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Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#39862
Fun:*** (2.84)
Difficulty:*** (2.15)
Submitted By:pokpic*us******
Corrected By:cnmne




Four people - Sam, Thalia, Victor, and Zach - sent four gifts: a diamond watch, a Best Buy gift card, a computer, and two baseball tickets. The people who received these gifts are named Joe, Jack, Jason, and Jill. Each gift was wrapped in a different color wrapping paper: blue and green, red and white, orange and yellow, and pink. Also, each gift was given at a different location: a bedroom, a restaurant, a living room, and a cruise. From the following clues figure, out who gave what gift, who received the gift, what color wrapping paper the gift was wrapped in, and where the gift was given.

People: Sam, Thalia, Victor, and Zach

Gifts: Diamond watch, a Best Buy gift card, a Computer, and baseball tickets

People who received gifts: Joe, Jill, Jason, Jack

Wrapping paper colors: Blue and green, red and white, orange and yellow, and pink

Places: A bedroom, a restaurant, a living room, and a cruise

1. Sam loves his wife Jill and didn't give her her gift at their house.

2. The man who gave the diamond watch wrapped the gift in two colors.

3. Jason received his gift from his wife at her favorite restaurant, Sushi Island.

4. The gift wrapped in orange and yellow wasn't received by a woman and was not received outside of a house.

5. The person who gave the baseball tickets knew his best bud would love them.

6. Victor was holding a Christmas party where he would give his roommate a Best Buy gift card.

7. The guy who gave Joe his gift wrapped it in pink.

8. During Jack's Christmas party his bud snuck into his bedroom where he put his orange and yellow wrapped gift on Jack's bed.

9. The man who gave the diamond watch thought that the blue and green wrapping paper matched the sapphires and emeralds on the watch.

Open Grid Solver


Sam gave the diamond watch to his wife Jill. He wrapped the watch in blue and green wrapping paper and gave it to her on a cruise.

Thalia gave her husband Jason a computer. She wrapped the computer in red and white wrapping paper and gave it to him at a restaurant.

Victor gave his best bud Joe a Best Buy gift card. He wrapped the gift card in a pink wrapping paper and gave it to him in his living room.

Zach gave his best bud Jack baseball tickets. He wrapped the tickets in orange and yellow wrapping paper and snuck the tickets into Jack's bedroom.


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Dec 31, 2007

Very nice. I got a little tripped up knowing if the two at the Christmas parties were at the same party, and thus gave the gift to each other.
Dec 31, 2007

Great teaser.. the two Christmas parties was a good but tricky hint. But then I realized that these were obviously two separate parties, and that Jack did not recieve a gift from Victor, so this eliminated a lot.

VERY WELL DONE! Keep them coming!
Dec 31, 2007

Thanks I LOVE logic problems!
Jan 31, 2008

Easy but fun! Thanks!
Mar 08, 2009

fun teaser
Oct 23, 2012

It's kinda weird to bring a whole computer to a restaurant, but I did like the puzzle
Mar 28, 2015

I've tried this puzzle several times and I still can't get the guy to guy gifts right. I can't see how we should determine that there were two Christmas parties. I keep falling into the trap of deciding there is only one. I wonder if I am missing something by not being a US citizen and missing some significance to the term, "best bud" or something like that.

Oh well, I'll try again in another couple of months when I have forgotten the steps I took this time, and I will come to it fresh. I won't let it defeat me!

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