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Incentive for staying.


Posts: 2073

new Posted: 09:53AM Jan 2, 2013

Hi, how do we get more people to stay in our Werewolf/Boss games? Do we change the awards? (E.g. give participation "scores", and you get a point for every round you vote and comment in, and you lose a point for every game you begin, so that you don't start and game and then not finish it.) Do we do something else? Brainstorm with me.

Shogi fan? Chess fan? Fan of the game Go? Like Japan? You should visit to play shogi.
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Posts: 251

new Posted: 12:15AM Oct 27, 2013

Pass a global law that mandates joining a game once every month and abandoning a game/going a round without voting and/or posting results in execution.

More realistically, email/SMS/Facebook notifications.
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