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An "A" Pyramid . . .

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#40320
Fun:**** (3.13)
Difficulty:** (2.02)
Submitted By:snowmonsterAus***mod!!




See if you can figure out the words in this "pyramid" using the hints given below. Each new word contains the same letters as the previous word, plus a new letter.

1) First letter of the English alphabet
2) Present; attending
3) Loves picnics
4) A small biter
5) Pro ballplayers have one
6) An attracting object
7) An article of clothing
8) A heated debate


1) A
2) At
3) Ant
4) Gnat
5) Agent
6) Magnet
7) Garment
8) Argument


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Feb 03, 2008

I got up to Magnet, but then failed xD Pretty cool ;-o
Feb 11, 2008

That's fun. This is probably on of the best brainteaser series on braingle, so keep on making them!
Feb 12, 2008

Thank you - that is very nice of you to say.
Mar 04, 2008

A very enjoyable teaser. Got stuck at agent but then was able to work backwards to finish. Added to my favorites.
Mar 04, 2008

So far I'm the only one who was totally lost after I got to present,attending. Obviously not one of my favorite kind of teasers. Thanks for posting anyways.
Mar 04, 2008

Took me a few minutes to figure out what I was doing,but was fairly easy once I got started. Good teaser
Mar 04, 2008

i really liked this one!! very cool please do more of these!
Mar 04, 2008

these always take some time and thinking plus usually some paper. good teaser and at least none of the words were obscure, that helped a lot!
Mar 04, 2008

Got all of them except "garment." I knew the last one was "argument," but I couldn't fill in the gap. All I could come up with was "augment," which didn't fit the clue.
Mar 04, 2008

Very good! Thanks.
Mar 04, 2008

Very clever puzzle. Lots of work to put it together, I'll bet. Thanks.

I worked it backwards from the definitions of magnet and argument..... Stumbled on agent and garment. At first, I assumed incorrectly that the letters stayed in their original orders.
Mar 04, 2008

Very nice puzzle, Snow. I was able to get all of them without resorting to paper & pencil. Very nice, would like to see more of this type. Keep up the good work.
Mar 04, 2008

That was lots of fun. Had to go back and fill in a coulple o' blanks. Felt I had conquered the world once I got "agent" (my last piece to the puzzle)!!!
Mar 04, 2008

I liked that. I got all of them but agent. Nice job!
Mar 04, 2008

Loved it! It took me a little time, but it was fun and enjoyable. Great job!
Mar 04, 2008

Mar 04, 2008

That was fun, nice one
Mar 04, 2008

Fun one, Snow. I managed to do them all in my head so had to rate it easy. However it was one of those right on the edge ... I almost gave in and grabbed a pencil, but held out ... it was perfect. Thanks for posting.
Mar 04, 2008

So glad all or most are enjoying this teaser - I like making this kind - it's FUN and CHALLENGING to make, as well as do!
Mar 04, 2008

I love these teasers! They're really fun.
Mar 04, 2008

I loved that one - fun and challenging. I got all but garment, was looking for a particular item

Would love to see more teasers like this one - thanks
Mar 04, 2008

did anyone notice that from number 4 to 5 the "a" in Gnat becomes an "e" in Agent

I thought each time a letter was added not changed
Mar 04, 2008

In Agent, the e was the new letter - so yes, there is a NEW letter added to each new word . . . if you take the e out of Agent, you can make the word gnat out of the letters that are left, right?
Mar 04, 2008

Great teaser Keep making them Thanks
Mar 04, 2008

That was fun. I got down to gnat and lost my concentration. Brain fart. Thanks for posting it was a great teaser. Just a confused mind trying to solve it.

Mar 04, 2008

Well, it was obviously a good one (from comments) I pride myself as a word person and got nowhere My bad, Snow - and your good!
Mar 04, 2008

Nice work!
Mar 04, 2008

Good one! I missed "agent," as I kept looking for sports equipment. It was fun though.

I work these by taking the email with the puzzle, clicking on reply, and then beside each clue, I start working on the answer. You don't have to worry about erasing, just backspace and start over. It is a lot easier than using pencil and paper.
Mar 04, 2008

Just a note: you don't ever SEND the email...
Mar 04, 2008

LOL avonma!!! threw in the quick clarification there!!! ... so, an all-around excellent teaser snow!!!... i got the first 3, then got the last 3 and just took me a few minutes to fill in the middle (just like 1hotmom)... that agent part really tripped up most of us ... definitely one of my favs, and please create more just like this
Mar 05, 2008

Thanks for all the nice comments - it was nice to have this teaser as the Teaser of the Day!
Apr 15, 2009

Good one! Although I got lost at the pro ballplayer. LOL
Apr 15, 2009

Ugh, I got up to gnat and couldn't move on to agent, so then I started at the end and got down to garment but couldn't get magnet...I lose

Great teaser though!
Mar 04, 2011

I got them. I was stuck on number 7 so I got clues from number 8. Really fun. Good job.
Mar 04, 2011

Nice puzzle, Snow - and you got some nice comments too!
I love this type of puzzle and hope to see more! Thanks!
Mar 04, 2011

hey Snow, was it three times as nice today? Didn't even need paper this time.
Mar 04, 2011

Good one! I got hung up on agent, but somehow got the words after that Fun start to the morning!
Mar 05, 2011

I didn't get it, so I only got up 2 ant! Still, good fun.
Mar 05, 2014

Good one snowy!
Mar 05, 2014

For some odd reason, I feel like I've done this one before.
Mar 05, 2014

You may have, I think I made it in 2008.
Mar 05, 2014

Nice job Snowy. I did have to get my pen and paper out. I did get the agent clue and then got hung up on magnet. Working backwards I got the last two, but for some unknown reason I was just unable to get attracted to magnet. I know, bad pun intended. This is a great teaser, and your offer of KoolAid which began in my home state about 50 miles east of me, brought me back to the teasers, where I haven't been for probably 4 years. More like this and I'll be around more often.
Mar 05, 2014

Great teaser.Easy enough to solve with little effort but not so easy it is obvious right off the bat. Had to skip garment and get argument then go back.
Mar 05, 2014

I was like Habs... did not have the clothes, but once I got argument, it helped with the letter I was missing.
Mar 05, 2014

very clever snow, got the first 2 right then messed up on the loves picnics, i was thinking eat or ate
i think this might be my first try at a teaser, thank you

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