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Missing in the Middle 3

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#35112
Fun:*** (2.95)
Difficulty:** (2.08)
Submitted By:snowmonsterAus***mod!!




Fill in the middle word. This word should correspond with the first and last word.

1) Red ________________ Bulb
2) Green ______________ Leaf
3) Blue _______________ Ball
4) Silver ______________ Saver
5) Gold _______________ Shaft
6) White ______________ Smart
7) Black ______________ Brain
8) Orange _____________ Pouch
9) Peach ______________ Top
10) Brown _____________ Cookie


1) Light
2) Tea
3) Cheese
4) Screen
5) Mine
6) Out
7) Bird
8) Juice
9) Tree
10) Sugar


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Jan 29, 2007

made me think - good job. missed the cheeseball
Jan 29, 2007

Glad you enjoyed it!
Jan 30, 2007

I like that there is a colour theme.
Jan 30, 2007

Very clever and LTSA fun. Thanx, Snowmonster!!!
Jan 30, 2007

Awww - thanks teach! Ya just made me smile!
Feb 02, 2007

I also like the color theme. Took me a while, but I enjoyed this. Nice job Snowy.
Feb 09, 2007

Very clever and fun. We need more of these!
Jan 09, 2008

Nice. Missed cheese, too. Thought of hair - blue hair (like old ladies) and hairball (like cats). Thanks for the challenge.
Jan 09, 2008

Interesting,but a bit on the easy side
Jan 09, 2008

Wonderful. Couldn't get #8, but enjoyed it!
Jan 09, 2008

Nice quiz. A few easy and a few hard ones for me.
Jan 09, 2008

Good teaser, though Juice Pouch seems a bit obscuer. Also, an example wuld have helped, it was initially unclear if they each had to form a single word, or if compound words or phrases were OK.
Jan 09, 2008

Not bad, tho' some of those phrases are a bit obscure if you are not American I guess.

Juice Pouch - Don't really have a name for these here I assume it's the drinks that come in squishy foil containers
White Out - On seeing it I know what it means but we don't use it here, probably due to the rarity of snow
Sugar Cookie - Never heard of it... Don't think we have them, surely they are sweet enough as they are lol
Jan 09, 2008

That one was definitely a challenge! I got BAY for #2, as in Green Bay and bay leaf.
Jan 09, 2008

Very good!
Jan 09, 2008

Had trouble with a few, like orange..... The rest were pretty easy. I liked this one and would like to see some more. Thanks.
Jan 09, 2008

For orange I put orange seed, seed pouch- did not get cheese ,but all in all liked the teaser THX
Jan 09, 2008

Great teaser Snowmonster!
Jan 09, 2008

To Maldrac - White out is something that can be used to cover up mistakes (liquid paper).
Jan 09, 2008

To Snowmonster - I missed #3 (as well as other numbers) but technically, "blue cheese" is actually spelled "bleu". Of course, if it had been spelled like that, I would have gotten it right away but I'm sure dozens of others would have written to tell you it was spelled wrong!
Jan 09, 2008

I found juice pouch to be mighty obscure as well
however it seems that some of the clues had more than one possible answer, for instance, for #2, I used "eye"
some answers were more difficult than others, but a fun challange, all around
Jan 09, 2008

Oops, I mean for #3, I used "eye"
Jan 09, 2008

i got, like, half. great quiz, though =]
Jan 09, 2008

Thanks gracieboo I would never have got it then, we just call it correction fluid (or just Tipex, even when it's not lol). Why I thought it was to do with snow is because I have heard once or twice people refer to blizzards as white outs
Jan 09, 2008

Wow..required mega brain effort Never did get #7 and had brain strain during 8,9 & 10 Loved the teaser and would love more like it
Jan 09, 2008

I loved it. I only got two right, but when I saw the answers I went "doh". Thanks for a great teaser.

Jan 09, 2008

Good one. I got some of them right, but not all. I Liked it a lot, and would enjoy more like it. Thanks for posting.
Jan 09, 2008

Jan 09, 2008

I got close but no cigar.
Jan 10, 2008

l like this teaser... excellent job... didnt get #8 or #9 but thats my own fault... i smacked myself in the forehead after seeing the answers, especially considering 2 of my 3 kids bring juice pouches to school for lunch
Jan 12, 2008

I put Bay for #2, Money, or coin, for 4,Seed for #8, Chcolate for #10 and Christmas for #3. I guess I was getting creative. A lot of fun though.
Jan 12, 2008

nice one. liked the fact that it had a theme (colors)and it wasnt just a bunch of random fill in the middle thingsput in one teaser. If that makes sense.
Feb 11, 2008

That one is in my faves now, and I would say it's on the top 10 teasers (despite what the popularity says.)
Feb 12, 2008

Thanks a bunch King . . . . I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Jan 09, 2014

Got a few and then gave up. It was a hard one for me. Fun though
Jan 09, 2014

Nice one snowy.
Jan 09, 2014

Made me think.....long and hard. I got 8/10 right. Off to find aspirin for my headache.
Jan 09, 2014

I also went with hair(ball) Missed two others, but it was really fun!!
Jan 09, 2014

I found various other words that work.
Jan 09, 2017

Liked this one again, but still missed a few. if you are reading this catmom, I loved your reply to me on yesterdays quiz. Fun!
Jan 09, 2017

I only got a couple of these. I like this type of quiz, but wasn't up to the challenge today. Thanks for posting! I did like the color theme.

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