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Writing After Retiring?

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#45795
Fun:*** (2.74)
Difficulty:*** (2.82)
Submitted By:whsprecus**!!!!
Corrected By:Gizzer




Writing novels is hard work, and despite the fame and fortune, writers decide to retire. One publishing company decided to pay others to write using some of their author's names. There were 3 men, Toby Brooks, Tom Lewis, and Bronson White, and 2 women, Chelsea Clark and Katrina Reed, who have been retired for some time. However, "new" books with their names continue to appear. From the clues below match the author to their main character, the year they retired, and how many books have been published since they retired.

1- The author writing as Bronson White has written one more novel than the writer who retired in 2000, but one fewer than has been published featuring the Elf Jerlle.
2- It was a male writer who created the Wizard Broman, and another man who retired in 1994.
3- Chelsea Clark, whose name doesn't appear on exactly 5 novels, retired 3 years before the creator of mobster Small Tony, who has not been featured in exactly 7 books.
4- The creator of serial killer Arnold Fox retired three years after the man who has had four books written in his name.
5- There has been an even number of murder mysteries written about Captain Gibbs, whose writer retired after 1997.
6- The company has produced one more Toby Brooks book than books by the author who retired in 2006 who was not Katrina Reed.

Open Grid Solver


Toby Brooks wrote about Jerlle and has had 7 books published in his name since retiring in 1994.
Chelsea Clark wrote about Captain Gibbsand has had 8 books published in her name since retiring in 2003.
Tom Lewis wrote about Bromanand has had 4 books published in his name since retiring in 1997.
Bronson White wrote about Small Tony and has had 6 books published in his name since retiring in 2006.
Katrina Reed wrote about Arnold Fox and has had 5 books published in her name since retiring in 2000.


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Nov 25, 2009

Good puzzle, thanks.
Nov 27, 2009

Tough one for me, but after many tries, I solved it. Good puzzle!
Dec 03, 2009

Another entertaining and challenging puzzle. No wonder I get excited whenever I see that you've posted new work. Thank you!
Aug 20, 2010

Finally! This one was challenging and fun. Thank you once again.
Jan 31, 2011

Had to restart the grid - in the clue about Capt Gibbs saw 1997 but not the word "after" - makes quite a difference!
Dec 07, 2012

As always, thanks again for the challenging puzzle Hope to see more!!
May 11, 2016

Had to get out the pen and paper for this one

Awesome puzzle!

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