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Twins And Their Boyfriends

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#34921
Fun:*** (3)
Difficulty:*** (2.19)
Submitted By:scallioAus******!




A couple with teenage, twin daughters was finding it difficult to keep track of their daughters' dating lives. Kiri, who was sweeter and quieter than Kaylie, was dating a football running back named Jared. Kaylie, who was rather wild, was currently dating a drummer named Dave. Dave drove a small, black car with white fangs painted on the side, had a nose ring and always sported several henna tattoos. Although clean-cut Jared, who dressed more conservatively, seemed like a nice boy, their parents were still cautious. They were ever vigilant about who was coming and/or going. The rule was: no boys in the house when Mom and Dad aren't home.

One rainy afternoon, the parents went to the mall for some shopping. Upon returning, they found evidence that a boy had been in the house while they were out. Three glasses, with just the ice left in them, sat on the kitchen counter. The parents assumed two of the glasses belonged to their twins and set about discovering whom the third glass belonged to.

When they queried their daughters, each denied that their boyfriend had been over, so Mom and Dad called up Jared and Dave on their cell phones and asked them to come over for a talk.

After the boys parked and entered, Mom asked them to sit at the kitchen table for a little visit. Thus began her interrogation. She asked each in turn if they had been over while the girls were alone. Each replied no. Dave, dressed all in black, said he had been at the library studying for over two hours. The library was only a few blocks away, but he insisted he had a lot of studying to do and was too busy to come over. She noted that he was not wet from the rain, but that didn't prove anything as he could have driven. On the other hand, he offered his completed homework as evidence that he was telling the truth.

Jared's explanation was that he had been over an hour away in Dawson picking up a load of hay from his brother. They had tossed around the pig skin in the front yard for a bit before he headed back. He was only just arriving back in town when he received their call. Sure enough, in the back of his red truck, was a large stack of bales, barely visible beneath a blue tarp. That certainly lent credibility to his explanation. His fleece sweatshirt, with his number 22 on it was dry, but then it could have dried during the drive back.

By that time, Dad had come in the house and was listening to their explanations. He had been studying each boy carefully, pausing only a moment when he spotted Dave's tattoo of a centaur. Nothing seemed noteworthy. He waited patiently until the boys had finished their explanations and then accused one of them of being in his house while he had been out. Who did he accuse and why?


Dad had noticed a large area in the driveway that was less wet because perhaps a large vehicle had been parked there, but the dead giveaway was Jared's sweatshirt, which had no bits of hay on it despite loading an entire truckload of hay. He deduced that Jared already had the hay in his truck and instead had been visiting with his daughter earlier that day.

Both daughters were grounded for lying, and Jared was threatened sufficiently.


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