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Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#34877
Fun:*** (2.72)
Difficulty:*** (3.02)
Submitted By:Gizzer*
Corrected By:MarcM1098




The old woman who lives in a shoe has finally reached mandatory retirement age, and Mother Goose is now interviewing possible replacements. None of the five applicants is currently living in a shoe, though each notes on his or her application that he or she is living in a different eccentric domicile. And, although none has children, each applicant shares his or her abode with a number of domestic animals. No two keep the same type of animal.

While Mother Goose checks with her personnel department, see if you can match each applicant up with his or her domicile, as well as with the number and type of domestic animals each owns.

Names: Fanny, Gladys, Horace, Inez, Joe
Domiciles: banjo, churn, gourd, hat, jukebox
Animals: cats, chickens, geese, pigs, sheep
Numbers: not provided - you have to figure them out!

TBD (in the grid) = to be determined

1. Two applicants have the same number of animals, while each of the others has a different number.

2. The one who keeps geese lives in a jukebox.

3. Joe shares his abode with chickens.

4. The one who lives in a gourd has four fewer animals than Gladys (who doesn't raise sheep).

5. Fanny has 15 animals, which isn't the lowest number.

6. The one who shares his or her domicile with 19 sheep (who doesn't live in the churn) doesn't have the most animals.

7. The one who keeps cats doesn't have the lowest number of animals, but he or she does have three fewer animals than the applicant who lives in a banjo.

8. Inez (who doesn't live in a hat) has three fewer animals than another applicant.

Open Grid Solver


Fanny lives in a gourd with 15 pigs.
Gladys lives in a churn with 19 cats.
Horace lives in a hat with 19 sheep.
Inez lives in a jukebox with 12 geese.
Joe lives in a banjo with 22 chickens.


Someone has fewer than 15 animals (clue 5), and someone has more than 19 animals (clue 6). Therefore, the four unique numbers of animals are: the least, 15, 19 and the most. The fifth number matches one of these (clue 1).

The number of cats is neither the least nor the most, nor can there be 15 cats, as then someone would have 18 animals, which isn't possible. Therefore, there are 19 cats, and the "most" animals is 22 (clue 7). There are also 19 sheep (clue 6), so the numbers of animals are: the least, 15, 19, 19 and 22.

Gladys can't have the least animals, or the most (22), as then someone would have to have 18 animals (clue 4). Since Fanny has 15 animals, Gladys must have 19, and since she doesn't have sheep (clue 4), she has the 19 cats. This means that Fanny lives in the gourd (clue 4). She doesn't keep chickens (clue 3) or geese (clue 2), so Fanny has 15 pigs. The geese live in the jukebox, therefore Joe must live in the banjo with his 22 chickens (clues 3 and 7).

The sheep don't live in the churn (clue 6), so they live in the hat, and the cats live in the churn. (Remember, "The Cat in the Hat" is Dr. Seuss, not Mother Goose!)

Inez doesn't live in the hat, so Horace does, while Inez lives in the jukebox with her 12 geese (clue 8).


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Jan 14, 2007

um the teaser was kinda long but ok it was on my boring list.
Jan 14, 2007

great teaser! It took me a while to get it, but I finally did. It was just hard enough to be a little challenging. perfect!
Jan 15, 2007

Creative and original!
Jan 16, 2007

A fun bit of logic to start the day.
Jan 24, 2007

Very difficult for me, but I finally got it!
Feb 05, 2007

Very good teaser. Not so difficult as the points it has, but better than most others
Feb 09, 2007

I didn't enjoy this one very much, it went on my boring list
Feb 20, 2007

A most excellent teaser! Well written, concise and very funny! I loved it!

Going on my very short list of favorites.

(Had a difficult time first go-round and had to restart it but didn't need need nor use the grid. :wink
Mar 03, 2007

I liked this - it wasn't easy enough to fly through; it involved thought, but it wasn't too challenging as to be difficult for most. Amusing context, but not exceptionally funny.
Mar 16, 2007

I like the story behind this one. I wasn't thrilled about having to figure out the numbers though. I apologize, but I didn't finish it.
Apr 21, 2007

I like the twist of finding the number.
Sep 07, 2007

OUCH!!! Couldn't figure it out right now and it gave me a headache. Maybe I'll try it again another day!
Oct 09, 2007

Very good puzzle. Especially liked having to figure out the missing numbers. Keep them coming!
Oct 16, 2007

Tried it today and it still drove me crazy. I had such a hard time figuring out if TBD was 15 or 19!

Finally, I ran myself in circles and doubted everything I had! I opened the answer without looking at the actual answers to see if there was an explanation. Once I knew what the TBD # was, I could figure out the rest of the puzzle.

Good job on what is easily one of the hardest logic grids, imo.
Mar 12, 2008

enjoyed the added challenge of figuring out the missing number. very creative.
Aug 03, 2008

Feb 09, 2009

Very creative and enjoyable. Funny story and good clues. I liked the fact that I had to figure out the numbers.
Nov 04, 2010

Really enjoyed this one, especially the added challenge of figuring out the numbers.
Jan 09, 2012

whew! i thought it was very difficult and i ended up guessing and checking a little but very exciting to read the answer and see i got it right thanks!
Mar 29, 2013

I'd write teasers if I could write them like this, it's perfect, in my opinion. Thanks so much for sharing your cleverness and creativity, and congrats on both
May 11, 2015

I've tried this one several times now, and I still can't get the numbers sorted out. In the explanation, it says there cannot be 18 cats, but I don't see why not.

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