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Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#6638
Fun:*** (2.92)
Difficulty:*** (2.69)
Submitted By:majd****!!




We are many guards of a precious gate
Sometimes we lean backward and sometimes we stand straight
Some of us are short and some are tall
We never quit the fight but we might fall
We wear war paint and cover in black
We always defend but never will attack


Eye lashes

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Aug 30, 2002

I have been attacked by an eyelash and let me tell you they can hurt.
Aug 31, 2002

Well, on a second thought, I do agree with you beth
Oct 17, 2002

good 1
May 11, 2005

Mar 03, 2008

Good one Majd.
Mar 03, 2008

great riddle!!
Mar 03, 2008

how is youre eyes a gait????
Mar 03, 2008

Not sure what I think of this one. It was a nice riddle. I didn't get it, so would have to say it was hard. After reading the answer, everything seems to fit pretty well, so will say good teaser. Thanks for posting.
Mar 03, 2008

I didn't have a clue I was wroking with flowers,plant life, venus flytraps..surprised by the answer good one (be interesting to see if anyone 'gets' it.
Mar 03, 2008

I thought stand tall and lean backwards were very deceptive and not fitting for the answer.Sorry,but I think this was poorly written.
Mar 03, 2008

i would not have gotten that in one million years. make that a billion!
Mar 03, 2008

I liked it. I was thinking teeth till I got to the part about black paint, then I thought eyelashes. Thanks
Mar 03, 2008

I was way off, I thought of bowling pins (or something similar)!!!!!!
Mar 03, 2008

Nice riddle - well written and tricky!
Mar 03, 2008

I also thought teeth at first, but then also thought about the gates at a railroad crossing (being brightly colored, sometimes falling). The one clue that didn't fit was being covered in black.
Mar 03, 2008

Mar 03, 2008

Stumped me, I never would have gotten it. Pretty good riddle though.
Mar 03, 2008

At first I thought it was teeth.

Good one.
Mar 03, 2008

Gotta go with puttumup's point. Your eye is not a gate, hence the fact that after Clue #1 none of us would have thought of eye lashes. Poor teaser.
Mar 03, 2008

I got it right off the bat. It's really self explanatory. I guess it's easier for women to get it right since the black is mascara and the paint is eyeshadow. Great teaser.
Loved it.

Mar 03, 2008

I wouldn't have guessed this in 100 years. Its a great teaser tho.
Mar 03, 2008

I don't agree about eyes not being gates. The eyes are a gate between the outer world of visual stimuli and the brain. There's also the saying about eyes being the window to the soul.

I don't know about the "wearing war paint" since it is the eyelids, not the lashes, that wear eye shadow, but the rest is very good.
Mar 03, 2008

Most of it was good, but your eyelids protect your eyes, not your eyelashes.
Mar 03, 2008

I thought nosehairs.
Nice riddle.
Mar 03, 2008

Great teaser! This one was better than most, it was different, and well written. AND, I got it, yay!!!

Gee, some of y'all's criticisms are kinda harsh and petty! It's a riddle, so, something doesn't have to be LITERALLY a GATE in a riddle. It's part poetry! Any riddle uses metaphor, etc. Those that said it was "poorly written", are totally wrong. If you could only literally describe the thing, it wouldn't be a riddle!!!

Also, the "war paint" is totally valid, because people wear other colors on their lashes except black. Also, the lashes DO PROTECT the eyes, that's why they are there!!! The lashes AND eyelids, both protect the eyes.

Don't worry, maid, I think all the petty critics are just bitter because they couldn't solve it! If not, then I guess they're just bitter, because this was an EXCELLENT riddle, better than almost any I've read for a long time.

Mar 03, 2008

Oh, sorry majd, I mistyped your username above.

Mar 03, 2008

Sounds like a dumb blonde chick thought she was so smart, wait a minute I'm blonde, NOT!!!
Mar 03, 2008

I must agree with Bradon. It was a good one, but I didn't get it. Just a little dense, I guess. But, thanks for posting.
Mar 03, 2008

to pigsrock09:

Your eyelashes actually do protect your eyes. They help keep out dust and such out of your eyes.

Great teaser! I totally didn't get it but once I read the answer I felt that everything matched up
Mar 10, 2008

Thank you guys for all the comments regardless of being positive or negative
Mar 03, 2011

No way I could get this one.

With that said, hasn't anyone heard the phrase, "The eyes are the gateway to the soul"?

While I understood that part, some of the rest is a tad ambiguous: The eyelids wear the war paint, not the eyelashes.

And yes, you have a certain poetic license as a riddle creator, but you should keep in mind what you're trying to make everyone guess. It's not an easy thing to do.
Mar 03, 2011

Great riddle! I got this one rather quickly, but really fun!
Mar 03, 2011

For those of you who carped about it being the eyelids, not the eyelashes, that wear "war paint," did you forget about mascara?
Apr 04, 2011

I thought it was maybe some gnarly looking teeth at first. Eyelashes that grow the wrong way certainly do attack. Good riddle, but it needs a little refining, I think, before I'd call it great.
Mar 04, 2014

I am sorry, but I have to agree with the complainers. My lashes do not go backward or stand up straight and I do not wear war paint, or cover them in black. Neither do men so how could they guess correctly. Too many discrepancies in this one.
Mar 04, 2014

Babe said it all. Thanks Babe .
Mar 04, 2014

I suspect that the responders nitpicking this riddle are, for the most part, the ones who didn't solve it. As for the nitpicking itself, be advised that many of these riddles do involve a certain amount of, um, poetic license, for which some folks do seem to have a very low tolerance.
Mar 04, 2014

First of all, this was a very good riddle, with great content and very well-written (a lot better than what's typical here). I thought about this one a lot, and I was stumped, but I will say that I was a little disappointed with one of the clues: I don't know if I would ever call an eyelash "tall." The word "long" here, though more transparent, would be a lot more accurate.

But again, EXCELLENT riddle, great work Majd.
Dec 01, 2014

I thought chess pawns...
Mar 04, 2017

I thought it was a good riddle, well written, and sufficiently challenging.

I would also like to thank everyone for the (three or four only, alas) comments on my TOTD of yesterday.

It was a busy day at work for us yesterday and I didn't get around to seeing it until late last night.

I was also a bit disappointed that - after all the SQEALING about "no new TOTDs" - there were so few new comments.

NOT because of the quality, or lack thereof, of my teaser ... but of the continued lack of interest in Braingle generally.

We're in trouble, folks ... and nobody seems to care.

Mar 04, 2017

I got it, but nonetheless deem it to be poorly conceived. I have never heard eyelashes referred to as being "tall", and I'm having trouble picturing them as leaning backward. What gave it away for me was the black war paint, which I took to refer to mascara, which very few men use. Boo hiss to this riddle.

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