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Grobi's Treat

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#42231
Fun:*** (2.13)
Difficulty:*** (2.53)
Submitted By:BadBunnee02*th***
Corrected By:Ghostology




Grobi is a very unique creature.

Grobi: round in shape. six inches in diameter.
3...lives on an acre-sized flat field.
4...moves only by jumping; cannot walk, crawl, fly, or move in any manner other than jumping.
5...can jump, in any one jump, a minimum of 6 inches or a maximum of 72 inches (6 feet) across the field (cannot jump straight up-down). Grobi can therefore, in any one jump, jump any distance across the field at or between the 6-72 inch limits.
6...can jump directly north, south, east, or west only; cannot jump diagonally.
7...must jump four times in any one direction (N-S-E-W) before changing direction (N-S-E-W) or to continue in the same direction (N-S-E-W).
8...dines on mushrooms which grow in the field. The mushrooms grow to a maximum of six inches in diameter and to a height of an inch.
9...can ingest a mushroom only by landing directly atop the mushroom. very adept at precisely determining distances.

One day Grobi - happily jumping around in the middle of the field - locates a six-inch diameter mushroom six inches away (center of Grobi to center of mushroom distance) directly west of Grobi.

Grobi quickly (and accurately) calculates that FOUR jumps is the fastest way to get to the mushroom and eat, which Grobi does.

Describe the route taken by Grobi to eat the mushroom including the direction of jumps, each approximate jump-distance, and the specific number of jumps in each direction.


Grobi had already taken ONE jump to the east (in a new four-jump 'direction' series) when the mushroom was located to the west. Grobi therefore had to take THREE more jumps to the east before being able to change direction and head back west. Grobi took three minimum jumps (six inches or so each) to the east and then a long (24 inches or so) FOURTH jump to the west to land atop the mushroom.

No other conditions would solve the puzzle as written:

1. If Grobi had been jumping west (as part of a four-jump 'direction' series), or had just concluded a four-jump 'direction' series, then the mushroom could have been attained in one jump.

2. If Grobi had been jumping north or south (as part of a four-jump 'direction' series) then four additional jumps (even if able to change direction) would have put Grobi out of alignment with the mushroom.

3. If Grobi had been jumping east (and had done two or three jumps as part of a four-jump 'direction' series) then the mushroom could have been attained in two or three additional jumps and not the four that was Grobi's correct calculation.


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