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Art Logic

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#48394
Fun:*** (2.27)
Difficulty:*** (2.7)
Submitted By:quesadillaman12Aus**




A plain white cube has gone through 4 steps to become what it is now. The steps (not necessarily in order) are:
a) The whole cube being painted red
b) A white circle being painted on every face except for the top and back
c) The front and back faces being painted black
d) The top, back, and bottom being painted blue

All of the following facts about painting the cube are true:

1. After the last of the four steps, the top face was all purple, the left and right faces were red with a pink circle in each of their centers, the front black with a gray circle, the bottom purple with a light blue circle, and the back completely dark blue.
2. Color mixing goes as follows:
-Blue+White=Light Blue
-Blue+Black=Dark Blue
3. Once black is added to a face, it will mix with the colors on the face if possible, but it cannot be changed at all afterwards. This is not true with white.
4. Any area where two colors have been mixed cannot change color.
5. Exactly one of the following is true:
-Black was added first.
-Red was added before blue.
-Blue was added after white.
-White was added last.

In what order were the colors added?


White, blue, black, red.

Because there are both gray and dark blue regions, black was added after both white and blue. This means black was not first, and neither blue nor white was last.
Black has to have been added before red, because if it wasn't, the front face would be maroon with a pink center. So black was not last, and red was not first.
Since neither blue, black, nor white was last, red had to be added last. Combining this with other facts, white and blue could not be added third. So black was third.
Going back to the statements of which one is true, we can now figure out the lies. Red was added last, so statement 4 is false. Black was added third, so statement 1 is false. Red was not added before any other colors, so statement 2 is false. This makes statement 3 true. White was added before blue, so white is first, and blue is second. The order white, blue, black, red is now revealed.


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