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Lord of the Rings?

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#41176
Fun:**** (3.1)
Difficulty:*** (2.14)
Submitted By:mosca*us*****




My story whispers ancient lore;
The force at times my rings will hide.
I've sixty minions, maybe more:
Those unseen, these by my side.

Wand'ring far from glowing light,
Shape-shifting puzzles curious eyes;
Oft my glorious rings shine bright,
While men debate my family's size.

My aspect seems to wax and wane,
As the force dictates the deed;
My namesake ruled vast fields of grain,
But, legends tell, devoured his seed.

What am I?


Answer: The planet Saturn

Saturn is named after the Roman god of the harvest. When the force of gravity causes Earth's orbit to take us into the plane of Saturn's rings, they seem to disappear, and the shape of the planet appears to change. Most of Saturn's 60 or more moons are visible only through strong telescopes. The sixth planet from the Sun in the Solar System, Saturn receives little heat and light. There is still controversy about the number of planets in the "family" of the Solar System. With the demotion of Pluto, some say there are eight planets. However, counting Pluto and also the dwarf planets Eris and Ceres, others would say there are eleven known planets. As the god of the harvest, Saturn ruled over all agriculture. Because he feared his children were about to kill him, he devoured them.


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Mar 23, 2008

who would eat their own children?
Mar 23, 2008

Thank you for your comment. What is said that Saturn did is certainly unthinkable and horrible. Goya, in his 1821 painting of Saturn as he was devouring one of his children, protrayed all the ghastly aspects of that deed.
Mar 24, 2008

wow saturn ur own children!! thats scary!!!
Mar 24, 2008

Lots of gods ate their kids.
Get a book on the greek gods and you'll find many stories like that.
It's sick and wrong in every way.
Mar 25, 2008

Great teaser, very well written.
re: eating kids, yeah, all the greek/roman gods got up to some bizarre stuff.
Mar 29, 2008

The eating of children represents the fear the the child will surpass the father.
Mar 29, 2008

I have to agree with you, but it's a sad concept. Our children are our future; they're the next generation. Some people "devour" their kids in other ways, by controlling them even after they are grown, and striving to keep their lives too narrow. We need to be coaches and cheerleaders when they leave the nest, and watch from the sideliines when they get into the game.
Wow! Early weekend mornings bring out the philosopher!
Mar 29, 2008

Excellent teaser, and great explanation!
Apr 14, 2008

Impressive, well-written, and a really good explanation! Thanks for a truly fun and educational riddle!
Apr 24, 2008

Easy, but very nicely written. Good job.
Apr 24, 2008

Good job
Apr 24, 2008

Easy teaser, but very interesting story. I knew very littl of the lore. Thanks!
Apr 24, 2008

You took the words right out of my mouth, Jabdr. Excellent teaser and I knew the correct answer, but never heard the story. Very interesting. Thanks for posting, Mosca.
Apr 24, 2008

Beautifully written and you got me...
I was looking for a connection to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Apr 24, 2008

i guessed saturn becuase of the rings. i didn't know the actual refernces in the text.
Apr 24, 2008

Solvable, but difficult. Very informative answer, I learned something new today. Thanks Mosca. Very well done. A pleasure to read.
Apr 24, 2008

I knew from the start it was some kind of ringed planet, but no specifics. Pretty ez in that aspect.
Apr 24, 2008

Great teaser. Very informative
Apr 24, 2008

I guessed saturn before i read it.
Lord of the rings with a ? made me think nothing to do with the movie, what else has rings?Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? Maybe Saturn... LOL X 1,000,000
Apr 24, 2008

I suspected Saturn all along, but really enjoyed the information you put together. Thanks!
Apr 24, 2008

EZ but good
May 04, 2008

I didn't get it but it was interesting reading the answer explaining all the clues. Feel like I've learnt something today!
Feb 19, 2009

VERY interesting - I knew it was Saturn but didn't know anything about the story behind it.
Apr 24, 2011

I knew it was something in the sky, but have never ever heard that story and I took Mythology in High School. Nice teaser though.
Apr 24, 2011

Nicely done!
Apr 24, 2011

Further info on Goya's famous painting: It's titled (in Spanish) "Chronos Eating His Children." Chronos was the ancient Greek name of the god the Romans called Saturn. Goya must have had a freaky sense of humor, because he didn't sell the painting, but hung it in his own dining room for guests to admire as they ate dinner. (Or possibly he kept the painting because no one else wanted it. LOL)

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