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Heavenly Journey


Puzzle ID:#31775
Fun:*** (2.83)
Difficulty:*** (2.91)
Submitted By:FreddyPharkasAen*****!




1) It all began when I carried the water from the well to my home.

2) That task completed, I jumped into the river and swam free, like I belonged, yet soon it was time to climb out.

3) I found myself in a field, crouched low to the ground. I was strangely possessive of this small field, and I could feel the anger bursting out of me as others came.

4) I jumped into the next field, I stood proud, ruler of all I surveyed. If the anger had teased me before, it now tortured my very soul, and I would gladly have died to protect that small piece of land.

5) Was I losing my mind? I was looking at myself, not in a mirror, but a living copy. The anger had disappeared and we both felt a warmth from the obvious bond between us.

6) I walked back to the river, crawling among the rocks on the bank, then walking underwater.

7) I walked out on the other side of the river, and felt the weight of a crown on my head. Yes, I was the King, I feared nothing, I bowed to no one. I needed to proclaim to everyone I now ruled this realm, and as I roared my message the ground shook with fear.

8) The crown grew heavy, so I removed it, and as I did I felt such pure clarity of thought. Had I returned to my childhood, or was this some innocence long forgotten but not lost?

9) I walked on and saw an argument between a trader and his customer. I felt duty bound in some way to offer help and sat with them whilst I listened to both sides of the story. I gave my judgement, which they accepted, and continued my journey.

10) The heat blistered me, and I...... I was standing in the middle of a desert. I felt vulnerable, naked, but powerful. Others sensed that power and were avoiding me. Sometimes even the weak can have a sting in the tail for those trying to take advantage.

11) My whole body then focused. I had been wandering, meandering even but now I knew my target. I marched on quickly, arrowing in on the goal, but I was beginning to tire.

12) My journey had brought me to a mountainside. How long had I been gone? My beard had grown several inches and I would have gladly stopped there and then. Those glorious, green pastures up the mountain were a wonderful sight and I sat and looked down into the valley. I sensed someone else nearby, a danger possibly, my instincts now took over and I ran towards them as fast as I could.

We collided, and as I found my bearings I realised I was back carrying the water. Oh cruel fate, that holds my destiny in this vicious circle.

Please tell me where I am trapped.


I am cycling through the signs of the zodiac:

1 Aquarius (water carrier)
2 Pisces (fish)
3 Aries (ram)
4 Taurus (bull)
5 Gemini (twins)
6 Cancer (crab)
7 Leo (lion)
8 Virgo (virgin)
9 Libra (scales)
10 Scorpio (scorpion)
11 Sagittarius (archer)
12 Capricorn (goat)

I personally don't believe in this, but that's a typical Virgoan for you.


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