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Open Horse Show

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#44958
Fun:*** (2.64)
Difficulty:*** (2.27)
Submitted By:mrsfessler*




At the county fair Open Horse Show, 5 riders competed in different classes. Each won either a blue (1st place), red (2nd place), or white (3rd place) ribbon. From the clues provided, determine each rider's age (one is 25), the name of the horse they rode (one is Miss Liberty), what class they competed in, and what color ribbon they won. The 5 classes were: Hunt Seat - Juvenile rider (age 17 or under), Hunt Seat - Adult rider (over 17), Lead Line - 6 years and under, Arabian Pleasure (no age specifications), and Morgan Pleasure (no age specifications).

1. The 5 riders were Michelle, Sahara's rider, the 16 year old, the one who placed 2nd, and the one who competed in Hunt Seat - Adult.

2. The 2 blue ribbon winners were Blake and Starheart's rider. Michelle's Morgan horse always performed well in its class.

3. Cocoa's rider was younger than the rider in the Arabian Pleasure class, but placed higher than Beth. Beth was younger than the Arabian Pleasure rider.

4. From oldest to youngest the riders were the woman who showed in Morgan Pleasure, Fred, the 17 year old, Jasper's rider and the one who was eligible for the last time and showed in the Lead Line - 6 and under class.

5. Both Hunt Seat riders placed lower than Isabella and the 49 year old.

Open Grid Solver


Isabella, 6, Lead Line, Cocoa, Red

Michelle, 49, Morgan Pleasure, Starheart, Blue

Beth, 16, Hunt Seat - Juvenile, Jasper, White

Fred, 25, Hunt Seat - Adult, Miss Liberty, White

Blake, 17, Arabian Pleasure, Sahara, Blue


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Jul 29, 2009

Lots of fun! Got my brain going this morning!
Aug 11, 2009

this teaser had me thinking very cool though
Sep 04, 2009

Great teaser, however, the part about Michelle riding a Morgan horse was not needed.
Jan 13, 2013

Challenging and fun! One little nit-pick though, clue 4 : ... 'The woman who *showed* in Morgan Pleasure'... I think, a *show* would have been a white ribbon for third, as in Win, Place and Show. They use those terms in County Fair Art competitions, along with Honorable Mention, so I Xed out all but white, which clue 5 then proved to be wrong. I had to restart the grid because I'd already marked all the places that white ribbon would have been pertinent, and restarting was easier than back tracking. Like I said, a nitpick for sure, but if I was making the puzzle, I'd want the feedback Thanks for the puzzle, it WAS fun!

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