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Brainglers Which Way Do You Prefer to Get Friends By?

I like people adding me and then interacting with me.4
I like to choose which people are my friends.5
I don't really care who is on my friends list.4 (your vote)
I only like people on my friends list that are the same age as me.0
I only like responsible Braingle users on my friends list.0
I only like Moderators on my friends list.0
I only like people with more points than me on my friends list.0
Other please state below.0
 Total Votes:13

Posts: 1231

new Posted: 01:01AM Nov 12, 2011

This is for all of those users that have a certain way of deciding on who they do or don't want on their friend's list as I like to just add people and then people just add me to theirs as I am a very friendly, bubbly type of person.
Anyway answer the poll above and we will see what way most Brainglers like to get their friends list.

---This message was edited on 01:02AM Nov 12, 2011---

Check out my wiki.
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