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Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#35673
Fun:*** (2.13)
Difficulty:*** (2.49)
Submitted By:braingle_7*ca****
Corrected By:Rhythmic




First I ate,
Second and Third I applied,
Fourth I rolled,
Fifth I projected.

What am I?



This will take a little explaining. Take the number and the same letter of the word after I. For example: First I ate would be "A" because it is the first letter. Second and Third I applied "PP."
Fourth I rolled "L". Fifth I projected "E".


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Mar 13, 2007

easy but why is it in trick category?
Mar 13, 2007

good quiz and I understand the category because I was tricked thinking of a thing at first before realizing the letters.
Mar 14, 2007

I didn't get it, had to read the answer.

I'm not sure that it's considered a trick though.
Mar 17, 2007

that was fun...i'm just wondering, why is it that when one say that this certain teaser shouldn't be in this certain category...all the others agree, look at my teasers...they all say that!
Mar 17, 2007

Confusing made me think for a while, but I did master it. What other category would they have you put this in? There was a trick in figuring out how to read the teaser so therefore I think trick is the best place for this one. Good job.
Mar 17, 2007

Mar 17, 2007

Lol, that was funny!
Mar 31, 2007

Great teaser, but I don't know if trick was the best section.
Apr 01, 2007

Apr 15, 2007

yeah i got it after i read the answer lol but doesnt this belong in riddles or am i just tarded
Apr 15, 2007

ummm no ur not tarded ur rite this is definetly a riddle
Apr 21, 2007

It's not really that nice to insult another's teaser. I think it's good, and sometimes people have different opinions of where it should be placed. Who cares! I liked the teaser and this site is for teasers!
May 04, 2007

confusing is an appropriate title I didn't get it because I didn"t know what I was looking for. very cryptic fun though thanks
May 15, 2007

haha! This was fun!
May 24, 2007

mm... yup... shouldn't be at the trick section
(user deleted)
May 24, 2007

oh well this isnt the only one in the wrong category
Jun 27, 2007

umm yah.. dont get y it would be in the TRICK catorgory! it was more of a letter-equations teaser! dont u agree? but easy teaser once i new the answer!
Jul 02, 2007

hmm.. pretty easy but i don think it belongs in the trick section am i right?
Jul 04, 2007

lol funny
Feb 17, 2008

that's a riddle. a very old style of riddle. i've heard many, many variants.
Nov 06, 2008

that sucked lol XD
Nov 20, 2008

Cindzey, be nice. I've seen ones like this in language.
Dec 09, 2008

Too smart for me! Guess I should eat more apples!
Dec 11, 2011

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