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'The Hardest Riddle Ever' Event

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#47735
Fun:*** (2.7)
Difficulty:*** (2.92)
Submitted By:jtolleyAus***!!!




This past weekend, Dr. Riddler invited a group of friends to a party of puzzles and games. During the night, Dr. Riddler presented a "special riddle" to his guests. Whoever figured it out fastest would win a great prize!

The six guests who attended were Calvin Peterson, Florence Oak, David Gardner, Lester Page, Joel Pastor, and Veronica Andrews. After a lavish dinner and a few more hours of puzzle fun, Dr. Riddler began to announce the name of the person who figured out the "special riddle:"

"OK now everyone...!"
"The winner of..."
"'The Hardest Riddle Ever' Event..."

But before the good doctor could congratulate the winner, a loud noise from outside interrupted him. However, everyone knew who had won.

Who won and how do you know?


Florence Oak won.

The first letter of each word in a line of Dr. Riddler's speech spells out the numbers One, Two, and Three.

The next number being Four means that Florence Oak is the only person who could've won.

His last line would have been: Florence Oak: Ultimate Riddler!


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Aug 12, 2010

Aug 12, 2010

Nice one!
Aug 13, 2010

I thought the "OK" was "Oak" something.
Aug 15, 2010

Very difficult but loved it!
Aug 20, 2010

I totally thought everyone was the winner. "Ok now, everyone, the winner..."
Sep 20, 2010

I must be either dense or tired because I don't get this at all.
It was clear that the introduction spelled ONE, TWO, THREE, but how can we tell that the winner will be Florence based on the assumption that the next line of the announcement will be FOUR? How does the number four automatically mean Florence? Does Florence mean 4 in another language? My guess was to pick Joel or Mr. Page because their names had 4 letters.

I hope you guys won't be making me feel like a complete idiot when you point out something entirely obvious!

Sep 20, 2010

Drat... I get it now! Florence Oak Ultimate Riddler spells out FOUR!
OMG! Slow brain tonight.

Thanks for posting!
Oct 03, 2010

Hmmmm... I took a while to understand this one
Nov 27, 2010

Awww... got it completely wrong.

I thought that the 'loud noise from outside' was someone shouting out FLORENCE OAK!!'

Then everyone would know who won it.
Dec 31, 2010

EVERYONE knew who won? Those are some pretty observant people.
Jan 02, 2011

that was cool! i guessed oak thinkin OaK= Ok
Feb 11, 2011

Good one. I wouldn't have ever figured it out in a million years Although I disagree with some parts.
Apr 07, 2011

i would have never thought of that
Apr 09, 2011

what i thought was:-
The Hardest Riddle Ever Event is THREE (all initial letters), so guy 3, i.e. david gardner
Apr 16, 2011

I knew it had something to do with the capital letters and I went with Oak only because the first letters of the phrase "The Hardest Riddle Ever Event spells the word "T-H-R-E-E" and "Oak" was the only name with 3 letters.
Apr 21, 2011

i thought the OK had to do with oak but yeah nice riddle!
May 29, 2011

What did Ms. Oak win?
Jun 15, 2011

gr8....i got it ri888888888;;;;;bt i interpreted it n a wrng way:::
Aug 09, 2012 one really pays attention to the first letters of stuff... I got the ok thing too. Like he could be saying: Oak! Hey, now, everyone, etc. I don't think this is in the right category though... Language would be better.
Nov 20, 2012

I saw the 1, 2 , 3 part but I didn't really figure out what it meant.
Dec 26, 2013

Did you know HackMigo? ( They have the hardest riddles in the world! Ever! Just beat them with your brain power
Mar 12, 2014

I pay attention to everything.I got it right.Vut not as fast as da people in da story

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