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fav Hunger Games book

The Hunger Games 4 (your vote)
Catching Fire 3
 Total Votes:8

Posts: 520

new Posted: 08:57AM Oct 9, 2012

which is your favorite hunger games book?

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Posts: 294

new Posted: 11:43PM Nov 2, 2012

Hunger games (the first book) introduces the setting, characters, and situation. It creates a new world, which is very hard to top in a sequel. My only complaint would be that the development of characters was lacking. I think we were introduced to them, but dont really know who they are. There just isnt enough room, with the intricate setting and premise, to learn about the characterz.

Catching fire explored the psychological aspect of the series. A "spark" creating a fire. The masses relationship with the elites. The victory tour strengthens our view of the hunger games world, and we get to see realistic political struggle. It makes you use your head, especially at the end. To oppose the first book, too much character development makes this one slow at certain points.

Mockingjay is where the story begins to get unrealistic. Would a divided nation built on fear really have the organization to stage such a protest? The violence and gore is a bit much, and SPOILER ALERT many of our favorite characters die. I do appreciate how the collapse is not a complete happy ending, and characters suffer from trauma like they definitely would in real life.

I would say: 1. Catching fire 2. Hunger games 3. Mockingjay

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