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Water Juggling

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#8500
Fun:*** (2.64)
Difficulty:*** (2.95)
Submitted By:sakirski***
Corrected By:firefox99




Here's what you have:

-Two 8-liter jugs, filled with water
-One 3-liter jug, empty
-Four infinite size, empty pools

Here's what your objective is:
Fill each of the four pools with exactly 4 liters of water.

Here are your constraints:

-You have nothing else at your disposal.
-There is no other water aside from the two 8-liter water filled jugs.
-Once water is poured into any of the 4 pools it cannot be removed from there.
-The jugs are not symmetric so you cannot measure amount by eye or judge based on shape.


It's not short but it's right - use a piece of paper and follow the steps using A, B, C and pools. Change the quantities in each as you complete each step - it is worth it to see it come out right.

Lets label the jugs.

Jug A - first 8-liter
Jug B - second 8-liter
Jug C - 3-liter.

The four infinites are pool 1, pool 2, pool 3, and pool 4.

1. Jug A to Jug C
2. Jug C to pool 1
3. Jug A to Jug C
4. Jug A to pool 2
5. Jug C to Jug A
6. Jug B to Jug C
7. Jug C to Jug A
8. Jug B to Jug C
9. Jug C to Jug A

At this point, we have:

Jug A - 8
Jug B - 2
Jug C - 1
Pool 1 - 3
Pool 2 - 2
Pools 3&4 - empty

10. Jug C to pool 3
11. Jug B to Jug C
12. Jug A to Jug C
13. Jug C to Jug B
14. Jug A to Jug C
15. Jug C to Jug B
16. Jug A to Jug C
17. Jug A to pool 4

At this point, we have:

Jug A - 0
Jug B - 6
Jug C - 3
Pool 1 - 3
Pool 2 - 2
Pool 3 - 1
Pool 4 - 1.

18. Jug C to Jug B
19. Jug C to pool 1
20. Jug B to Jug C
21. Jug C to pool 3
22. Jug B to Jug C
23. Jug C to pool 4
24. Jug B to pool 2

... And we end up with the desired result:

Jug A - 0
Jug B - 0
Jug C - 0
Pool 1 - 4
Pool 2 - 4
Pool 3 - 4
Pool 4 - 4

Tough, but workable.


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