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Live Above a Star

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#4087
Fun:**** (3.11)
Difficulty:*** (2.47)
Submitted By:librashorty***
Corrected By:Tammy93




I live above a star, and yet I never burn,
I have eleven neighbors, and yet none of them turn,
I am visited in sequence, first, last or in between,
PRS (& sometimes Q) are my initials,
Now, tell me what I mean.


The ''7'' on the telephone keypad
(new ones have the letter Q with the PRS)


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May 20, 2002

Good Job girl!
May 20, 2002

Good Job girl!
May 22, 2002

We all need to think Every once in awhile. Great Job!
Jun 14, 2002

that was a really cool one. very clever.
Jun 16, 2002

You sent me to space for moments Until i read your answer.

(user deleted)
Jun 16, 2002

well done
Jun 16, 2002

That was a great one. Took me forever to figure out.
Jun 16, 2002

i had no idia what is was then i figured it out, with the answer
Jun 17, 2002

I struggled with this one--without success--the "PRS and sometimes Q" is the best clue-but I didn't know about the Q. Good puzzle!
Jun 21, 2002

Jun 21, 2002

great job.
(user deleted)
Jun 25, 2002

Good riddle, and even better after getting stumped by it I looked on my desk and lo and behold there was a 'Q' on my phone all the time.
Jun 26, 2002

you got me going through my notes about the solar system!! i would have never guessed. you go girl
Jul 02, 2002

ohhhhh that one was great!
i really like it
(user deleted)
Jul 09, 2002

I would've never thought of that. Creativity is the smartest thing, isn't it?
Jul 10, 2002

Very well done!
Jul 18, 2002

Very clever and well thoughtout. That's the thing I expected it to be I thought it was the sun than another planet.
Jul 20, 2002

i like it!
Jul 21, 2002

'Tis a good one. It sent me down the track of a clock or something - twelve parts.
Jul 25, 2002

Good one...........I would have never gotten that. Impressive
Jul 28, 2002

There were a lot of teasers like these involving a keyboard, and I thought it would b something on it. Good job!
(user deleted)
Aug 08, 2002

great teaser!
Aug 14, 2002

Creativity is when you take something down to earth to the stars
Aug 15, 2002

If there's one bad telephone keypad teaser, I haven't heard it!
Dec 11, 2002

d'oh! I was trying to think of how months would work with PRS, aren't they associated with zodiac signs, which are made of stars?
I like it.
Dec 28, 2002

That was a good one! I didn't get it though!
Apr 20, 2003

(user deleted)
Jun 16, 2003

I was thinking of the "12 Days of Christmas" even went through the song (backwards) in my head! LOL Never noticed the Q before by the 7. When did that happen? I think it just showed up to prove you right. *snicker*
(user deleted)
Jun 16, 2003

great!! with all the time i spend on the damn phone i should of gotten that one !!! duh!!
again great teaser
Jun 16, 2003

That was a great one.
Jun 16, 2003

Very, very good job with this one. An excellent teaser to be sure, and not just because it stumped me flat!
Jun 16, 2003

Jun 18, 2003

great teaser, you had me thinking of space as well
Jul 10, 2003

nice, most pple will think about the star in the solar system
Sep 18, 2003

Had me...I was staring at the screen thinking of the moons of jupiter or something... GREAT!
Oct 22, 2003

wow a good teaser
had me guessing
Jan 16, 2004

Jun 16, 2004

That is SOOOOOO cool!!! Probably the best teaser on the site!
Jun 16, 2004

I was way off in another direction, searching for my answer. I loved it - made me smile, thanks.
Jun 17, 2004

Who knew?
Jun 22, 2004

i didn't get it, until i read the answer. great job!! this one is one of my favorites.
Nov 09, 2004

Absolutely fantastic riddle. Goesstraight to my faves list
Jan 04, 2005

You are really teasing my brain!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 08, 2005

That one was really easy for me, but it was very well done.
(Easy doesn't always mean bad!)

Jun 16, 2005

That is the best one I have ever read! It was fun, and it totally stumped me!
Jun 16, 2005

You had me looking on my keyboard!

Good one!
Jun 16, 2005

Nice one!
Jun 16, 2005

this one made me think. I liked it. keep bring more like this.
Jun 16, 2005

very good,although i didn't get it
Jun 16, 2005

Clues became cryptic and misleadingdue to it rhyme scheme. Didn't like it so much...
Jun 16, 2005

Very clever!! A job well done! I'd have to rate that 10/10
Jun 16, 2005

Very cool teaser Had me stumped!
Jun 16, 2005

Great job. I must be on the phone way too much, because I actually got that one!
Jun 16, 2005

very good one i got it and enjoyed it
Jun 16, 2005

the star made me think of a computer keyboard, but then the PQRS bit gave it away for me. thought it was quite easy, but fun!
Jun 16, 2005

i was thinkin along the lines of spoiled brat with a comet or something like that great job
(user deleted)
Jun 16, 2005

This is one of the first ones I had figured out by myself. Of course, I only joined Braingle three days ago. These teasers makes one think; I like that. Rondozik
Jun 16, 2005

Very creative! It really made me think! Good job !!!
Jun 16, 2005

I loved this one, and it was very fun. Great Job!!!
(user deleted)
Jun 16, 2005

i loved your teaser! i felt stupid though because i was using my phone all the time while reading, so i shouldv'e known!
it's my favorite so far!
(user deleted)
Jun 16, 2005

Wow!! That was great. I seriously thought it was going to be one of Jupiter's moons. Man, I can tell I've been out of chem long enough to forget it!
Jun 16, 2005

That was a great riddle. I actually thought of a phone pad, but didn't come up with number 7. So close!!
(user deleted)
Jun 16, 2005

Great teaser!

The "star" and the initials had me checking out my computer keyboard at first, then I looked up and saw the phone sitting right next to the monitor !
(user deleted)
Jun 16, 2005

Great teaser!

The "star" and the initials had me checking out my computer keyboard at first, then I looked up and saw the phone sitting right next to the monitor !
Jun 16, 2005

Very, very good! I too was looking at my keyboard...
Jun 16, 2005

With the first line saying I live above a star made me think of outerspace...but when I got to the PRS clue I knew what it was. This was an easy one but very creative.
(user deleted)
Jun 16, 2005

that "PRS and sometimes Q" really stumped me! i thought it would be in the solar system! nice one!
Jun 16, 2005

That was a clever one! Stumped me!!
Jun 16, 2005

I didn't get it, but good job!! loved it!
Jun 16, 2005

tough one!
Jun 16, 2005

i think this is the only riddle on this site that i actually liked - awesome job!!!
Jun 16, 2005

i was thinkin like devilslilangel along the lines of a comet or something but it was a bad clue that i never burn bc its imposible to burn in space bc there is no oxygen which is required to burn... so a spaceship would just melt
Jun 16, 2005

i nearly had it until i read the clue about 'sometimes Q.' that was a good one though. good job.
Jun 16, 2005

I immediatley started thinking in teasers I am slowly realizing that the context of the word is of particular importance.
Jun 16, 2005

well jeez, i feel dumb now...
Jun 16, 2005

hard until the initials line(that one was the give away), and then the rest all fell together...good one!
(user deleted)
Jun 16, 2005

Ironically this was the first riddle I've seen (my first visit here), I figured it out as soon as it said prs...q. I hope the rest of the riddles will be as good as this one! Thanks for making my night!!
Jun 17, 2005

Oww! hard one! good tho! good job
Jun 17, 2005

i loved it!!! i felt kinda stupid after though! lol! but awesome job! 3 thumbs up!!
Jun 18, 2005

Very very clever
Jun 22, 2005

You got me looking on keyboards; different kinds! Great Job!
Jun 24, 2005

great 1 even though i didnt get the right answer but after i saw the answer i was thinking ah-duhhhhhhh and thats why my username is amanDUH because iim sooooooo slow
Jul 09, 2005

that was cool!!!!!!!!! adding to favorites
Sep 03, 2005

I got that in 10 seconds, literally. Cute but not challenging. I can't belive so many of you didn't get it.
Nov 15, 2005

That was so clever! One of my favourites. You had me stumped!
Jun 14, 2006

I didn't have a clue, until the line of "PRS (and sometimes Q) are my initials". That gave it away!

Fun nonetheless. nice one!
Jun 14, 2006

Shoulda known but didn't! Very, very nicely done!
Jun 16, 2006

Really nice one this
Jun 16, 2006

Amazing one i was thinking of a planet with 11 moons but the prs and q maade me get out of space i cudnt figure it out hard but really nice one
Jun 16, 2006

This teaser was very well done. Good work.
Jun 16, 2006

This was truly a "brain teaser" .Good job.
Jun 16, 2006

Great Job Librashorty!!! Loved it! Very well written and stumped quite a few, including myself. It was definately one of those "D$%n...I should have got that one moments"! Thanks.
Jun 16, 2006

Well I'm impressed! I thought I was a pretty clever fella, but I couldn't bring my thinking down from the sky and on to my desk. That "7" sat there on the keypad looking at me and I couldn't see it. Very good job.
Jun 16, 2006

Now THAT'S a riddle!!! Thanks!
Jun 16, 2006

For those of us who remember actually dialing phones it's a good thing you said "keypad".
Jun 16, 2006

Good one. I was also staring into space. Thought it was the sun, but the initals threw me off
Jun 16, 2006

Excellent teaser! Well written. I didn't have a clue though. Great job!
Jun 16, 2006

I don't know what your keyboards look like, but the number 7 on MY keyboard isn't "above" the star... it's right next to it. And I don't have the initials on it that were described here. I thought it had something to do with a keyboard, but the description was deceptive. I didn't like this teaser. I give this one a thumbs down.
Jun 16, 2006

I had no clue. Great one!
Jun 16, 2006

What a great teaser. Totally stumped me! Into my favorites. Thanks. Job well done!
Jun 16, 2006

Good one!!!
Like some (above) my first thought was the computer keyboard and then (for some reason) I glanced at my telephone.
That's when it "clicked".
I gave it max for fun.
Jun 16, 2006

GREAT teaser with perfect distractors!!! Thanx 4 the FUN!
Jun 16, 2006

I love the kinds of teasers that make me feel really stupid when I see the answer! That was really cool!
Jun 16, 2006

good 1!!!!!!!!!! i didnt get it til i looked at the answer but it was still good! keep 'em comin!
Jun 16, 2006

very clever!
never would have guessed!
Jun 16, 2006

You totally got me!. I was thinking of flags, president, capitol buildings, monuments and all kinds of crazy stuff. Great teaser! LOVED IT!
Jun 16, 2006

Very nicely done
Jun 16, 2006

Awesome job, was completely baffled by this one.
Jun 16, 2006

I liked it--although I had to get up to look at my phone to make sure. (It does have a Q.) I thought of a keyboard too at first. Good riddle writing!
(user deleted)
Jun 16, 2006

I thought it was going to be an F key on the keyboard... it does have 11 neighbors. Oh well.
Jun 16, 2006

creative, well written, Good. One of the better ones derfinitely
Jun 16, 2006

I should have guessed that right. I'm always on the phone.
Jun 16, 2006

Very nice first thing that came to mind was the sun I wouldve never figured it out
Jun 16, 2006

very cute and clever. i never would have thought of it! btw ppl who use this thing it cracks me up!!
Jun 16, 2006

Hey! I got it right! Yes!
Jun 16, 2006

That was an excellent brain teaser!
Jun 16, 2006

nice one thanks
Jun 16, 2006

i had to call my parents and ask them! i didnt even realize the answer was on my phone
nice one!
Jun 16, 2006

I love the 'duh' feeling then the quick glance around so see if anyone caught me being so clueless...then the smiles! Great one.
Jun 16, 2006

BeckyD, its not a keyboard, its a telephone
Jun 16, 2006

this was the best teaser I have ever ever ever seen!! of course i havent been a member long but still!!! im blonde and couldve never thought of that!! loL!!! '

pm me!!!
Jun 16, 2006

this was the best teaser I have ever ever ever seen!! of course i havent been a member long but still!!! im blonde and couldve never thought of that!! loL!!! '

pm me!!!
Jun 16, 2006

VERY good riddle. Anyone who didn't like this one is just too dumb to get it. It stumped me, but I still think it's one of the best riddles I've heard in a long time.
Jun 16, 2006

ah-mazing i LOVED this teaser it was really cooL!!! ttyl

Jun 16, 2006

Couldnt get the answer.
Jun 16, 2006


Jun 17, 2006

Jun 17, 2006

That's great! If I'd had a phone right by me I probably would've gotten it, but as it was I didn't have one handy & I didn't get it. Very clever!
Jun 20, 2006

Jun 28, 2006

Absolutely brilliant teaser! I shall add it to my favourites!
Jun 16, 2009

What do they mean by "I live above a star?"
Jun 16, 2009

While I knew it was related to the phone, it doesn't work for many of the new phones coming out with querty style or touch screen pads. The button above the star on my phone is actually a 'W'.
Jun 16, 2009

too easy, two seconds to solve. live above a star is located above the star or asterisk on the telephone keypad. BTW librashorty has not been on site in over 2000 days
Jun 16, 2009

They don't come any easier.Where is the challenge?
Jun 16, 2009

Very Clever
Jun 16, 2009

Wow...I totally said F8 from the function keys on top of the computer keyboard. It fits so well too...
Jun 16, 2009

Clever 1!!!
Jun 16, 2009

Ohhhhhh. Very good. I would have never thought of that.
Jun 16, 2009

Good one, sure had me stumped. I like a challenge, but I like it even better when I can solve it.
Nov 03, 2010

I got your teaser, but it was a lot of fun.
Jun 16, 2012

I could not bring myself down out of the sky! That was so neat. Thanks for the great teaser that I could not get.
Jun 16, 2012

Very well done. I too couldn't get out of the sky so I didn't get it at all. Was very surprised at the answer. Great job I really liked it even though I never in a million years would have gotten the answer. Fooled me.
Jun 18, 2012

This is kind of outdated considering many smartphones do not have this keypad.
Jun 16, 2015

Staring at my keyboard didn't help.
Jun 16, 2015

Though not all smart phones don't have this style keypad. Many do, and since landline phones are still in widespread use, and they all have this style keypad, the teaser still works.
It is not like the answer was a rotary phone or a crank phonephone.
The teaser is however still OLD. THE first comments were posted more than 13 years ago.
Jun 16, 2015

I'm not sure why, but I was thinking of the zodiac. Good teaser - thanks!
Jun 16, 2015

Embarrassed to admit I didn't get it again. No memory at all of having seen this one before. So even repeat teasers are new to me.

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