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Braingle Time
2:57 pm

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Braingle Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament

This is the worst idea I have ever seen! And I elected Warren G. Harding for guff-sake!5
I am lukewarm to the idea. Perhaps if you included more flashing weasels....9
I like the idea but will watch from the sidelines. Because I don't have enough time to write three words.8
I don't like the idea but will watch from the sidelines. I enjoy roasting marshmallows on burning cars.5
I will attempt the game and look forward to a fun, silly tournament.51
I will play the game but take it so seriously that I will become mortal enemies with the player I lose to.19
It's been done before but it was fun before as well.5
It's been done before. And I hated it back then too.2
Game? I came here for an argument.9
You should be more serious with this game. Your teh reason Braingul is dieing!!!5
 Total Votes:118

Posts: 655

new Posted: 12:55PM Apr 5, 2010

Oh, shucks, I was hoping you wouldn't remember to do that and that I'd win by default! (JK, JK.)

You wish.

Let's see my odds of winning if nobody forgets...
Green - 1:2
Waves - 1:4
South - 1:8
Ultimate - 1:16

Not that good.

If I forgot Round 1...
Green - 0:2
Waves - 0:4
South - 0:8
Ultimate - 0:16

See, I don't need to forget and worsen my odds.

---This message was edited on 12:56PM Apr 5, 2010---

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Posts: 5492

new Posted: 02:42PM Apr 5, 2010

All watchlisted.
I'm ready!

Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else. - Gloria Steinem
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Posts: 2459

new Posted: 06:24PM Apr 5, 2010


Round One Battle Form - Click to Begin

Good luck out there! Round One will last, starting now, for 24 hours. It may end sooner if everyone finishes early, but Round Two will not start at least until tomorrow. I will reveal the outcome of the matches when results come in.

Bradon v.s Math
1 - Math runs out quickly, swinging wildly a sharp sword made entirely out of paper. Each consecutive strike gets closer and closer to its target, but Bobbi is just swift enough to dodge each swing. Suddenly she stops; Math is take aback by the sudden change of pace. Bobbi pulls out an oversized pair of plastic scissors and Math is too paralyzed by fear to react in time. Bobbi slices up the sword into confetti.

2- But Math isn't out of this game quite yet. He runs a safe distance away and pulls out his own pair of oversized pruning shears and begins to aggressively charge forward, a mad glint in his eye, ready to make mincemeat of Bobbi's plastic scissors. But what's this? Bobbi throws down them down, weaponless. Has she gone crazy? No, after a few heavy lifts, she reveals a boulder and as Math rushes towards her she jams the boulder in between the blades. Math makes a valiant effort to crush the rock, but its just too heavy and the blades finally crunch under the pressure.

3- It's looking very doubtful, ladies and gentlemen. With two wins, Math won't be able to catch up. But he's still a great sport for trying. Somehow hidden up his sleeve, he pulls out an even larger boulder and heaves it over Bobbi's head with the strength of Hercules. It's gonna do some major damage to the arena ground. Bobbi simply stares up as the stone falls at an immense speed, she doesn't even move a step. Oh, this is going to be painful ladies and gentlemen, I don't want to look. What's this? I didn't hear it hit the ground. Somehow Bobbi's managed to, why yes, she's using a paper net to catch the boulder and ... oh my she's springing it back up into the air and right over poor Math's head. Ouch. That's gotta hurt.

Bradon is the victor! Bradon is the Green Team Champion! Congratulations and let's a round of applause for Math's determination!

Glowtmickey v.s Dolphingurl
1- Mickey immediately pulls out his weapon, making no time for pleasantries. In his hand he holds a paper shuriken and raises it up, aiming directly for Sammi's head. Seeing the razor sharp bit of paper flying towards her, she rolls out of the way just in time. But Mickey continues to throw a furious barrage of shurikens at her as he chases her around the arena. It looks like it's almost over as he has Sammi cornered. But the shurikens do not hit her as they are blocked by a large boulder that she just barely grabbed in the nick of time. She raises it above her head and attempts to throw it but before she can Mickey's bits of paper slowly eat away at the stone, breaking off pieces until all that's left is a heap of dust.

2 - Mickey smirks, but Sammi isn't giving up yet. She reveals a heavy sword made entirely out of paper and aims the point directly at Mickey. He chuckles, narrowing his glare, and throws down his shurikens, grabbing instead a paper Katana. The two are evenly matched and wait until the first move is made. Eventually Mickey jumps forward, slashing at Sammi, but she blocks it with her own blade. They run around the arena, trying desperately to break the others' weapon, but the two are too equally matched and beginning to grow tired of it, Sammi drops her sword down.

3 - She exchanges it for a large pair of shiny scissors, some real blades to cut the paper with. But Mickey is no fool, and immediately drops his own paper blade in exchange for an old rusty pair of sheep shearers. He's a bit surprised at their state, but nonetheless continues to fight, making a note to take better care of them. The two charge at each other again but once more they are equally balanced and all this gets them is a lot of running around. With no possible weapons left they each try to find some foothold, but there is nothing. The match goes on for so long that each is exhausted. The two stare at each other, snarling with their scissors shaking, too tired to move. Then finally, too exhausted to continue, Sammi collapses.

Mickey is the winner! Mickey is the Pink Team Champion! Congratulations to the victor and his very worthy opponent!

EMB v.s Harry

1 - Harry and Ducky stare each other down, trying to intimidate one another. But neither budges. Slowly they both reveal their weapons. Harry holds a long sheet of paper, resembling a cape, while Ducky has a jumbled bunch of shiny stones. The two continue to eye one another until Ducky, as quick as a tiger, throws one of the stones at Harry's head. Reacting swiftly, Harry grabs his paper cape and spins around, deflecting the stone right back at Ducky, hitting her in the arm. Without letting a second go to waste she begins hurling the many stones at him, but Harry casually blocks each, letting out a hearty laugh when Ducky runs out of stones. She glares at him, gritting her teeth and thinking of what to do.

2 - Realizing how easy it would be to rip that cape, Ducky pulls out a sharp dagger and throws it at Harry; just as she had expected he tries to deflect it with the cape but it goes straight through it, sliding down the cape and ripping it apart. Harry is devastated and outraged and holds his cape one last time before he casts it off, nonchalantly. Ducky grabbed the dagger back and is about to run towards Harry when he pulls out a small, pan-sized stone and continues to block her attacks with it. They waltz along the arena floor and Ducky grows increasingly annoyed. Finally she decides she must smash the rock if she wants to win and lunges forward, plunging the blade deep into the stone. But unfortunately for her, it won't budge. Expecting this all along, Harry smirks.

3 - He throws aside that rock and pulls out a heavy boulder, raising it up. Not to be outdone, Ducky grabs her own large boulder and raises it up against Harry's. They glare at each other and then charge forth, smashing the rocks against each other as rams do with their horns, each time knocking each other back, but not breaking the weapons. After a few blows the two are very tired, although Harry tries not to show it. Harry waits, regaining his breath, as Ducky leaps forward, smashing the rock against the other rock and then falling down in extreme exhaustion.

Harry is the victor! Harry is the Yellow Team Winner! Congratulations and thanks for an exciting, evenly-played match.

Swaff v.s Froggy

1 - As Froggy steps into the ring, a respectful bow to her opponent, Swaff wastes no time in running forward and producing two long blades, one in each hand, and swiping at her. Froggy is fortunate enough to dodge the attacks, but Swaff is moving too quickly, she wouldn't be able to keep this up much longer without fighting back. So Froggy stands firm against her oppressor pulling out a mighty ... sheet of paper?! The paper is dull and light all she can do is try to shield herself with it as Swaff slashes straight through it.

2 - Annoyed at the drawing of such a useless weapon, and angry at the anticlimactic outcome, she decides to defend herself with ... ah, that's more like it! Froggy blocks the double blades with a heavy iron sword. She grinned at the much better weapon and then jumped up stabbing at Swaff trying desperately to get in a hit. Swaff wasn't expecting such fury and could barely block the hits with his swords. Froggy's blade was much heavier and was actually bending Swaff's weapons, if he didn't act fast they would be broken and he would be in danger. He threw the blades at Froggy, causing her to block them, shattering them in the process. But Swaff already had a new toy, a massive stone pillar. Froggy wasn't sure how he could lift such a thing but she knew the mark it could leave. Rolling out of the way, she was safe as the pillar smashed down, but her sword wasn't.

3 - Froggy rushed to grab her last weapon as Swaff hoisted up the menacing stone pillar. She had a sharp, stone lance. As the pillar's shadow rose above her head, Froggy realized what she must do. As the shadow fell, she charged toward Swaff with the lance, hoping to win just at the end, or at the very least go out fighting. As the pillar fell the crowd was shook by the heavy thud, a cloud of smoke rose obscuring the result. But as it parted only one figure stood, a very tired, sweating one, but a winner nonetheless.

Swaff is the victor! Swaff is the Orange Team Winner! Congratulations to him, and a hearty applause to Froggy for a greatattempt!

---This message was edited on 10:02PM Apr 5, 2010---
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Posts: 2459

new Posted: 11:30PM Apr 5, 2010

Wwestar v.s Beetle

1 - Star and Beetle jump towards each other, high in the air. As they do, they each take out their weapons in attempts to knock their opponent out in the air. Beetle somehow carries a massive boulder high above her head, as Star nervously sifts through his pockets for anything useful. Unfortunately all he can find is a long rope made out of paper. Unsure what to do with it, he is struck by the boulder and almost crushed, rolling out of the way just in time. He looks at the rope again and gulps, tossing it over Beetle and pulling her in, but she easily maneuvers out of the rope and heads towards her boulder. Star trembles as Beetle raises up the boulder again and gets ready to run. The idea of roping the boulder pops into his head but surely if he couldn't rope her how could he? He thinks it over but he doesn't have much time and his stubbornness wins out. As the boulder falls he swings the rope around it perfectly and with the flick of the wrist he's able to toss it around the arena. Beetle is shocked to see this, but stands back. Excited to still be alive, Star swings the rope around and tosses the heavy boulder right out of the arena. Unfortunately he is pulled along with it and has to let go just so that he doesn't forfeit the match.

2 - The playing fields are even once more, as both are without weapons, but not for long. Immediately, Beetle pulls out a satchel of multiple rocks and begins to throw them at Star. Star is still trying to recover from falling and can barely roll to avoid them, thus he ends up being pelted with quite a few rocks. However, he's agile enough to roll behind a stone sticking out of the arena, which blocks the rest of the barrage. Beetle gets wise to this and jumps overhead to hit him, but he is able to act fast and pull out the rock to block from above as well. After a few of these exchanges, Beetle is out of rocks and the stone Star is using is so chipped away it resembles Swiss cheese.

3 - Beetle lifts up a heavy stone column and begins charging towards Star, who is currently too dazed to get a new weapon. Seeing this as the last stand, Beetle gets ready to hit him with the heavy column. Star hears her battle cry and looks up, startled. Trying to think fast he reaches for the only thing he can see, a very heavy boulder on the ground. He doesn't have enough time to even lift it up, let alone throw it so he merely rolls it out in front of Beetle's path. Expecting him to throw it instead, Beetle raises her pillar to block the boulder but instead trips over it and twirls in the air, the column acting as a heavy javelin, throwing Beetle out of the arena.

Wwestar is the winner, just barely. Wwestar is the Blue Team Victor! Congratulations and a thank you to Beetle for a great try and some wonderful enthusiasm.

Zakhep v.s Gargph

1 - Gargph and Zakhep begin running straight toward each other, weapons raised and ready to strike. She is sporting a sharp fan made of paper, as he has two rocks chained together. Zakhep spins the rocks around above head as Gargph readies the fan at her side. When they're close enough Zakhep throws the rocks at Gargph but with one great gust from the fan she jumps up high into the air. Zakhep looks up in amazement as she falls on him, hitting a few times with the fan and then hopping away. Annoyed, Zakhep grabs his chain and runs after her. She jumps up high again in a gust of wind, but this time he's able to tie the chain around her leg and drop her back to earth. He comes over to pick it up, but Gargph, now grounded, sees the danger in the rock-chain and uses the sharp-edged fan to cut apart the weapon.

2- Seeing his weapon destroyed, Zakhep reveals a new weapon, an axe, and runs forward. The vision is truly frightening. Gargph tries to slow him down with a few gusts of wind, but he continues closer and closer. Out of options, she throws the sharp fan at him, but he tears it to shreds with a swing of the axe and doesn't falter. Intent on not dying, Gargph pulls out a basketball-sized rock and heaves it at him. He smacks it away with the axe, but it's tip gets stuck and he is tugged downwards along with the axe. Gargph sighs, seeing Zakhep fail to pull the axe out. But she knew it wasn't over yet.

3 - She expected him to charge at her with an even worse weapon next, but he didn't. As the whole crowd watched, he went up to her and put out his hand. He was offering a truce. The crowd booed at this illegal, and cowardly, maneuver. Although a bit uncertain, Gargph grinned and shook his hand. The crowd hissed and threw garbage at them, but she turned around, ready to leave the arena. But that's when she heard him rushing behind her carrying a large paper sword, ready to win whatever way he could. She sighed and pulled out a pair of novelty plastic scissors, spinning around and cutting the sword in half. He was stunned, he thought he had her for sure. She snapped the scissors menacingly and seeing nothing else around, he surrendered.

Gargph is the winner! Gargph is the Purple Team Victor! Congratulations to her and thanks to Zakhep for trying his best.

---This message was edited on 11:35PM Apr 5, 2010---
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Posts: 655

new Posted: 11:40PM Apr 5, 2010

Great! I lost three times in a row.

---This message was edited on 11:41PM Apr 5, 2010---

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Posts: 887

new Posted: 11:47PM Apr 5, 2010

I won 3 times in a row

A world without weird people is like vanilla ice cream without the sprinkles.
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Hi! I'm Bobbi ~ ıqqoq ɯ,ı ¡
Posts: 15565

new Posted: 11:49PM Apr 5, 2010

Me, too.

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Posts: 5492

new Posted: 11:59PM Apr 5, 2010

The fact that you wrote all that is simply amazing, Roger. Kudos!

Good match, my worthy opponent Mickey! You deserve the title!

Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else. - Gloria Steinem
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Hi! I'm Bobbi ~ ıqqoq ɯ,ı ¡
Posts: 15565

new Posted: 12:06AM Apr 6, 2010

My goodness yes, that is so entertaining and very clever. I was laughing so hard reading my "match" I could hardly see. You do have talent, LR. When you publish your first book, will you autograph my copy?

Want to try a new game? JOIN "1 V 100" TALK BOX. .Game 37 is in progress.
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Posts: 2459

new Posted: 12:08AM Apr 6, 2010

Haha. Gladly. Thanks guys.
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Posts: 247

new Posted: 12:16AM Apr 6, 2010

I hate Gargph now

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Magical Sorceress Frog
Posts: 9006

new Posted: 12:43AM Apr 6, 2010

Well, that was a quick fight! At least I was defeated by a very long standing friend. Congrats Swaff and good luck in your next fight!

SMILE and people will wonder what you are up to!
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Posts: 5492

new Posted: 12:47AM Apr 6, 2010

Zakhep wrote:
I hate Gargph now

I wonder which poll option he chose?

Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else. - Gloria Steinem
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Posts: 9625

new Posted: 03:08AM Apr 6, 2010

Haha, I loved the commentaries, Roger. You got skillz, yo.

*Waits for my game commentary *

"Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, be what you want to be. Because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do."
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Posts: 361

new Posted: 07:46AM Apr 6, 2010

Nice commentary Rodger. I feel so amazing now. It was also fun imagining sammi and I dueling with scissors

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
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Posts: 30

new Posted: 12:01PM Apr 6, 2010

It's Blue v. Green huh, Bradon182001 v. Wwestar1000! Bradon best put out his best weapon cause Beetle22 went with all rocks. Be ready because I'm Waiting...

One road shows the good path, another the bad. Which road will you take?
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Posts: 2459

new Posted: 04:22PM Apr 6, 2010

Psychic v.s Deepsea

1 - Psychic stares down his opponent, a cold glare that would send shivers down almost anyone's back, but not Deepsea. She keeps her cool, already thinking up the many possibilities and how to win in each situation. But fear or no fear, Psychic was known for being a ruthless competitor and it was time to choose the best way to beat him. Psychic pulled out a bulky machine with a crank attached. Deepsea was unfamiliar with how this was any of the choices and was about to cry foul when Psychic turned the crank 'round and sharp sheets of paper shot out in short, rapid bursts. Deepsea was cut up a few times as she ran for cover. The barrage was relentless and the worst part for her was that Psychic wasn't even breaking a sweat standing there. He was using up paper though, and after a while had to move in closer to get to her. He ran forwards but wasn't expecting her to jump up with an axe. He reached for the crank, but couldn't do it in time. The axe was now buried deep into the machine's gears.

2 - Psychic jumped back, clutching the machine, removing the axe and keeping it away from Deepsea's reach. She watched as the machine's gears, even after removing the blade, failed to turn. He threw it down in anger, and then immediately dashed forward with the axe. Deepsea sprung to her feet again, thinking quickly, and producing a boulder to block the axe. But this boulder was old and could crumble in no time, not to mention that it was awkward to carry when someone was coming at you with an axe. But she was able to mimic Psychic's movements so that he never hit her. The cracks in the boulder were even more visible now, so with the little time she had left, she heaved the boulder harder at the axe's blade, getting it stuck. Psychic pulled hard against it and Deepsea let go, causing Psychic and the axe still wedged into the boulder to fall.

3 - Even though the axe blade seemed stuck, Psychic was still the one with the weapons. He saw this as an opportunity for one last stand and ran to get something even more helpful - a canon. Deepsea was shocked to see it out here and once again wondered if this was against the rules, but before she could publicly protest Psychic had already thrown the boulder inside and directed it straight at her. Deepsea scrambled in her pockets for a useful weapon but all she could grab was a large paper fan. She didn't think she could block the boulder with that, but it would be worth a try. As she stood her ground the canon erupted, flinging the old boulder directly at Deepsea, shielded only by a flimsy fan, but as it was blasting towards her the boulder must have finally crumbled into pieces as all that was left to greet her was a shower of miniature pebbles. Deepsea laughed triumphantly, but Psychic wasn't through just yet. With nothing left to lose he jumped in the canon himself, directed at her once more and lit the fuse. Afraid of what might happen, Deepsea sent a gust of wind from the fan to move the canon. The canon was toppled over to the other direction and when it finally fired Psychic was blasted towards the sky and out of the arena.

Deepsea is victorious! Deepsea is the Black Team Champion! Nice job to the both of you!
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Posts: 9625

new Posted: 08:54PM Apr 6, 2010

I lost all 3 games? Nice.

The commentary was amazing though. Good luck to those still in the tourney.

"Dream what you want to dream, go where you want to go, be what you want to be. Because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do."
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Posts: 2459

new Posted: 09:33PM Apr 6, 2010

As I currently don't have a way to type a lot, I'll write the last battle results tomorrow (or later) and put up Round Two's form tomorrow. Thanks for the consideration.
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Posts: 2414

new Posted: 09:35PM Apr 6, 2010

froggygg wrote:
Well, that was a quick fight! At least I was defeated by a very long standing friend. Congrats Swaff and good luck in your next fight!

Thanks! I couldn't help but laugh when reading Roger's write-up, very very nice.
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