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A 'Hello?'.


Posts: 4

new Posted: 08:22PM Oct 17, 2008

As the title says, really.

I'm a new-ish member from England, I'm fifteen and called Jessie.

Not too confident in my ability at/of (?) creating things, but I enjoy reading and attempting to work things out, so I might have a go at some point, although probably not in the 'near' future.

I thought I'd have a go at posting this, what with being new-ish and having had a look about, however, those with the power/s - please feel free to delete this if it's just a waste of space/similar.

I have what my mum calls 'eclectic' taste in music, and often enjoy listening to it and looking up other sorts, but the music I like doesn't tend to appeal much, if at all, to most of the people I get on with 'offline'. That appears to go both ways though heh.

I'm a vegetarian and have been for four (ish) years now, although my reasons for it have changed a bit here and there since I started.

Where I am, it's nearing 2:30am and I ought to be in bed, but I'm putting off doing so as I want to post this before my head kicks in and screeches at me to delete all I've written, again.

Anyway. Sorry for waffling/babbling and things, and I hope you'll at least tolerate my being here.. cheers for reading and I hope you have a pleasant as can be, day/night.
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Posts: 6441

new Posted: 01:46AM Oct 18, 2008

Hey Jessie, welcome to Braingle.

I'm Cameron, I've been here for over a year. If you need anything, feel free to ask!
You'll like it here, a lot of friendly people.
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Posts: 3421

new Posted: 09:55AM Oct 18, 2008

Hi, Jessie, and welcome. Glad you found us! We're an eclectic group, so you'll fit in perfectly. And of course, we want to know more about you.

I'm Gebbie, one the..... older members, a mom, but young at heart like probably everyone here.

Have fun!

"It is not the length of life, but depth of life." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Posts: 5226

new Posted: 09:58AM Oct 18, 2008

Hi, Jessie!!! Welcome to braingle!!!
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Posts: 2677

new Posted: 11:54AM Oct 18, 2008

Welcome to Braingle. I hope you have fun!

|| || Stalk me: || Please vote in the MUSIC QM election!
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Posts: 503

new Posted: 01:59PM Oct 18, 2008

Eh blah. I've been a member for over a year, and I've basically done good. Most newbies just start to fit in or send random PMs (which you'll learn about later), but it was nice that you put in a hello.

If anyone on Braingle has been a contestant of FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman, PUT ME ON YOUR FRIENDS LIST!!!
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Posts: 1296

new Posted: 02:01PM Oct 18, 2008

Hello, welcome to Braingle!
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Posts: 557

new Posted: 12:18PM Oct 20, 2008


I am back and ready to party!
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Posts: 1343

new Posted: 12:16AM Oct 21, 2008

Hi Jessie! Welcome to braingle! I'm sure you'll enjoy the site - there's lots of stuff hidden away for you to get into, but it all depends on your interests, obviously!!

PM me if you need a hand with anything!

check out my embroidery blog at
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