Jamie in the first round.

7. A total of 55 games were played in the whole challenge, 30 of which were the first round matches.

8. McNeilly, who isn't Lottie or Kristin, never played Samuel or Gianelli.

9. The four who advanced to the second round were: White, Lottie, the person who played Regina in the first round and someone whose indoor match was at the Islip Town Hall.

10. McNeilly's opponent in the first round won more games than Diaz.

11. Kristin never played at the Southville YMCA.

12. Regina won more games than the person eliminated at Eastlake Municipal Park.

13. Kristin won more games than Bill, who won at least five.

14. In the first round, Dave didn't play the eventual champion



1st - Jamie McNeilly, 15 games
2nd - Lottie Averson, 14 games
3rd - Kristin Toskhaya, 9 games
4th - Bill White, 7 games
5th - Patrice Chang, 4 games
6th - Regina Diaz, 3 games
7th - Samuel Fitzroy, 2 games
8th - Dave Gianelli, 1 game

1st Round
Beachcomber, Jamie, 5, Patrice, 4
Brooklyn, Kristin, 5, Regina, 3
Eastlake, Bill, 5, Samuel, 2
Southville, Lottie, 5, Dave, 1

2nd Round
Islip, Jamie, 5, Bill, 2
Uncle Phil's, Lottie, 5, Kristin, 4

3rd Round
N. Y. Athletic, Jamie, 5, Lottie, 4

The final match was played at the New York Athletic Club (intro). The loser in the championship round lost 4 games (3) for a total of 9 games in the final round (intro and 3).
There were 30 matches in the first round (7); with 20 of them being wins (intro) therefore the total of lost games in the first round are 10. From clue 4, we know that somebody won exactly 1 game. From the intro we know no one won the same number of games, therefore the number of games lost in the first round is 1, 2, 3, and 4, can't have 5 because that means they would have advanced to the next round.
This leaves 55 (total games played (clue 7)) - 30 (1st round - clue 7) - 9 (Final round - clue 3) = 16 games in 2nd round. 10 of these 16 games are the winner's games, which leaves 6 games for the losers in round 2. The 2 loser's games can't be 3 & 3, because this would mean both players would have a total of 8 games each. No two players won the same number of games (intro). They can't be 5 & 1 because that would leave a tie and only 1 can advance. They can't be 6 & 0 because 5 wins advances someone, so no one can win 6. This leaves 2 & 4 as the games won by the losers in the second round.
This means the total numbers of matches won from 1st ranked to 8th ranked are: 15, 14, 9, 7, 4, 3, 2 and 1 for a total off 55 games (7).
From clue 1 we know that the Southville YMCA was used in round 1, Uncle Phil's Basement is used in round 2 and McNeilly is in the final game, which means McNeilly won a match in round 1 and in round 2 for a total of either 14 (if he loses the finals) or 15 (if he wins the finals) games.
Islip Town Hall is used in the 2nd round (9), which leaves Eastlake Municipal Park, The Beachcomber Swim Club and Brooklyn Table Tennis Academy being used for the other 3 matches in the first round.
From clue 9, we know the four first round winners are: White, Lottie, the one who played Regina in the first round and The Islip Town Hall match. McNeilly has to be 1 of these four (1). McNeilly isn't Lottie (8), can't be White since both are last names, so is either the one who played Regina or the one who played at Islip Town Hall. Regina lost the first round match (9).
White is in the second round (9) and is the player who won only two games (4), which means White doesn't go to the finals and won a total of 7 games.
From clue 4, four of the 1st round matches are: Jamie's 1st round victory, Eastlake Municipal Park (see above), the only match Diaz played and someone who won exactly one game. We know White won exactly two games (4) and the final round took the maximum number of games (3), therefore White's 2 game win has to be in the 2nd round. Since we now know the four 1st round matches, Toskhaya had to win in the 1st round and moves on to round 2.
From clue 13, Bill won at least 5 games and Kristin won more than Bill. This means that both Bill and Kristin won their first round matches and moves on to the second round. The four players in round 2 are: Jamie, Lottie, Bill and Kristin. One of these four was the eventual winner, but it wasn't Bill (13) or Lottie (4), so Jamie or Kristin is the winner. Kristin isn't McNeilly (8) and never played at Southville (11), so she didn't play in the finals (1). This makes Jamie the winner.
Since Bill didn't finish second overall (13 and above), he wasn't Jamie's opponent in the finals. Kristin wasn't in the finals (see above); therefore Lottie lost in the final match with a total of 14 games overall. Jamie and Lottie were the 2nd round winners. Lottie isn't McNeilly (8), therefore Jamie is, who won the final round.
Lottie isn't Toskhaya (4) or White (9), therefore Lottie played against Toskhaya in round two.
In the 1st round, Jamie McNeilly didn't play Fitzroy (2), Averson (6), Diaz (4) or Gianelli (8); thus he played Chang. Jamie didn't play at the Southville YMCA (1), Eastlake Park (4), Brooklyn Academy (2), thus he played on the Beachcomber Swim Club table in round one. Jamie didn't play Lottie, Kristin or Bill in round one, since they are winners in round one. Jamie didn't play Samuel (8) or Dave (14). From clue 9 Regina was the one who played Toskhaya in round one, therefore Jamie had to play Patrice in round 1.
From clue 1 and above, we know Lottie played at the Southville YMCA in round one.
From clue 13, Kristin won more games than Bill, so Kristin is Toskhaya and Bill is White.
Regina didn't play at Eastlake (12) and she won more than one game, therefore she is Diaz.
Regina Diaz didn't win overall 1 game (4); she won more than the Eastlake player (12) but less than McNeilly's first round opponent (10) -who is Patrice Chang. Thus, she won 3 games overall, the Eastlake opponent won 2 games overall and Patrice Chang won 4 games overall.
Kristin didn't play at the Southville YMCA; therefore she played at the Brooklyn Academy.
Lottie played Jamie in the final round, therefore her last name isn't Fitzroy (2) or Gianelli (8), therefore she is Averson.
Lottie Averson played at Southville YMCA (1 and above).
Bills 1st round opponent wasn't Dave (5), thus Lottie played Dave and Bill played Samuel in the 1st round. Samuel isn't Gianelli (8), thus he is Fitzroy and Dave is Gianelli.


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