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Automatically Innocent

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#38873
Fun:*** (2.65)
Difficulty:*** (2.46)
Submitted By:drickandersonAus*****
Corrected By:pinkhakix3




Detective Jones arrived to find the murder scene taped off, and the police questioning two suspects. The library of the old mansion was large, and the body of George Henderson was laying face down in front of the fireplace.

Jones asked the police officers to brief him on the case. "John Henderson over there, says that he heard 3 gunshots come from the library, and ran in here with his own firearm to find his brother George dead on the floor," the officer said.

"Henry Henderson says that he heard 3 gunshots come from the library, and ran into the library to find his uncle lying dead on the floor, and John standing over him with a gun," continued the officer as Detective Jones looked at the scene.

Lying on the floor, in the middle of the library, were 3 shell casings. The detective picked one up with his pencil to see that they had been .44 magnum rounds. George Henderson had been shot in the back, 3 times. "Let me question the suspects," Detective Jones told the officer.

"I was just sitting in my bedroom, listening to music, when I heard 3 gunshots come from the library," stammered Henry, the 22-year-old nephew of George Henderson. "I ran into the library and found Uncle John standing over him with his gun. He shot Uncle George!"

"Do you own any firearms, Henry?" Detective Jones asked the young man.

"Just one. I have a Desert Eagle in my bedroom."

Detective Jones took a few notes, then continued on to talk to John.

"I was getting ready to go shooting, out in the wash, when I heard 3 gunshots come from the library. I already had my revolver in hand, so I ran into the library to see what was going on. I found my brother George, dead on the floor. Right after I got there, Henry came running into the room, and started yelling that I had killed him," said John, sounding rather upset. "I didn't, I really didn't! I don't know what happened!"

Detective Jones asked to look at the firearm that John had been holding. The officers on the scene showed him a Ruger Redhawk, .44 magnum revolver.

"Grab Henry, and search his room for a weapon. We're going to take him in for questioning," Detective Jones told the officers.

Why Henry?


A revolver, like the Redhawk that John had been carrying, would not have ejected its brass onto the floor. A Desert Eagle, which can be purchased in .44 mag caliber, is a semiautomatic, and would have ejected the shells as they were fired.

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