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Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#7387
Fun:*** (2.82)
Difficulty:** (1.97)
Submitted By:im_para_noid*****
Corrected By:Palsha




Aliens miniaturize you and place you on a fresh Cheerio floating on milk. You are a few millimeters away from another Cheerio. They give you the option of taking them up on a challenge: "We will give you $1 million if your Cheerio does not touch the other Cheerio; otherwise we will remove your hand." Do you accept the challenge?


Do not take the risk. Milk rises between two nearby Cheerios by capillary action. The surface tension of the milk has a horizontal component that will pull your Cheerio to the other one like an irresistible magnet (try the experiment in the safety of your own cereal bowl.)

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Sep 21, 2002

you should ask people to explain thier answer, otherwise they have a fifty percent chance of getting it right.
Sep 23, 2002

Thats very interest, keep up the good teasers!!!
(user deleted)
Oct 02, 2002

Missing here is a time limit. The Cheerios will take time to get attracted.
Also, I would just dive in and position myself between Cheerios.
Oct 05, 2002

You screwed either way what are you going to do with a million dollars if our only a mm or so tall?
Nov 08, 2002

Well I like the home science and entertainment section
Nov 08, 2002

I wonder if the cheerios will actually touch or will there be a very small film of milk between them after being pulled together?
Nov 08, 2002

Wow that one was really good..if i am ever caught in that situation ill know what to say ...once again a good one
Nov 17, 2002

i guessed no because i fuigured there had to be some trick to it but i never could've guessed exactly
Nov 24, 2002

that was quite interesting
Feb 25, 2003

Good teaser, kool lesson, but say I could eat alot of food really fast, could I eat my way out?
Nov 08, 2003

But if he was tiny anyway, what would he do with $1?
Nov 08, 2003

Good reasoning with this teaser.
Aug 10, 2004

My question is, "Do you get a choice?"

Otherwise, good one!
Nov 14, 2004

Nov 14, 2004

Can You?
Nov 14, 2004

Lol... that's exactly what came to mind (they'd be pulled together), but I was thinking you must have been thinking of some way to keep em apart! I guess I kinda got it right..
Nov 14, 2004

good one, but i think that some ppl might just answer a yes or no answer, cuz you didn't really specify whether you should explain. but i liked it, thx for the lesson!!!!
Mar 28, 2006

Fun! Fun! Fun!
Oct 13, 2006

I thought the answer should be 'yes'.

two possible outcomes:
1. the cheerios DON'T touch, and you get $1,000,000.
2. the cheerios DO touch, and you have the opportunity to jump from one cheerio to the next and escape

....or something...
Oct 13, 2006

^ that was assuming that the aliens are also only a few millimeters big.

if not, then you're screwed
Jan 19, 2009

I didn't want the million dollars so much as I wanted to be restored to normal size. Also, I'll take one of those miniaturization machines -- that would be pretty fun (and valuable!)

Meanwhile, I'll hang off the side of the cheerio and keep them apart with my legs. (I wouldn't accept the bet, though, until specifying a reasonable time limit.)

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