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Puzzle ID:#42474
Fun:*** (2.72)
Difficulty:*** (2.57)
Submitted By:cookierulerAus***!!!
Corrected By:phrebh




Dr. Neat N. Clean filed 5 patient records, including the names, age, date of appointment, sickness, and eye color. Dr. Mess E. Man mixed up the information when he entered it into the computer. Dr. Clean took notes while she was conducting the appointments. You are the hospital administrator. Fix the wrong information.

Dr. Clean's Notes:
1. The youngest person has brown eyes.
2. Chris has smallpox.
3. The only person that did not have an appointment on a holiday has blue eyes.
4. The oldest person has black eyes.
5. The youngest person is female.
6. Zach has a sickness that starts with the same letter as an earlier patient's name.
7. The girlfriend of the person with hazel eyes was mad at him because he missed Valentine's Day.
8. The youngest person had the earliest appointment.
9. The person with chickenpox did not have a February appointment.
10. Only people who drove themselves to the doctor were sick.
11. Susan's eye color does not start with the letter B.
12. Zach did not have the last appointment.
13. The person with brown eyes had the first appointment.
14. A male has mumps.
15. Susan is not 17 or 35.
16. Joe can't vote.
17. Chris doesn't have hazel eyes.

Open Grid Solver


Chris is 49, has black eyes, smallpox, and had an appointment on the Fourth of July.

Joe is 17, has hazel eyes, mumps, and had an appointment on the Fourteenth of February.

Susan is 26, has green eyes, measles, and had an appointment on the Thirty-First of October.

Jill is 12, has brown eyes, is well, and had an appointment on the First of January.

Zach is 35, has blue eyes, chicken pox, and has an appointment on the Twenty-Ninth of August.


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Jul 11, 2008

Clue #13 was not needed, but it was otherwise well done. I enjoyed it!
Jul 11, 2008

Aw, I feel stupid. I spent like an hour on that one and still got it wrong.
Jul 11, 2008

I clicked on a wrong square somewhere. Will try again, but well done. I agree that #13 was not needed.
Jul 16, 2008

Did you have to use the "girlfriend" status to determine age? Or did I miss something there?

I got it correct by assuming the girlfriend was the 17 yr old's, but you know older men have girlfriends as well.

Pretty easy unless I used a "guess' and got lucky.
Jul 17, 2008

OK, I still can't figure it out. I must be missing something. Also wanted to point out that in #10 you state that only adults are sick. This cannot be true since only 1 person is well, and there are 2 people that are not adults (the 12 y/o and 17 y/o).
Jul 17, 2008

Well, I found this one confusing. I agree with both mejosa and dreamlvr that the 17 yr old might not be the only one who has a girlfriend and also about the two people who are not sick when there is only one that is well.
Jul 18, 2008

This is missing at least one clue. As it is now, there is no way to know who is the oldest and because of that, eye color and date of appointment also cannot be figured out for the men. Other than that, great puzzle but you need to add one clue regarding either eye color, age or appointment date for just one of the men. That would make everything else be able to be deduced without just guesing.
Jul 27, 2008

Ok, have now worked it 5 times, forward and backward, and there is NO way to solve this puzzle without assuming that the 17 yr old is the one with a g/f!! adults have g/f's too. Take out clue #13 and replace it with something useful, please.
Jul 30, 2008

I am unable to correct this teaser again, but i have found that it is impossible to complete. I would add a clue 17. Chris doesn't have hazel eyes. if you disagree please PM me.
Aug 02, 2008

Decent teaser, pretty easy except for the fact that there does need to be an extra clue. But once you know that Joe is 17 its a breeze. Fun too.

But on Clue # 10 it doesn't say that only adults are sick, it says that only people who could drive were sick, therefore everyone but the 12 year old is sick. People who are 17 aren't exactly adults yet but they can still drive.

P.S - I foolishly thought that because the author's from Switzerland (I believe, sorry if I'm wrong) that the voting age was going to be different so I looked it up. But nope, still 18.
Aug 03, 2008

Roger-I base this teaser in an American theme, I'm sorry if this confused you. Also, that clue was changed, before it said only adults were sick, but the could not have been true, so I had to correct it.
Aug 04, 2008

I agree with everyone else - unless you assume that Joe has the girlfriend, you get stuck.

And Chris - male or female?
Aug 07, 2008

i enjoyed this teaser nice work good clues and information
(user deleted)
Aug 24, 2008

well i had this all figured out except that there were two dates that had no clues for them. the girlfriend comes into play if you eliminate then oposite sex factor. i did find that clue helpful but couldnt get those last two matched up with the last 2 appts
Aug 24, 2008

I did fine on this one, it must have been corrected since you all tried it. I hate names that could be either gender, but it wasn't a problem.
Dec 18, 2008

Actually the clue about the girlfriend is usueful. I had it between the 17 yr old or a girl for the 14th and it solved the puzzle for me.
As for Clue no. 10, not only adults can drive
Jul 25, 2009

This was one of the best teasers I have done. I had to make some assumptions, but my guesses were really good. All done. It took me a while, but still pleased!!
Jul 28, 2009

I got it and didn't have to make any assumptions... everything you need is in the clues... great job!
Aug 28, 2009

I agree with Chickwithbrains. I got it without needing any additional clues. If the youngest is a girl and Joe can't vote, unless he is a convicted felon, he has to be 17. The girlfriend thing is just a way to explain the date of his appointment.

This was a fun one.
Feb 04, 2013

I loved this one. I had none of the trouble many others seemed to..?.. and never had to assume anything. When I did it, it said "only people who were sick drove themselves"- as I remember it- making the 12 year old the one who was well, so I guess that was a helpful correction, but as to the other clues, I didn't ever assume Chris was male or female, and it still worked out fine; the girlfriend clue says '... mad at *him* because *he* missed ..."; Zack's sickness had to begin with 'C' or 'S', and 'S' was taken; the eldest had black eyes, Susan was 26 yrs. old and had green eyes, the 12 yr. old had the 1st appt. and brown eyes, and the only person with an appt. 'not on a holiday' had blue eyes, so this eliminates everyone but Josh as the one with the girlfriend, 17 yrs. old, the 2/14 appt., and hazel eyes. After elimination, all that is left is the question of two appt. dates. These are answered by re-reading the clues. ( I think it was clue #6, and I can't re-read it w/o erasing all this, but you can see for yourself ) which said one (name) had an earlier appt. than (an age) another. I hope the author does not get discouraged, it was a VERY well done puzzle, tricky (meaning awesome) to solve, and A LOT of fun!!! Thanks for your work and pleeease make more!

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