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Word Jumble 7 - The Gemstone Series

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#30140
Fun:*** (2.92)
Difficulty:** (1.2)
Submitted By:brainsterAin******
Corrected By:thompson1




Unscramble the words below, then take the letters from each word as instructed to form another word that is the answer to this teaser:

YLAP Take letters 1 & 2
DRAAW Take letters 1 & 4
ELT Take letter 2

Unscramble the letters you collected... What do you get?


YLAP Take letters 1 & 2 - PLAY, take P,L
DRAAW Take letters 1 & 4 - AWARD, take A,R
ELT Take letters 2 - LET, take E

Unscramble the above to get 'Pearl'

Pearls are an organic gem, created by Nature. A pearl is created when oysters cover any object with beautiful layers of nacre.

Long ago, pearls were considered to be very sound and important financial assets, equivalent to owning a house of your own, as thousands of oysters had to be searched for only one pearl. They were rare because they were created only by chance.

Today, pearls are cultured by man. Oysters are stimulated to cover beads with nacre and create the pearls. Pearls are available in white and beautiful hues of off white and pink. They are also available in black.


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Apr 29, 2006

I really like this kind of teaser. Great job brainster!!!
Apr 29, 2006

Thanks reddragon, I am glad you had fun with it!
May 01, 2006

The teaser was pretty easy...but...I really like all the info that you include about the answer. Good job! Keep 'em coming!
May 01, 2006

Thanks locomom, I was kinda running out of precious stones with well known names!
Aug 04, 2006

Wow! fifth post! =D I'm usually 100th. That was a good one and nice facts at the end too.
Aug 04, 2006

Great Job! Keep them coming!!
Aug 04, 2006

Got the first part, but....
Aug 04, 2006

Very fun! Struggled with unscrambling "pearl" for a few minutes until I looked at the title. Always a huge hint on this series. Thanks for submitting another good one.
Aug 04, 2006

I didnt see the title, it doesnt show on my screen, and I couldn't figure out the last word, but I got all the words unscrambled, yay! I love pearls, real ones that is, of course, not cultured. heehee! Thanks for the teaser, brainster!

Aug 04, 2006

Me too, Shawnee. Got all the letters, just didn't get the final answer--Pearl. However, I did see the title, just didn't pay any attention to it. From now on I will pay attention to any clues that are offered.Great Tease. Fun to do.
Aug 04, 2006

Pretty easy one, but I love word teasers and always enjoy them. Thanks
Aug 04, 2006

Very fun! And challenging! Good job!
Aug 04, 2006

Opps! Sorry for the tongue sticking out! I meant
Aug 04, 2006

I got the first part, but not "pearl". The titles can definitely help, if you pay attention.
Aug 04, 2006

Simple teaser, but a lot of useful info follows the answer.That was great!
Aug 04, 2006

Nice one! I really liked that you went the extra mile to give us that informative write up on pearls at the end.
Aug 04, 2006

I got "paler" because I ignored the title, and there was nothing in the instructions specifying we were looking for the name of a gem.
Aug 04, 2006

loved this one, got it in 10 secs....
love wordy ones keep `em coming......
Aug 04, 2006

ps: rmhaustin. it did state `Gemstone ` series at the top of the article.... thats your clue
Aug 04, 2006

Yayyyyy! I GT IT! One of my birthstones is pearl, so I especially appreciate your extra information!
Aug 04, 2006

very easy but still fun
Aug 04, 2006

Very easy, for me. But, ALL of these type of teasers are fun! It is up to each individual, to decide how they will have fun with, or not, with each teaser. Anything that will get your mind working on something other than a few troubles can definitely be fun. Keep them coming.
Aug 04, 2006

But, pearls aren't created by "nature", they are created naturaly (by God, thee Creator...naturaly)
Aug 04, 2006

Good one Brainster!
Aug 04, 2006

i loved that one it was challenging and fun
Aug 04, 2006

Kool-- i got it, and thanks for the history lesson. Also note that "cultured pearls are almost perfectly shaped, but natural pearls can be irregular in shape. Just an extra!
Aug 04, 2006

it was easy, but... the words could go on.. such as.. find 2 words with 1 set of letters then take letters 2 and 4 from one word and 1 and 4 from the other. Hey.. someone make this game. I want to play it.. or maybe i'll make it.. we'll see
Aug 04, 2006

I got pearl before finishing award!!! Then again, pearl is one of my birthstones too!!

This was easy but fun!! Keep them coming!!
Aug 04, 2006

Fun, but extremely easy (words were pretty short, so too easy to figure out)
Aug 04, 2006

It was pretty easy but I don't understand why 'pearl' is the 'answer' to 'play', 'award' and 'let.'
Aug 04, 2006

Aug 04, 2006

I enjoyed the two-part aspect of this teaser. Fortunately, all of the words were fairly short so I got all of them.

I noticed, too,after the fact, that there is no title until you go to the answer. The instructions do not mention one. Now, that I know that every teaser has a title I'll sneak a peek for that bit of help.
Aug 04, 2006

I like these type of teasers. Good
Aug 05, 2006

Good one. I read it yesterday, but finally got the time to comment on it today. It was fun! Good job!
Aug 05, 2006

nice teaser, i unscrambled the 3 words to get the letters, but could not get the answer. i think i'm brain dead. great teaser send more.
Aug 05, 2006

forgot to thank you for info on pearls. i didn't know how cultured pearls were made.
Aug 06, 2006

Okay, I'm not looking at the answer until I post my comment.
"Brainster, what is PEARL?"

Thanx for another fun Jumbler.
Aug 06, 2006

Thanks for your comments people! I am glad most of you enjoyed it!
Aug 06, 2006

Darn, I didn't read the title either, and got PALER.

Good teaser though. Seemed easy enough, except that I got it wrong!

unConfuseMe: isn't 'nature' the same thing as what some would call 'God'? or vice versa: isn't 'God' the same thing as what some would call 'Mother Nature'? the source of all natural things? I think saying that 'nature' created something is a friendly noncommittal nonoffensive way of leaving the details up to the beliefs of the individual reading it.
Aug 06, 2006

That was pretty confusing but still really good and it made me think!!!!
Aug 13, 2006

that was a pretty good teaser but it was easy. It was really fun too. But Keep up the good work Bye byez
Aug 15, 2006

Yeah! I got this one. Nice job! And thanks for the interesting facts. More please?
Sep 05, 2006

nice one....i must be tired cuz i couldnt put it all together
Aug 04, 2009

Easy but fun.

Pearl lovers should have a look at the beautiful Akaroa Pearls -

As for God and nature - to me, 'Mother Nature' is a term used that personifies the forces that control the physical world. These were created by God. Nature creates nothing; it is the creation.

I know this is not a forum for religious debate - but I think we like to utilise correct terminology!
Aug 04, 2009

Easy but fun.

Pearl lovers should have a look at the beautiful Akaroa Pearls -

As for God and nature - to me, 'Mother Nature' is a term used that personifies the forces that control the physical world. These were created by God. Nature creates nothing; it is the creation.

I know this is not a forum for religious debate - but I think we like to utilise correct terminology!
Aug 04, 2009

Nice teaser - thanks Brainster!!

Hi Auntie SIS
Aug 04, 2009

Hi Gayle, Loved this teaser. Love pearls !
Aug 04, 2009

Interesting and easy.
Aug 04, 2009

That was fun! I enjoyed reading the info, also. Thanks!
Aug 04, 2009

Aug 04, 2012

I am first in 2012 again. The teaser was easy and fun also. Don't understand why the confusion to some, but then again I have been confused when everyone thought it was easy so it is good to be on this side for a while. Good one. Thanks!
Aug 04, 2015

Fun ,though easy. I too am not sure why there was confusion. I had the word pearl before I finished solving the second word. Of course, I did see the title, and Pearl is my middle name ((shh don't tell anyone - I don't usually).
And for those who were discussing God/Nature, as a poster above me stated, this not the place. There is an entire category on religious quizzes that would welcome such discussions. We are not all of the same religion and all have out own belief system. Wouldn't want to see arguments erupt over i (as they often do).
Aug 04, 2015

Also paler
Aug 04, 2015

That was easy!

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