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Zig and Jodie Hit the Town!

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#32344
Fun:*** (2.67)
Difficulty:*** (2.19)
Submitted By:zigthepigAen******




Zig went out with her friend Jodie four times last week. From the clues given, can you work out when and where they went, how much it cost, and what genre of music was played?

1. Zig and Jodie went to Moo 2 days before they went to Streetwise, which didn't cost £26.

2. Sunday's outing was £24; the music that night wasn't rock.

3. The metal music, which wasn't on Tuesday, only impressed Zig.

4. Kevin's, where the bill came to £20, didn't provide rock music.

5. At Blue Ice, Jodie spent £2 less than Zig did at the Thursday outing, where they listened to pop music.

Open Grid Solver


Sunday, Blue Ice, £24, Metal
Tuesday, Kevin's, £20, Classical
Thursday, Moo, £26, Pop
Saturday, Streetwise, £22, Rock


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Aug 08, 2006

Good one Zig !
Aug 08, 2006

Nice one Zigazig. I'm not great at this type of teaser but i loved it all the same.
Aug 08, 2006

easy, but fun. Good job, zig!
Aug 08, 2006

Too many holes make the puzzle impossible to solve unless you use the Braingle logic grid-- which I do not. I print the puzzles and take them with me to doctor, park, work, etc. Reading the puzzle clues, there is no mention of classical music, 22 pounds or Saturday. That means if a clue mentions someone spends 2 lbs less than someone else, the clue is worthless because you don't know if that eliminates any of the known values.

I typically love these logic grid puzzles, but I wish they were possible to solve without the Braingle grid. They should be solvable on their own.

Aug 08, 2006

I couln't tell you how many things confused me here, like were they going dutch or what? But it started out like my favorite kind, maybe you could have put the names separately on the grid. Oh I don't know. But I'm fairly inexperienced here so ...I wanted to thank you for the puzzle Zig, in summer I imagine everyone is busy.
Aug 09, 2006

Scallio, I would have thought the point of a logic GRID would be to use the GRID. If you want just logic, then I suggest you try that category.

Moody, thanks for the feedback and thanks to everyone else aswell.
Aug 09, 2006

As often happens, this one looked simple at first, but I had to work at it twice! Good wording, stingy clues make for a very enjoyable puzzle!
Aug 09, 2006

Strangely enough, I too needed the GRID to solve this Logic-GRID puzzle... The question of whether, or not they went dutch is easily answered by a glance at the grid.

Nice teaser. I enjoyed this one.
Aug 10, 2006

Scallio, you could print the logic grid as well, use Alt-PrtScr to capture the screen, paste it into Word/Paintbrush and print that as well! Enjoy!

Oh, nice one Ziggy!
Aug 10, 2006

Sep 07, 2006

I agree, the point of a logic grid is to use the grid. You can easily print the grid or make one of your own to take with you. It is like doing a crossword puzzle without the crossword grid...

Anyway, this looked simple at first but you made me work (which I like, I am always up for a challenge). Great job and I am looking forward to another one from you.

Also, I seemed to me not to matter who was paying, just the amounts that it cost each particular time...

Very cool
Oct 29, 2006

I couldn't work out what day they listened to Classical, and what day they listened to Metal. Even after reading the puzzle four or five times.

Ima coming back to this one!
Oct 30, 2006

Guess I am not awake this took me 3 tries to get this one!! Good one Zig!! I love the challenge!
Nov 16, 2006

fair easy but good
thanks zig
Sep 09, 2007

great one! I almost had to start over because my eyes crossed for a moment and I put an O were there should have been an X and vice-versa....fairly easy though after I fixed that mistake. Keep them coming.
Jun 07, 2008

i enjoyed it
Apr 21, 2013

It was fun, Thank you

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