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Blowing Up a Storm.

These brain teasers rely on your ability to recognize groups of common attributes. For each of these puzzles you'll need to figure out why the words or letters are grouped as they are. Sometimes you will be asked to pick the odd-one-out or to place a new word into the correct group.


Puzzle ID:#33841
Fun:*** (2.42)
Difficulty:*** (2.57)
Submitted By:jazzmusician46Aau*****




Below are two groups of musical instruments. The instruments in Group A all have one major thing in common with each other. The same can be said for Group B.

Your task is to ascertain which instruments have been incorrectly placed in each group and replace them into their correct grouping.

Group A:

bassoon, oboe, saxhorn, bagpipes, ophicleide, dizi, saxophone, clarinet, and bili.

Group B:

flugelhorn, baritone horn, english horn, sousaphone, guanzi, mellophone, sackbut, trombone and serpent.


Group A are all woodwind instruments. The saxhorn and ophicleide do not belong since they belong in the brass family and should be in Group B.

Group B are all brass instruments. The english horn and the sackbut do not belong since they belong in the woodwind family and should be in Group A.


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Nov 04, 2006

Your teaser was doing just that to me, today... A terrific teaser for a fantastic morning pick-me-up! WTG!
Nov 04, 2006

another nice one! Dontcha just love musical instruments? I do! Thanks!
Nov 04, 2006

Once again, thank you both.
Nov 05, 2006

You have good teasers, but try to make them a little more fun.
Nov 05, 2006

Jazz musician, why do you assume that the general public will know the intruments you list? I would be much impressed if you came up with puzzlers that anyone could answer, not just another musician.
Nov 06, 2006

Well bestgirl, I'll be sure to take some hints from your teasers WHEN and IF you ever get to publish some.
Nov 06, 2006

Ohh, I nearly publish a list of topics EVERYONE knows, so I can be sure to write a teaser everyone can answer!
Nov 06, 2006

Jazz musician, don't be so defensive! I have only started using this site, so don't have a puzzle published yet. Does that mean that I can't make a critical comment???? Or must I first "prove" myself?
Nov 06, 2006

A PS to my above comment. Thanks, Jazzmusician, for giving me a smile this am.
Nov 06, 2006

At least I had heard of most of these instruments... thanks, Jazzy.

Wasn't there already a recent teaser that had reeded instruments in a different group than brass? Seemed to be either duplicate or very similar.

Or maybe I'm just crazy!
Nov 07, 2006

I don't have a problem with criticism. Firstly, you didn't bother to offer any constructive criticism at all. Secondly, when you've been a member for only 5 minutes and your other comments to other people are also negative, it tends to say much about you. You can 'prove' yourself as you say, when you write and publish some of your own.
Nov 08, 2006

Some of us just like the sound of music in the morning! Why all the nasty comments back and forth. It is a good, doable honest teaser. If you didn't know the names of some of the instruments you have learned something today. I think it was a job well done.
Nov 10, 2006

You are very kind vlerma

Thank you
Nov 11, 2006

Hello! That was cool. I'm in band, I knew some of the instruments! I've already read some of your teasers, and so far I have not figured any one of them out! Anyway, this is my first comment! Yippee! Good job!
Nov 11, 2006

Thanks bigsis...(and good luck with your music too!)
Nov 12, 2006

You seem to have some kind of problem reptile 5000. I suggest you get some professional help you poor thing.
Nov 12, 2006

Well done Jazz...once again a terrific teaser.

Repile5000: Keep your ridiculous comments to yourself!
Nov 12, 2006

Beaut teaser once again Jazz...Keep them coming please!

By the way reptile. You sound like a bit of an idiot with your rantings. Grow up and keep quiet!
Nov 13, 2006

It's unfortunate silly people come here and leave offensive messages.

Nice teaser Jazz...another good one you have written.
Nov 17, 2006

Wow! Good one!
Nov 23, 2006

jazzmusician, STOP BEING SO PROTECTIVE! why are you flippin out when people are giving you help on how to make your next one better!?!?!? oh, and wat was the thing about seeking professional help?

who agrees with me? press 222 anywhere in your comment!!
Nov 24, 2006

Excellent teaser once again Jazz...looks like Reptile has some issues with being friendly!
Nov 24, 2006

Give it a rest Reptile! How about spending your energy writing a teaser sometime instead of showing the public how childish you are.

Just a thought!
Nov 24, 2006

listen everyone, jazz has been sending me threats over the messaging system
Nov 24, 2006

That was a really good teaser. You fooled me completely, but I learnt lots about instruments. Thankyou Jazz.

It looks like we have a little boy trying to wreck your comments. Go away you silly little person.
Nov 26, 2006

Great teaser Jazz!

Pity there are idiots like Reptile here who try to spoil such a great website! Go somewhere else!
Dec 02, 2006

i'm sorry, my account was stolen from my friend at the computer lab at school, i was showing him one of my fovorite teasers, logged in, and he saw my password, i have recovered my account and apologize for everything he did, jazz, i really think this teaser was good, i am in the band at school, but some of these insturments arent that common, i had trouble on a few

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