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Ten X Ten

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#41299
Fun:**** (3.1)
Difficulty:** (1.49)
Submitted By:ScubeeAus*****
Corrected By:Scubee




Each of the following clues refers to a word that begins with "ten". Can you guess all ten of them?

1. Inclination
2. Delicate or gentle
3. A sinew
4. A racket game
5. Capable of being stretched
6. Between the bass and alto
7. Stretched tight
8. Unsubstantial
9. A dwelling
10. An opinion held to be true.


1. Tendency
2. Tender
3. Tendon
4. Tennis
5. Tensile
6. Tenor
7. Tense
8. Tenuous
9. Tenement or Tent
10. Tenet


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Mar 31, 2008

I like all your teasers
May 30, 2008

I thought #9 was tent, well it fits and you can live in one - I wouldn't fancy it in the winter though.

Good one Scubee
Jun 02, 2008

Excellent! I got 7 right - very enjoyable.
Jun 02, 2008

by the way - I said "tent" for number 9 as well!
Jun 02, 2008

Add me to the list of "tent" people. Fun teaser.
Jun 02, 2008

Pretty easy and very interesting. How about renter(tenant).
Jun 02, 2008

I love these kind of teasers! Keep them coming!
Jun 02, 2008

Good one! Here's another 'ten'- Persistant and courageous: tenacious
Jun 02, 2008

Nice one, tests our vocbulary too. Rather simple, though. Liked it.
Jun 02, 2008

I, too, thought tent. Nice fun teaser, thanks for posting.
Jun 02, 2008

That was fun. I was with you until the last three - I got:
8. tentative
9. tent (not a great answer - but it works for me!)
10___________(couldn't think of anything)
Jun 02, 2008

could not #5 be tendon, they too can be stretched
Jun 02, 2008

On the contrary, Avonma, TENT is a great answer! I'm a camper. Great teaser--not too easy, not too hard. Thanks
Jun 02, 2008

I seem to have followed the crowd with tent as a dwelling. Otherwise it was easy, but fun. Thanks Scubee.
Jun 02, 2008

7 out of ten---
Jun 02, 2008

I came up with tent also and count it correct. I knew a whole family once who lived in two large army tents out in the woods year round, so I know it can be done.
Jun 02, 2008

What is this thing you all speak of? A tent? I agree it needs to be added as an answer and would also mark it correct.
Jun 02, 2008

That was fun ... thanks!
I had "tentative" for #8 and "tent" for #9 ... couldn't come up with anything for #10 though.
Jun 03, 2008

Guess Sweet Potato is my kind of guy because I also had Tentative & Tent and also missed # 10!

Great quiz!

Jun 03, 2008

I thought tent also!!!!
Jun 08, 2008

Why Scallio, are you flirting with SweetPotatoe
Jun 08, 2008

Please excuse the spelling SweetPotato. I seem to have made the same mistake as a politician we once knew.
Jun 22, 2008

Great teaser! I got all but 5 and 8
Jun 02, 2011

Fairly easy, got them all but still lots of fun.
Jun 02, 2014

I didn't get all 10, but just enough to wake me up.
Jun 02, 2014

ten of ten,
Jun 02, 2014

Nice teaser. Not too hard and not real easy.
Jun 02, 2014

Ten in ten!
Jun 02, 2014

Oh well, for "Unsubstantial" I put "Tentative."
Jun 02, 2014

01. Hello,, everybody .... I liked this puzzle but kept looking for "tenpins" (don't really know
02. why. Rated it high for fun, anyway. Hope everybody voted.
03. You probably note, by now, that I am writing in numbered "segments"
04. That's for the folks who dislike - or can't - reading/read more than ...
05. ... two line comments.
06. Also, if you want to grunt and moan about something I have written you can ....
07. ... simply cite it by date and number; e.g. June 02 #07 .. and
08. ... I'll look it up for you and reply if appropriate.
09. It's almost 100 am (US CST) and I'll be leaving for my trip soon.
10. If you want more info on that (the trip) go to "At the Farm" teaser # 11935.
11. I also wanted this to be a "matter of record" that I have left nineteen (19) ...
12. .... teasers "en queue" for approval with the oldest having been submitted on April 09 and the ....
13. .... newest May 19. I note here there are 640 Brainglers "on-line" and the most ....
14. .... in the last three months has been fewer than 800.
15. .... 640 of you and doodler nowhere to be seen ...
16. .... Oh, well.
17. .... Good luck to all until (and, even, beyond) my return. Be thinking about ......................
18. ..... ways to strengthen Braingle. It's an endangered "siren call" of a magnificent species; a website that asks you to THINK !!!!

Jun 02, 2014

WOW- after that, we are probably better off BB is leaving.
Jun 02, 2017

Nice teaser. I got most of them, but not all. It was fun and did not take a lot of time to figure out. Thanks!

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