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A Chilly Wager

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#31797
Fun:*** (2.93)
Difficulty:** (1.3)
Submitted By:spookboy0Aus**




One day, Bob and Hannah were sitting out on their deck, sipping on some drinks. Bob ran into the house, got an empty two-liter bottle from the freezer and a quarter, and returned to the deck.

"I bet you money that this quarter will move with nobody touching it."

Hannah thought this was a sure win, however, she lost. When Bob placed the quarter on the mouth of the bottle, the quarter began jumping on one side and making popping sounds.

How did Hannah lose?


As the bottle had previously been in the freezer, the cool air inside expanded when placed in a warmer temperature and escaped through the only out, or the mouth. However, while the quarter was blocking this passage way, the cool air could not leave. Therefore, the expanding cold air moved the quarter enough so a little cool air could come out of the bottle. The popping sounds were from the quarter landing back on the bottle.

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Jul 16, 2006

I love these Bob/Hannah teasers!!!
Aug 18, 2006

I knew this one!
Aug 19, 2006

this was rlly fun!
Sep 03, 2006

I knew that!
Sep 20, 2006

Idid not know know that , but I was able to guess thatfrom all the clues.
Sep 20, 2006

Sep 20, 2006

Science can be fun and profitable. Nice little teaser.
Sep 20, 2006

didnt know that. i thought that it was a trick and he just moved the bottle instead of the quarter. oh well.
Sep 20, 2006

i got the answer right, but then thought maybe the girl bet it would not move. now i am all muxed up i can't even spell comfused that was a lovely traser or what ever. don't a codin pain killer riright after thakinf codin cough medicine. i'm ca]]ing my daughter really lover your which a ma call it
Sep 20, 2006

i had known the answer but found it simple fun... i finally got one without hurtin my brain
Sep 20, 2006

I'm definitely not into science, I leave that to the scientists. Didn't even try to figure this out. Sorry.
Sep 20, 2006

I would have dropped 2 Mentos candies into a two liter bottle of Diet Coke, and bet that I could launch the quarter into the neighbor's back yard (without touching it)! Also a pretty safe bet.

PS: Wear safety glasses, kids!
Sep 20, 2006

An old one, but fun
Sep 20, 2006

Science is a marvelous category, which will trick more people than others may think. Totally Awesome teaser, too! Keep learning and keep up the scientific fun.
Sep 20, 2006

I got it, I GOT it!!!
-I only have one question -
WhyTheHeck did he have an empty bottle in the FREEZER???
Thanks for a fun one!
Sep 20, 2006

Pretty good teaser. i thought it had to do with a vacuum created.. Oh well
Sep 20, 2006

i didnt get it at first but then i did great one!
Sep 20, 2006

oo, science, yum.

I got it! I'm looking forward to the next Science Teaser of the Day!
Sep 20, 2006

My first answer: "Hannah lost graciously."

Then I got the right answer!
Sep 20, 2006

I've done this with my 3rd grade students. They are always amazed! Thanks for a teaser I could relate to--I'm not usually that good with the science ones.
Sep 20, 2006

easy one - i always love the science riddles.
Sep 20, 2006

yeah...that was easy....this is the 1st science 1 ive seen....i like....
Sep 20, 2006

yeah! i read this in a Bill Nye book.
Sep 20, 2006

[long time ago]
Sep 20, 2006

Fun teaser...I almost sorta got it
Sep 20, 2006

Fun teaser!
I think I will try the mentos in the diet coke with my kids; I'm sure they will enjoy it!
Sep 20, 2006

Sep 20, 2006

Sep 20, 2006

Besides icann, has anyone else tried this?

And why did he have an empty two-liter bottle in the freezer? So he could win the bet.
Sep 21, 2006

Sep 21, 2006


Good one!
Sep 24, 2006

Since I have been having frig problems, freezing everything this one came pretty easy for me. Good science project.
Nov 10, 2006

Oh, very interesting! I loved this one.
May 05, 2007

hahahaha! that's really cool! I never knew that could happen! I should try it sometime. Nice teaser.
Sep 20, 2009

My goodness! Am I the only one up today?? I didn't get it. No good at science.
Sep 20, 2009

I got it, and thought it was easy for a change. Really good one for the grandkids.
Sep 20, 2009

Sep 20, 2009

I couldn't think of the answer right away, so I had to peek! I couldn't wait to see the answer. Fun. Good one!
Sep 21, 2009

AWESOME TEASER!! i luvd it!!!! didn't get it. im a wimp like that. i read it, try 4 about 2 seconds, then click 'ANSWER"
Dec 05, 2009

Can't you just put the coin on the bottle and then bet. You said nobody had to TOUCH IT. After that. you slide the bottle only touching the bottle but not the coin
Jul 11, 2010

I think this one is too boring. I did this experiment in science class when I was in fourth grade or something
Sep 20, 2012

That's an old one, but then so am I. Kidding aside it was easy if you have heard it before as some of us have.
Sep 20, 2012

Very old and easy.
Sep 20, 2012

Good puzzle - thanks! But, as usual the comments were even better!
Sep 20, 2015

I did not think you had to be a scientist to get this one, but this time around I wondered why he kept empty bottles in the freezer? Weird, I think!! Anyone know why a person would do that? It seems if you want to cool it the refrigerator would to a good enough job. Oh yeah, I is just a teaser!
Sep 20, 2015

nice and easy

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