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Glue Factory Stakes

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#33598
Fun:*** (2.86)
Difficulty:**** (3.27)
Submitted By:cnmne*us*****
Corrected By:hellokitty




Five horses have just competed in the annual "Glue Factory Stakes". With the given clues, determine for each horse: its color, its number, its jockey, and where it finished.

Finish: Win, Place, Show, 4th, 5th
Horses: Ghoulish Pleasure, Infirm, Roughage, Seattle Slow, Secret Harriet
Colors: Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, White
Numbers: #18, #29, #37, #46, #50
Jockeys: Allen, Jerry, Luke, Nathan, Tim

1) The 5 horses are: Infirm, the horse ridden by Tim, the horse that wore black, #50, and the horse that Placed.
2) The 5 jockeys are: Allen, the one that rode Seattle Slow, the one that rode the horse that wore red, the one that rode #18, and the one that rode the horse that Showed.
3) Secret Harriet finished ahead of the horse that wore blue, which finished ahead of the horse ridden by Luke.
4) #50 finished ahead of the horse that wore white, but finished behind Roughage.
5) Jerry finished next to #37.
6) Allen finished next to #29.
7) The horse that wore blue finished two positions away from #50.
8) The horse that wore yellow finished two positions away from #46.
9) Luke finished at least two positions away from #46.
10) Nathan finished at least two positions away from #50.
11) Luke rode a horse that wore an even number.
12) Only one of the horses that wore a primary color also wore an even number.

Open Grid Solver


Much of the grid can be filled using the normal process of elimination. The following explanation resolves one of the more difficult sections.

If #46 finished 5th, then the horse that wore yellow would have had to Show (clue 8), and Luke would have had to have ridden the horse that Showed (clues 3 and 9). This would mean that Luke rode the horse that wore yellow, which Showed. The horse that Showed could not wear #18 (clue 2) or #50 (clues 3, 4, and 7); Luke could not wear #37 or #39 (clue 11) or #46 (clue 9); therefore, Luke could not have ridden the horse that Showed. Thus, #46 could not have finished 5th, which means that #18 finished 5th.

Win: Secret Harriet, Black, #46, Allen
Place: Seattle Slow, Blue, #29, Nathan
Show: Roughage, Yellow, #37, Tim
4th: Ghoulish Pleasure, Red, #50, Jerry
5th: Infirm, White, #18, Luke


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Oct 23, 2006

Logic grid puzzles are my favorite. I normally get them very easily, but this puzzle was so confusing. There were too many "this person came before this color and this color came before this number" type clues. I had a lot of red x's on the grid but no green circles. I even tried to figure it out just on paper but I just gave myself a headache trying to figure out your puzzle.
Oct 23, 2006

When it became obvious that I was never going to solve clue #8, I gave up. Too tough for me.
Oct 23, 2006

For those having trouble getting started on this teaser, here's my initial grid solver using a process of elimination on the individual clues alone (in other words, I've only put an X if a single clue suggests that two attributes don't belong together):

Now to get an easy match, look at clue #7 to see which colour finished in "Place" and which number finished in "4th". Good luck!
Oct 24, 2006

This was one of the most difficult puzzles I have ever done. It took several tries before I was able to get it correct. I think the difficulty rating should be much higher.
Oct 25, 2006

This one took me close to an hour, but I got it right! It was fun, too. Thanks!
Oct 26, 2006

very very tough, thought the rating should have been harder. Got it but it took many many tries. Thank you for the tough puzzle.
Oct 30, 2006

I worked on several days to finally get this one! I feel almost brain-dead, but I got it after guessing on one square. (Cheating)! I did enjoy it!
Nov 02, 2006

I have not been on braingle in a while and thought i would rest my brain with some easy stuff after starting college and the first one i choose was this one and man it had me up for an hour trying to do it and i still got it wrong but it was fun thanks for making me feel even more stupid than what my professors have been doing. lol!!!!!
Nov 03, 2006

WOW! What a brain workout! I actually had to print out the grid and the clues and make up my own little chart to solve this one. But...solve it, I did!!! Thanks for a really tough one.
Nov 06, 2006

It took me several tries, but I finally got it. PLEASE give us more toughies like this...there haven't been nearly enough lately!
Nov 12, 2006

duh huh? what? brain fried now. no clue how u came up with this. Are you Asian
Nov 13, 2006

Close to the toughest one I have tried on here. Took me about 1.5 hours and 2 attempts. Enjoyed, thanks!
Nov 21, 2006

amn0856; I can relate. I got one green one and don't think it's right. Oy vey.
Dec 20, 2006

Haaaard After several interrupted attmpts with grid and paper AND the answer, I STILL couldn't get it I rate this Very Hard and challenging. Great puzzle
Jan 25, 2007

After two false starts and hours of work, I finally solved this one. I didn't guess at all, but I also didn't follow the logic mentioned in the answer, so don't ask me how I did it. I guess I was just one with the grid.

Great teaser!
Mar 12, 2007

This one was a real toughie! Very enjoyable, one of the most difficult ones on this site. More, more! (pretty please with cherries on top?)
Nov 15, 2007

This took a fantastically long time! I loved every second of it. You've done a great job.
Nov 19, 2007

similar comment to phrebh - I did not have to resort to trial and error; but had to use some logic (of course ) to eliminate some squares.

cnmne - another excellent puzzle.
Jul 05, 2008

This one was REALLY tough, but I'm glad I saw it through because it was really fun! Like on another puzzle I did, I somehow knew who was in last place. Weird, huh?
Nov 08, 2008

way too hard for me
May 22, 2009

this was a really good puzzle... made you do a lot more deducing than others. One of the hardest I've done!
Aug 31, 2009

nice puzzle ..but the name made me not want to do it

good, difficult but not too hard
Feb 20, 2010

Can you say, "Doozy"?
Nov 05, 2010

Nice puzzle -- I like the hard ones. Took me a little while but all worked out. (Like the previous poster, though, I was put off by "Glue Factory" in the name!)
Jun 01, 2012

Man it was a pain.
I had to "check" my answers.
Mar 30, 2013

My grid was messed up, read the comments, so I guess it is my lil' old laptop that is messed up I drew a grid by hand to do it anyway, cause there aren't nearly enough challenging teasers to waste one! I loved it, thanks very much for your work!
Jul 16, 2013

The grid solver's broken.

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